• A Month In Review: The May Edition

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    Another month down, hopefully 5 months to go.

    Steve’s Win Expectancy for the Yankees this month was 17-12.

    May Record: 16-13 (vs CWS, 1-1; vs BAL, 3-0; @ BOS, 2-1; @ DET, 1-3; vs MIN, 2-1; vs BOS, 1-1; vs TB, 0-2; @ NYM, 1-2; @ MIN, 2-1; vs CLE, 3-1)

    Season Standings: Tampa Bay (34-18); New York (31-20); Toronto (31-22); Boston (29-23); Baltimore (15-36)

    Team Offense: .822 OPS

    The Good

    • Nick Swisher-Somewhere around the middle of the month, I thought I was going to have to leave this section of the Month in Review empty, but it wasn’t until the month was nearing to an end that I realized how excellent Nick Swisher has been in May.  I mean, it wasn’t Robinson Cano April good, but I think we can all take a line of .374/.441/.670
    • Robinson Cano-Really, in the first 16 games of May, Cano was having a pretty pitiful month.  His OPS was .616.  In the last 13 games of the month; however, Cano busted out a 1.201 OPS with .727 of that coming from slugging.  Overall, he posted a line of .336/.381/.509.

    The Mediocre

    I was surprised by the amount of mediocrity this month.  I felt like every time I turned on the game, the Yankees weren’t scoring or runners weren’t on base and gross.  Looking at the numbers, however, made me realize that very few players, if any, had awful months.  Which makes sense considering the team’s OPS for May is higher than the one for April.  What I suppose it came down to this month, is the lack of timing.  Try hitting with runners on, guys.  Thanks.

    • Marcus Thames played in 18 games this month and he only managed to bat .222 and slug .311.  His saving grace in May was that he did get on base at a .373 clip.
    • Derek Jeter-His batting average wasn’t so bad, but he slumped badly in the middle of this month.  Overall, his OPS was .702.  He has already started heating up again, so hopefully his June will be much better.

    Team Pitching-4.25 ERA

    The Good

    • Phil Hughes-He had a hiccup against Boston where he went 5 innings and gave up 5 earned runs, but even still, he was in line for the win in that game when he left.  He also did not have the best of outings against the Mets where he went 5.2 and gave up 4 which earned him his only loss of the season.  Generally speaking, though, Hughes had a very good month.  He posted an ERA of 3.03 and went 4-1.  Overall, for the season, he has a 7-1 record.
    • Andy Pettitte-Pettitte had one awful outing against Tampa Bay when he went 5 innings and gave up 6 earned runs.  This gave him his only loss for the season.  The rest of Pettitte’s month; however, was very good.  In no other start for May did he give up more than 2 runs, and during the one outing he gave up 2 runs, he still went 8 innings.  For the month, Pettitte was 4-1 with a 2.87 ERA.

    The Bad

    • CC Sabathia-I think a lot of the disappointing win totals, particularly in the center of the month, had a lot to do with CC Sabathia’s bad pitching.  He posted a completely unSabathia-like ERA of 5.15 over 6 starts.  His outings were also shorter which meant the Yankee bullpen had to be depended on for more innings than one may want.
    • Chan Ho Park-After having a fabulous outing against the Red Sox in the beginning of April, Park went on the DL with a hamstring injury.  He came back a truly terrible pitcher.  For the month of May, he has a 9.39 ERA.  Opponents have a 1.088 OPS against him.  That is a shocking amount of success.
    • Joba Chamberlain–Joba is not having a very good month, or really a very good season so far.  He seemed to have lost his dominance, and I think he is on the verge of losing his 8th inning spot–if he hasn’t lost it already.  Just looking at May, however, Chamberlain has an ERA close to 8.  His worst outing came on Saturday, May 29 when he gave up the lead (and 4 runs) to the hapless Indians.

    Someone Call the Medic

    • Chan Ho Park came off the DL, though it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he went back on it.
    • Curtis Granderson went on the DL May 2 and stayed there until May 28.  I was happy to get him back if only because it meant Thames would not be in left field anymore.
    • Nick Johnson, much to the shock of, umm, no one, went on the DL May 8 and will likely stay there until the end of the season after having wrist surgery.  To be honest, even though I had him as having a “bad” April last month, I think the top of the order is missing his OBP.  Although, it just be that the offense was missing all the regulars.
    • Alfredo Aceves went on the DL May 12 with a bulging disk in his lower back.
    • Jorge Posada went on the DL May 20 with a hairline fracture in his foot.  I think this might have been the biggest blow to the lineup, not having Posada really shortens the lineup, at least with power, quite a bit.  Luckily, Francisco Cervelli has been filling in admirably.
    • Several players including Nick Swisher, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte all missed some playing time this month without needing a DL stint.  Hopefully June will be a healthier month.

    Odds and Ends

    • Kevin Russo has made his major league debut, and played very well in the light of all the DL stints.  I am especially happy about his play in the outfield considering he was an infielder in Scranton.
    • The Randy Winn era came to a close when Granderson was ready to be activated.  Brian Cashman said prior to the season that he signed Winn with the expectation that he could play decently everyday should an outfielder go on the DL.  Well, outfielders and designated hitters went on the DL, and Winn did not play decently.  The Yankees chose to stick with Kevin Russo on the 25-man than Winn.


    • Highlight-May 17, 2010. This was an ugly game, and probably shouldn’t be in the highlight section, but I really did love this game.  After winning by a score of 6-1, the Red Sox came all the way back in the 8th inning to take a 9-7 lead.  In the bottom of the ninth, Alex Rodriguez hit a home run against Papelbon to tie the game, and 3 batters later, Marcus Thames hit a home run against Papelbon for the win.  I think I just love Papelbon struggling.
    • Lowlight-May 16, 2010. I had a lot to choose from this month.  I decided to bypass the May 18 loss against Boston and the May 29 loss against the Indians, and went for this loss against the Twins.  This one seemed more gut-wrenching since Mariano Rivera was on the mound and 1. walked in a run and 2. gave up a grand slam.  Ouch.

    The April Edition

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    1. Corey Italiano
      June 1st, 2010 | 7:20 pm

      Other than the lowlight, totally agree with everything here.

      My lowlight? The game we lost against the Indians on the 29th. There’s no reason, ever, to lose to one of, if not, the worst teams in the league who aren’t showing up to play when you have a 10-4 lead after 5 innings.

    2. June 1st, 2010 | 9:14 pm

      Francesca today called that CC/Joba loss to the Tribe the worts non-Boston regular season loss by the Yankees in the longest time that he could remember, FWIW.

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