• April 25th vs. The Angels

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    During the last few seasons, the top 3 baseball teams that we as Yankee fans have grown to hate are the Red Sox(duh), Angels, and Rays in that order. So, naturally, I can’t stand Scott Kazmir. During the top of the 2nd, Kazmir almost hit Robinson Cano with a pitch. The next pitch Kazmir throws nails Cano right in the rear. That pitch was most definitely on purpose. What a bum, Kazmir should have been ejected. Hey Scioscia, I thought the Umps were only helping the Yankees?

    The Yankees did serve Kazmir some justice, even though he got credited with the win. After nailing Cano, Kazmir’s next pitch gets absolutely crushed by Posada over the center field fence. Cano would also hit a blast off of him in his next at bat. Posada’s homer rattled Kazmir as he then gave up a near home run to Marcus Thames, resulting in a double. This is when the questionable decisions start.

    After the Thames double, Granderson bunts (on his own I believe). Kazmir is getting smoked and balls are getting hit hard, flying everywhere. you have the chance to deliver the knockout punch, and you give him an out? All to set up Cervelli? Don’t get me wrong, I like Cervelli and he’s been performing decently in the clutch. But the law of averages is coming soon. Granderson needs to get it out of his head that he can’t hit lefties.

    Marte comes in and does a horrible job against Abreu and Hunter, but gets Matsui to ground out. David Robertson seemingly warms up for Morales during these at bats. For some reason, Girardi doesn’t take Marte out. So, Morales switches to the right side to face Marte and Cervelli stands up and calls for an intentional walk . Marte obliges and Girardi and Tony Pena yell to Cervelli not to intentionally walk him. Marte throws the next two pitches off the plate. Girardi and Pena start yelling to Cervelli warning him that Morales is going to swing 3-0. What happens next? Marte serves up a meatball and Morales hits a 3 run homer. Robertson is arguably one of the best strikeout relievers on the team. Why have him warming him up if you aren’t going to put him in against the opposing teams best hitter and you need a strike out? It almost felt like they were trying to lose.

    But the real story of this game was Javier Vazquez. I have been standing up for him since he’s arrived, pointing out that he’s been pitching decently except for one inning in his first few starts. This game though, he was atrocious. Aside from the fact that Abreu dominates him, Vazquez seemingly wouldn’t throw his fastball in most counts during an at bat. His off-speed pitches are dynamite, but when you don’t show ’em a fastball they aren’t exactly off-speed. He’s got a lot of work to do.

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    1. BOHAN
      April 26th, 2010 | 3:39 am

      im so tired of vsquez. i said it when they traded for him that he was going to be a bust. he pitching scared and not to loose but thats all hes done. hes is the reason for half of the yankees loses. hes mentality to soft to pitch in ny and i dont see how an esatblished major league pitcher cant sem to figure out whats wrong with his mechanics after 2 months of throwing. its not like hes a youngguy where he might not know his own mechaincs that well yet. all he keeps doing is flipping up sliders and curveballs and i dont care how good your breaking pitches are if u throw it enough times major league hitters are going to rock them. im tired of seeing him walk out there and pitch like shit. id rather see aceves go out there every fifth day. atleast hell go out and compete and give the yankees a chance. and what happened to him being an “innings eater?” he hasnt gotten out the 6th yet. real innings eater.

    2. butchie22
      April 26th, 2010 | 7:35 am

      Corey, JV didn’t pitch one bad inning,he wasn’t good after the first three,pitched two more and gave up something like 8 earned runs. He wasn’t good in that first start and no spin can change that. He was both mediocre and middling in the second start, pretty decent in the third and now a bust in his fourth. I kept telling the Yankee faithful here not to believe the hype. he didn’t work out here before AND he wouldn’t have done so again! It’s great that he pitched well in Atlanta BUT I saw him flop here with my own eyes in 2004 NO SPIN CAN CHANGE that! Even the BS about an injury, funny how it all came out now BUT there were never whispers before. Anyway,the guy is a bust so far and it’s no surprise to me. I have heard people on sports talk radio act like he was never with the Yanks before like AJ and he was coming in fresh. That’s a joke ,we all remember the darkest day in Yankee History,Game 7 2004. A lot of us also remember the second half of 2004 as well.In addition, he seemed to be comfortable on the low pressure Braves BUT now he seems to be getting into hitter’s counts much more. Is it me or is he nibbling on the corners a bit too much as well?

      Junior Varisty AKA The Second Half No Star has the stuff, the ability BUT not the mental toughness to be effective here in NYC. It’s a rare breed that can do that and he doesn’t belong to that exclusive club quite frankly. Yes, Melky was at best a 4th outfielder BUt what is Junior Varsity,a mop up guy on the Yanks!? I mean he goes from being a top shelf pitcher in the weaker league and gets thrown into the fire an hasn’t produced. Cash Man’s folly is quite laughable. So many people lauding that trade missed the point: he can pitch elsewhere BUT he can’t pitch here.If he doesn’t have the mental strength to pitch in NYC and under the big lights he belongs on a low pressure NL team for chrissakes not this one!

    3. Raf
      April 26th, 2010 | 7:48 am

      butchie22 wrote:

      Even the BS about an injury, funny how it all came out now BUT there were never whispers before.

      I’m pretty sure Steve had an entry in 2005 about Vazquez’s shoulder.

    4. YankCrank
      April 26th, 2010 | 9:36 am

      Maybe it’s just me, but every time we play a series in LA I always go into it thinking the objective of the trip should be not to be swept. It’s no secret that, for some reason, we don’t play our best ball there, and just leaving with one win is enough to leave me feeling the trip wasn’t a total failure. Remember, we only won one of three in LA in the ALCS and still came away with a series win (pointless in relation to this game, but just an example of my point).

      If we can play the top teams (Boston, LA, Tampa) at or above .500 and beat up on the lesser teams, we’ll be in great shape. So far we’re 2-1 with Boston, 3-3 with LA and 2-1 with Tampa with nine of those 12 games being on the road…not too shabby if you ask me.

    5. Pat F
      April 26th, 2010 | 11:37 am

      @ YankCrank:

      well said crank.

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