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    I generally listen to Tim with half an ear, it’s easier that way.  Last night,  Tim was speaking of Del Crandall the old Milwaukee Brave catcher,  he then commented that the Braves became the Milwaukee Brewers.  They didn’t of course, in 1966 the Milwaukee Braves became the Atlanta Braves. The 1969 Seattle Pilots did become the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

    Tim also mentioned that he was surprised to learn that the Dodgers had more Hall of Famers than the Yankees.  I was surprised to learn that also.  I was surprised enough to actually check Baseball Reference.com.  The numbers are pretty close, the Dodgers have 45 players and 9 managers for a total of 54, while the Yankees have 41 players and 11 managers for a total of 52.  The devil of course is in the detail, and when details start coming into play the information supplied by Tim doesn’t stand up.  When you count only players who actually played the Hall of Fame portion of their career with the Dodgers the number drops to 9.  The Yankees have 17 and that does not include Winfield or Jackson, although an argument could be made for one if not both.  I counted 3 Yankee managers, and 4 Dodger managers, although a case could be made for counting  Durocher as a Dodger manager, which would then give them 5.

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