• Ace In The Hole?

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    So, does anyone else think they are stretching out Joba and Aceves at the same time?

    I do, and if they aren’t I would. This would be my plan:

    Sept  11 – andy
    Sept 12 – aj
    Sept 13 – cc
    Sept 14 – scrub (mitre/gaudin)
    Sept 15 – joba/ace + 1 extra day rest
    Sept 16 – andy
    Sept 18 – aj + 1 extra day rest
    Sept 19 – cc + 1 extra day rest
    Sept 20 – ace
    Sept 21 – joba + 1 extra day rest
    Sept 22 – andy
    Sept 23 – aj + 1 extra day rest
    Sept 25 – cc + 2 extra days rest
    Sept 26 – ace
    Sept 27 – joba + 1 extra day rest
    Sept 28 – andy
    Sept 29 – aj
    Sept 30 – cc
    Oct 2 – ace
    Oct 3 – joba
    Oct 4 – scrub/prospect

    I figure Joba has 3-4 more starts this year, depending on how the Yankees use their off days. For his next start, I would again have Aceves piggy back him, coming in after Joba has reached his pitch count limit. For the final 2-3 starts, I say place Aceves in the rotation (making it a 6 man for 2 or 3 go-arounds). Now you have 6 pitchers (5 i’d give the ball to) stretched out for the playoffs, and you have it set up so that if Joba comes out of the gate walking the park (or AJ since he’s suseptible also), you can have him on a short leash with Aceves there to clean up the rest.

    But, Aceves is already the long man you say? Yes, he can go 3 innings if need be, but then that kills the rest of the pen cause you still have innings to make up after that. My method allows the Yankees to have an extremely short leash with the rotation and, in the event you don’t need to use Aceves, he can come in for short relief on consecutive days, for multiple innings, since his arm is stretched out. i figure this way, the starters get extra days off right before the last week, that way they are in line for the playoffs.

    Plus, it’s better than seeing Mitre or Gaudin come in during the 4th inning after Joba has thrown 100 pitches right?

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