• Tale Of Two Teixeiras

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    Look at Mark Teixeira’s stats when we compare 2009 and 2010 in the following slices:

    1st 22 Games:	 90 PA   .738 OPS
    Games 23 to 37:	 68 PA   .922 OPS
    Games 38 to 43:	 25 PA  1.611 OPS	
    1st 22 Games:	100 PA   .559 OPS
    Games 23 to 37:	 69 PA  1.035 OPS
    Games 38 to 43:	 28 PA   .339 OPS

    Last season, he started off terrible and then got red hot once the calendar turned to May. And, he ripped the ball in the first 21 games of May 2009.

    This season, he started off even worse than he did in 2009. But, once the calendar turned to May, he got hot again. However, this season, that hot streak only lasted for 15 games. And, then, Tex went into the tank again – even worse than he was at the start of the year.

    So, what gives?

    Well, first, this is another feather in the cap against that B.S. theory that Mark Teixeira’s season last year was due to the return of A-Rod to the Yankees line-up. Rodriguez has been in the Yankees line-up all season this year, right?

    Secondly, I think this tells us that Teixeira is one streaky batter. And, when he’s bad, he’s really, really, bad. Or, is he?

    Outside of his bad “Aprils,” he’s only really hit the skids before in May 2004 and July 2005. So, more than likely, this May mini-slump is just the result of facing Wade Davis, Jamie Shields, Hisanori Takahashi and Mike Pelfrey when they were “dealing.” Of course, the bad news is: Johan Santana is facing the Yankees today.

    Anyway, I expect Mark Teixeira to start hitting the ball again – and soon. He’s always been a great hitter outside of the month of April. And, unless he’s hurt, there’s no reason why he won’t start raking again soon.

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    1. mondoas
      May 23rd, 2010 | 5:54 pm

      .167 .222 .136 I want to quickly take it back to the playoffs last year and call it a “Tale of 3 Teixeiras”. Those numbers are how he performed in the 3 playoff series respectfully in 2009. I really don’t have the numbers from ST and those don’t matter. So far, that is what we have seen from him. He has received the old “well, it’s April and he sucks in April” from everyone but now it’s becoming very glaring that he is not performing. When you listen or read what he says, he sounds very “lost”. But from what the numbers show, I think he has been “lost” for a while and he NEEDS to get his stuff together quick b/c the Yankees need him to perform like yesterday.

      OT, speaking of “Lost”, are there any “Lost” fans out there? Very excited for tonight!!

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