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    Posted by on November 15th, 2009 · Comments (2)

    We’re just in the vestibule of this off-season and already I’m saying T.G.I.MLB Network. Today, they were running a replay of Roger Clemens 20-K game against the M’s on April 29, 1986.

    It was funny to see a young and much trimmer Rocket. And, oh, boy…the days when baseball pants were not hip-hop (meaning baggy) and men wore their stirrups high! Would I ever like to see that look make a comeback.

    It was also entertaining to see all those rows and rows, full sections – actually, of empty red seats at Fenway Park for this record game. The attendance was 13,414. So much for the great Red Sox Nation being long standing, huh?

    Anyway, there were so many one-time Yankees in this game: Spike Owen, Ken Phelps, Danny Tartabull, Wade Boggs, Don Baylor, and, of course, Roger Clemens. It was almost like a Yankees modern-retro-Old-Timers-Day or something.

    Say what you want about Clemens, the Red Sox, or whatever. But, it was an exciting game to watch, even just the bit that I caught – much like Ron Guidry’s 18-K game for the Yankees back in the day. Good stuff.

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    1. Raf
      November 16th, 2009 | 4:55 am

      It was funny to see a young and much trimmer Rocket.
      Not as funny as a young, skinny jheri curled Danny Tartabull playing 2b 😀

    2. ewaboy
      November 17th, 2009 | 2:43 am

      part of the reason for the low turnout was that the best team of the Larry Bird Celtics years, 1986, was playing the Bulls with the emerging superstar Michael Jordan. So if the fans weren’t at the Bahston Gahden, they were probably watching at home. The games were overlapping, and fans at the Gahden were realizing they were missing history at Fenway, and fans at Fenway were missing history in the Gahden. I think the Celtics that day went into double OT to beat the 63 points from MJ

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