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    Three days ago, we started a WasWatching.com Reader Survey – much like the one we did two years ago.

    Thanks to all who have responded to date! And, if you haven’t taken the survey yet, please consider taking it. The survey will be up and open for a few more days, at the least.

    The data received back so far from the survey is very informative, interesting, helpful and appreciated! While I expect to share some findings once the survey is closed, in the interim, I thought some of you may be interested in the first 25 “answers” to the survey question “What do you like best and least about WasWatching.com?

    Best – your commentary and the comments section. Worst – non-baseball related A-Rod & pop culture stories.

    You do a nice job finding interesting content – keep it up.

    Best: Reader comments are very intelligent and it’s a good (and appropriately-sized) community. Least: Main author (Steve Lombardi) is argumentative, pessimistic and biased.

    Best — Steve’s posts and regulars’ comments. Least — Nothing, everthing here seems to have some value.

    Well written.

    To be honest the only thing I dislike about WW is the jerkoffs that post from time to time. Not to much to be done about that. The best thing I like is the small community of regular commentators.

    Best – reader comments, honest viewpoint. Worst- ingrained beliefs on certain topics leads author to fit every story related to those topics into a particular narrative.

    I enjoy reading the comments of other Yankee fans.

    Best – Everything. Worst – When you guys threw Jay-Z under the bus. That is an unforgivable sin in New York.

    Intelligent commentary.

    Variety of topics are covered.

    I love the info and the humor. I like that each topic is put on Twitter. I believe in the concept of “it is what it is” so since I like your blog, if there is something that may bother me, then, in my opinion, that’s the way it goes. I don’t dislike anything to stop reading because it is too informative for me to ever walk away from. It is my #1 place to get Yankee info. Regarding question #9, my opinion has gone from thinking this a pretty good read to thinking it is a GREAT read!!

    I dislike what I perceive to be the original author’s frequent excessive negativity and inflexible dislike of the Yankees GM and certain of its players.

    Learning new things: sabermetrics, comparisons with past players, history.

    I like that they have different opinions and analysis from other sites and blogs.

    WasWatching had a tendency to focus on the negative and assume the worst possible thing is going to happen.

    More and more I find the analysis on this site to be skewed. You seem like a smart guy, and I think you’re capable of performing a decent analysis, but you consistently ignore more relevant statistics or show statistics with no context to support a point. I suspect you know you do it, and maybe it is for a reason, but between this and the constant Cashman bashing (has he ever done anything right in your eyes?), I find myself having little motivation to check the site.

    What I like best is the civility among the commentators. I left several boards because they lacked any civility. What I least like is the constant “Cashman bashing.” So far as I know, no one has changed his/her opinion on the Yankee G.M. despite the nearly daily posts on the subject.

    I like it all. You guys do great work. I appreciate the insight.

    I enjoy the commentary the most, I think is is thoughtful and reasoned and most importantly objective.

    Best: Consistent updates covering all aspects of Yankees. Least: Consistent use of punching bags, almost always citing anything that can be used, however tangentially, to attack their value, and ignoring, downplaying or misattributing anything that can be used to show they have value.

    Steve’s willingness to be critical.

    I like the range of the blog the best. I always find something different, not just from other blogs but even from what I saw here on other days. A lot of blogs do very little other than linking to traditional media. WasWatching does it’s share of that, but also opens up discussions of history, the way journalists cover the team, announcers, and other issues not often raised elsewhere (the recent “when will the Yankees promote Brian Cashman” comes to mind). The blog’s bland appearance is what I like least. At least in Firefox, it renders with an ugly dark gray background. The post boxes are also unappealing, and they’re probably the most memorable part of the experience. For some reason the break between them is low-grade nauseating.

    Least – too much negativity about the same few subjects (Cashman, Hughes, A-Rod) gets tiresome. Best – Steve’s personal anecdotes about his life and how it relates to the Yankees.

    Best -The obvious passion Steve has. He has to follow just about every minute of every game, and so do I. Least – I appreciate the fact that Steve is not above being crictical of the team when warranted, but I think he sometimes goes out of his way to do it.

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    1. Thomas Tu
      February 22nd, 2010 | 12:44 am

      Holla. I was one of the first 25.

    2. clintfsu813
      February 22nd, 2010 | 9:57 am

      Me too!

    3. mondoas
      February 23rd, 2010 | 6:19 pm

      It’s good to see that people see the quality in this blog. Your efforts have NOT gone unnoticed and that must feel great!!

    4. February 23rd, 2010 | 10:37 pm

      @ mondoas: Well, it don’t feel bad! 😉

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