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    I know that some readers of this blog elect to pass on checking out reader comments. Because of that, I wanted to highlight two really fun comments left this week by “Tresh Fan” – as they present some unique insight about the 2009 World Series:

    The first one

    For me this has been some time in coming. They nearly met in ‘64, and in the Spring of ‘65 I clearly remember picking up a baseball mag with the prediction that the Yanks and Phils would meet in the WS that year. It didn’t happen, of course; but what was really weird was that both teams made the post season in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980 and 1981—5 times in 6 years—but they never met in the Series: the Yanks got there in every one of those years but one (1980) which was the one year the Phillies got there. In fact, the only time the NL East met the AL East in the WS during those 6 years was in 1979—the year that both the Yanks and Phils missed. So like I said, this match-up was some time in coming. And now that it’s finally here I hope to enjoy it.

    And, the second one

    2009 will mark the 8th time the Yanks have taken on the defending World Champions in the World Series. Their record in the previous 7 trials is 5-2 with the two losses coming in 1922 and 1976—interestingly enough, in both of those series losses the Yanks failed to win a single game, going a collective 0-8-1. Most recently the Yankees faced off against the Atlanta Braves in 1996 with what is known in the medical community as “the desired result.”

    The Phillies for their part are trying to become just the 4th NL team—and only the second in the last 86 years—to win back-to-back World Championships, thus establishing themselves as on of the most memorable teams in Senior Circuit history. And their status would be enhanced all the more by besting the New York Yankees in doing so. Should be interesting.

    Great stuff “Tresh Fan” – and thanks for sharing it!

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      You’re very welcome, sir!

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