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    Geez, the Yankees made finger-lickin’ Mike Pelfrey look like Nolan Ryan in this one, didn’t they? And, on the whole, sure, it was a 5-3 loss – but, if not for some bad Pelfrey fielding and a walk to Kevin Russo with the bases loaded, then the Yankees would have only scored…awwww…screw it.

    What am I trying to say? It doesn’t matter – the Yankees offense was feeble in this one. Where was Kevin Maas on a night like tonight, when you needed him?

    Strange night for Phil Hughes. He allowed big two out hits and/or walks in the 1st, 3rd and 6th. But, he got big outs in tough spots in the 5th and 6th too. And, yeah, Winn hurt him in the 6th – but Texiera saved him in that inning too. So, there was some good and bad in this one for Hughes. It’s tough to put a grade on this game for him.

    I will give A-Rod and Teixeira a big, fat, red, “F” for those plate appearances in the 7th inning. Second and third with one out. A 20-year old on the mound – albeit one who throws heat. And, the score, at that time, was 4-1 (Mets). Alex and Mark are getting paid a lot of money to handle situations like that one. At the least, they should have plated one run…but…nooooooooo.

    Speaking of appearances, and “no,” Reggie Jackson showing up in the dugout, in the 6th inning, in street clothes, is a no-no. And, on National TV? Somebody’s getting fined on that one.

    This is now 9 of their last 14 that the Yankees have lost. And, if not for a Jonathan Papelbon meltdown and an Alex Cora error, we could be talking about a situation where the Yankees have lost 11 of their last 14 games. Brutal.

    CC against Johan tomorrow. Should be a good one. Hopefully, the Yankees will come out on top and take this series. And, on the bright-side, after this, the Yankees play the Twins, who they always beat, and the Indians and O’s, who both stink – so, maybe they can salvage this month, and start off the next one well, with a nice run there?

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    1. Tresh Fan
      May 23rd, 2010 | 7:09 am

      John Sterling called this one: “The Yankees don’t deserve to win this game.” And they didn’t. Only 3 basehits with RISP; two of which didn’t plate a run (and the other one was a gift). Geez, but the top of the order killed us here. How many ways can a batter strike out? I don’t know, but Mark Teixiera is exploring the possibilities.

    2. ken
      May 23rd, 2010 | 10:21 am

      Your last comment is the most important. They are coming to the end of a tough stretch of games. Injuries are starting to show and the bottom of the lineup can’t carry the team for the whole year as they have been doing.
      Get through tonight (hopefully with a win), get healthy and then they should start playing better.

    3. jrk
      May 23rd, 2010 | 2:36 pm

      I just don’t understand why you always have to say “And if not for x,y,z” the yankees would have lost more games. X,y,z are part of baseball. If Papelbon was supposed to convert 100% of his saves, then they wouldn’t play the 9th inning. A win is a win, a loss is a loss, no matter the reason it happens. It’s pointless to look at “what ifs”.

    4. May 23rd, 2010 | 3:36 pm

      @ jrk:
      I believe that there are games that you win and there are games that the other team loses. And, there are games that you lose and there are games where you just get beat.

      Yes, in the standings, all wins are equal as are losses. However, wins and losses, alone, don’t tell the story of how a team is playing.

      You have to look at the wins and separate which are games where you beat the other team and which are games where the other team lost the game. And, you need to look at the losses and separate which are the games where you got beat and which are the ones that you lost.

      If you do that, it tells you, in truth, how well or bad a team is playing. Basically, it’s putting the wins and losses in context. And, that’s always how all stats should be looked at, in context.

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