• Did A-Rod Have Dealings With HGH Doctor?

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    When I first heard today that Alex Rodriguez had been contacted by federal investigators regarding Dr. Anthony Galea, who is accused of selling HGH, I thought nothing bad would come it. Now, after reading what Michael Schmidt wrote about it in the Times…well…I’m not so sure. Some snips from Schmidt:

    Last December, concerned Yankee officials reached out to representatives of their star slugger Alex Rodriguez. Along with everyone else in baseball, they had just learned that a Canadian-based doctor named Anthony Galea was under investigation as a possible distributor of performance-enhancing drugs.

    The Yankees were particularly concerned, said a person in baseball with knowledge of what occurred, because Rodriguez was monitored by a chiropractor last season who had worked closely with Galea in the past.

    Now, however, those same Yankees officials are not sure what to think.

    Asked by reporters if he had been treated by Galea, Rodriguez responded: “I can’t really get into that. You’ll know within time, all at the same time.

    The New York Times reported on its Web site Sunday night that investigators had information indicating that Rodriguez was treated by Galea at some point in the past. In addition, The Times reported that an athlete who was treated by Galea in Canada said he had been told by the doctor that he had previously traveled to New York to treat Rodriguez.

    Monday’s remarks by Rodriguez thrust the Yankees back into territory with which they have become familiar in recent seasons.

    Because they do not want to be seen as impeding a federal investigation, the Yankees and Major League Baseball will probably wait until after Rodriguez meets with the authorities before questioning him. For the moment, the Yankees find themselves unsure of what Rodriguez’s dealings with Galea entailed, if indeed there were any, and where they could lead.

    But in a written statement issued shortly after Rodriguez spoke, the Yankees tried to put some distance between themselves and Rodriguez, their 34-year-old star.

    “The Yankees never authorized Dr. Tony Galea to treat Alex Rodriguez, nor do we have any knowledge of any such treatment,” the statement said.

    Hmmm…maybe it’s time to ask that hypothetical question again?

    So, Yankees fans – and just baseball fans in general – what are you thoughts on all this? Could there be something here? And, if so, how would you feel about it?

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    1. March 1st, 2010 | 11:04 pm

      For what it’s worth, Jose Reyes was questioned about the same doctor earlier this year and nothing really came from it.


    2. mondoas
      March 1st, 2010 | 11:17 pm

      First, why can’t the Yankees go through Spring Training w/o any talk of PED? It’s so annoying!
      Anyway, whatever the dealings A-Rod had with this doctor, (lets hope they were because of some legal situation) he needs to squash it (reveal what they were) quickly because if he lets this fester too long then he is in trouble. All the “love” he has earned from reporters and fans after last year will be GONE if he is found to have done something wrong. I would hate to see him have something against him BUT if so then he will deserve whatever comes his way from MLB, fans and reporters. He will only have himself to blame!!

    3. mondoas
      March 1st, 2010 | 11:20 pm

      @ Brent:
      The reason why this is being made into a bigger deal than with Reyes is because of A-Rod’s past history with PED.

    4. Corey Italiano
      March 1st, 2010 | 11:53 pm

      Lol, that didn’t last too long. 😉

    5. Rich
      March 2nd, 2010 | 12:12 am

      This is guilt by association (if you will excuse the pun) on steroids.

      The Yankees acknowledge that they authorized treatment by Phillipon and Lindsay. Lindsay, it turns out, has worked closely with Galea.

      For the sake of argument, let’s say that the allegations that Galea “distributed” PEDs are true.

      Any negative inferences that flow from the association with Galea are as much on Phillipon, Lindsay, and the Yankees, as they are on Alex, if not more. Those three parties directed and/or authorized this course of treatment. Alex merely followed instructions.

      Yet it appears that Alex is the only person who is under suspicion.

      Finally, the larger issue is the drug hysteria that has overtaken our society. If PEDs can aid in the recuperation from injuries, why should they be illegal?

    6. BOHAN
      March 2nd, 2010 | 1:07 am

      Tiger was questioned by feds about this guy as well. im over the whole steroid thing. its old and im bored of it. they took steroids whatever it cant do anything about it let it go.

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