• Wild Thought: If Rocks Make Classic, Could Yanks Match-Up?

    Posted by on September 23rd, 2009 · Comments (1)

    Playing around with this query, leads to today’s wild thought. Which of these starting rotations would you rather have on your team, this season:

    Ryan Dempster / Carlos Zambrano / Rich Harden / Ted Lilly
    C.C. Sabathia / Andy Pettitte / A.J. Burnett / Joba Chamberlain
    Barry Zito / Matt Cain / Tim Lincecum / Jonathan Sanchez

    Is the Cubs front four better than the Yankees current front four? How about the Giants…are their starting pitchers, listed here, a better bunch this season than what the Yankees have?

    What about the 2009 Rockies?

    Would you rather have four of their starters from the group of:

    Jorge de la Rosa / Ubaldo Jimenez / Jason Hammel / Jason Marquis / Aaron Cook

    over the Yankees big four this season?

    It will be an interesting match-up if both the Yankees and the Rockies make the World Series this year, no?

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    1. lardin
      September 23rd, 2009 | 4:33 pm

      Out of these 13 pitchers, how many have had success in the American League?

      The answer is one, Ted Lilly.

      He was at best a 3-4 starter. Jiminez has good stuff, Zambrano has good stuff. How would they pitch in the AL? Dont know, but it is a good question.

      Lincicum is the only pitcher I would fear on this list. But what about the cards?
      Carpenter and Wainwright are nasty..
      So give me the Yankees front three, and I will take my shot on the fourth day if I have to..

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