• Derek Jeter Is A Bum

    Posted by on November 13th, 2009 · Comments (1)


    Goodness, was the stone mason right? Nope…via the Post

    No, Derek Jeter hasn’t blown through his fortune al ready — he’s playing a be draggled bum in a movie.

    The Yan kees captain and five-time world champion is play ing a fictionalized version of himself in the upcoming Will Ferrell flick “The Other Guys,” which was being filmed yesterday at Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island.

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    1. 77yankees
      November 13th, 2009 | 8:54 pm

      Right now as we speak, Bill James and John Dewan are concocting an sabermetric algorithim that will show Jeter has the worst acting range in Hollywood…….yes, even worse than William Shatner I’m afraid.

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