• Who Are Three People Who Have Never Been In My Kitchen?

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    Andre Robertson, Nick Johnson and Jose Molina.

    And, while that answer is technically correct, these three have something else in common: Starting a game at D.H. for the New York Yankees, while batting 9th.

    Andre Robertson was the first ever to do it – on June 19, 1982…a game that the Yankees won in 16 innings.

    Nick Johnson did it 27 times while he was with the Yankees – which, by the way, is the major league record for most times appearing in a starting line-up, as a D.H., while batting 9th.

    And, Jose Molina was the most recent Yankee to turn this trick – doing it on October 2, 2009.

    Here are all the Yankees to have this honor, before Molina joined the club this season:

                       Games Link to Individual Games
     Nick Johnson         27 Ind. Games                
     Shelley Duncan        5 Ind. Games                
     Bernie Williams       4 Ind. Games                
     Todd Zeile            3 Ind. Games                
     Rondell White         3 Ind. Games                
     Bubba Trammell        3 Ind. Games                
     John Vander Wal       1 Ind. Games                
     Shane Spencer         1 Ind. Games                
     Andre Robertson       1 Ind. Games                
     Robert Perez          1 Ind. Games                
     Kenny Lofton          1 Ind. Games                

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