• June 8th @ The Orioles

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    Ok, so I’ll admit that I didn’t watch the entire game. I did watch up until the 7th, and here’s some thoughts.

    First, you can increment the quality start tracker for Hughes as he improves to 8-1. He may not have had his best stuff, but he grinded it out. He bent, but did not break. With that win, Hughes moves into a 3 way tie with Buckholz and Price for the league lead. The AL East youngsters have truly dominated this first third of the season.

    Then you have Swisher, continuing his bid for an all star selection. I don’t personally think he’ll make it since on the field he’s one of the lower profile Yankees, but I definitely think he deserves it.

    The other star of this game was Curtis “The Manderson” Granderson. Since coming back, he’s fashioned the following all star calibur slash line .324/.390/.595, with 6 XBH and 8 ribs in 41 PA. THIS was the droid we were looking for.

    But after the Yankees broke it open, I decided to turn to my recording of the Strasburg start. Wow. That kid can pitch. He AVERAGED a 97 mph fastball, hitting 100. He threw a devastating sinker at 96. His curve ball was 82, and his change up 88. All 4 pitches were nasty with tons of movement, and it allowed him to punch out 14 batters in 7 innings of work. I simply can’t wait to see him pitch against a major league team. It should be fun.

    Lastly, watching that game on MLB network, just made me want to say that I miss Jim Kaat. Yankees brass, if you’re reading this, please get him back. Please.

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    1. clintfsu813
      June 9th, 2010 | 11:23 am

      Please let this be Tex’s awakening

    2. Garcia
      June 9th, 2010 | 11:47 am

      I miss Kaat, too. I would be willing to pay a yearly subscription fee to YES if they brought Kaat back and let go of Kay. Does any Yankee fan like Kay? I don’t know of one person.

    3. clintfsu813
      June 9th, 2010 | 12:16 pm

      @ Garcia:
      I actually dont think hes that bad. Especially compared to those d-bags that cover the Rays and CHI Sox.

    4. clintfsu813
      June 9th, 2010 | 12:17 pm

      Anybody else prefer the O’s/Redsox guys to the ESPN/Fox guys?

    5. Raf
      June 9th, 2010 | 12:18 pm

      Garcia wrote:

      Does any Yankee fan like Kay?

      I respect him because he’s doing his dream job, I tolerated him when he was paired with Sterling, but overall, I could probably do without him. I did think he was cool back in the MSG days when he was doing postgame locker room reports.

    6. YankCrank
      June 9th, 2010 | 12:50 pm

      Garcia wrote:

      I miss Kaat, too. I would be willing to pay a yearly subscription fee to YES if they brought Kaat back and let go of Kay. Does any Yankee fan like Kay? I don’t know of one person.

      I like Kay for a lot of the same reasons Raf pointed out. He’s a guy who worked hard to achieve his dream job, and I respect that. I also don’t have any issues with how he broadcasts a game.

    7. Garcia
      June 9th, 2010 | 1:41 pm

      @clintfsu813 – I love Orsillo and Remy. I also love when the Yanks play the Mets because I can listen to the Mets announcers guys over the Yanks. I do like Cone, Leiter, Paulie, even Singleton, but Kay combined with any of them brings down the entire booth.

    8. clintfsu813
      June 9th, 2010 | 1:50 pm

      Yea..I’ve found myself watching the Boston guys rather than ESPN/Fox

    9. Corey Italiano
      June 9th, 2010 | 3:31 pm

      clintfsu813 wrote:

      Please let this be Tex’s awakening

      It was strange, first time up the O’s didnt have the shift on, and tex hit into what would have been an out if they did. Then they put the shift on after that AB. I dunno if that was a fielder or managerial screw up.

    10. redbug
      June 9th, 2010 | 6:29 pm

      It was great to hear Kaat’s thoughts on Strasburg. And, listening to Bob Costas is always a pleasure. That was a great game to watch and listen to. So much better than what YES puts on.

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