• The Return Of “Pasta Diving Jeter”?

    Posted by on May 25th, 2010 · Comments (1)

    Via Mark Simon

    Over the last two seasons, [Derek] Jeter made significant improvements, making plays on balls hit to the left of where a shortstop typically plays.

    Baseball Info Solutions, which evaluates every batted ball in the majors, based on how often the play results in an out, has Jeter rated as a -7 on balls hit to the left of where a typical shortstop would play.

    Basically, what this means is that Jeter has made seven fewer plays than the average shortstop would have made, on balls hit to the left of where a shortstop would play. Or in simpler terms, Jeter is missing out on some balls that are ending up as base hits to center field.

    That’s shows signs of decline from the previous two seasons in which Jeter was rated -1 (2008) and +2 (2009).

    It should also be noted that Jeter does rate well on balls hit to the right of the typical shortstop (in between Jeter and Alex Rodriguez). His +7 rating on balls hit to his right is, early on, a significant improvement over his -18 (2009) and -3 (2009) ratings the past two years. That means he has improved in cutting off potential base hits to left field.

    Overall, on the plus-minus scale, Jeter entered Monday ranked 24th among major league shortstops (+1). Last season he finished at +6, which ranked 14th.

    So far, it’s not exactly been the best of “contract walk years,” overall, for Jeter, has it? How will this impact the Captain’s next contract? Linclon Mitchell and Craig Calcaterra recently offered some opinion on this topic. Me? There’s little chance the Yankees are going to let Jeter go somewhere else…I suspect. He’ll get his money. The trick will be on the number of years that Derek gets…but…if I had to guess…the shorter the deal the more likely it has some “post-playing career” job offer tied to the contract.

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    1. 77yankees
      May 26th, 2010 | 11:02 pm

      Every year the Worldwide Leader in back slapping and the Bill James acolytes give us the algorithims and sine/cosine formulas to degrade Jeter’s defense.

      Now, are they saying anything, we, who watch all the games, don’t already know? “Jeter’s weak to his left and strong to his right.” Duh! What are they going to say next – Posada doesn’t block pitches in the dirt?

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