• September 7th vs. The Rays – Game 1

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    Pass out the gold stars for this one. Sabathia gets a bunch of them. Hughes and Rivera get some too. And, A-Rod, Teixeira, Swisher, Cano and Posada can grab a few as well. But, for me, the highlight of this game was watching (no pun intended) Brett Gardner’s catch, real-time, as it happened, in the top of the fifth inning – when he took an extra base hit away from Fernando Perez.

    I’ve heard the story about how, then Chicago White Sox, center fielder Johnny Mostil caught a foul ball during a 1925 Spring Training game in Nashville. Reportedly, a batter hit a long, high, fly into the foul territory along the left field line and Mostil raced, from center, past left fielder Bib Falk, and caught the ball in foul territory. To me, that’s just incredible.

    In fact, I’ve always been fascinated by tales of fast outfielders with reported great range from the past…from superstars like Tris Speaker to guys like Taylor Douthit and Johnny Mostil. Betcha Gardner’s grab today would have made those guys proud.

    If Brett makes that grab during a World Series game, it would be talked about for a half-century after that…

    Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to make a play like that this October.

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