• McCarver Said What

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    I generally listen to Tim with half an ear, it’s easier that way.  Last night,  Tim was speaking of Del Crandall the old Milwaukee Brave catcher,  he then commented that the Braves became the Milwaukee Brewers.  They didn’t of course, in 1966 the Milwaukee Braves became the Atlanta Braves. The 1969 Seattle Pilots did become the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

    Tim also mentioned that he was surprised to learn that the Dodgers had more Hall of Famers than the Yankees.  I was surprised to learn that also.  I was surprised enough to actually check Baseball Reference.com.  The numbers are pretty close, the Dodgers have 45 players and 9 managers for a total of 54, while the Yankees have 41 players and 11 managers for a total of 52.  The devil of course is in the detail, and when details start coming into play the information supplied by Tim doesn’t stand up.  When you count only players who actually played the Hall of Fame portion of their career with the Dodgers the number drops to 9.  The Yankees have 17 and that does not include Winfield or Jackson, although an argument could be made for one if not both.  I counted 3 Yankee managers, and 4 Dodger managers, although a case could be made for counting  Durocher as a Dodger manager, which would then give them 5.

    June 26 @ The Dodgers

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    This was a hard one to watch. It looked like for a second, in the beginning of the game, that Tex and A-Rod were continuing their hot streaks and were going to take the game over. But, Burnett just didn’t let that happen. He’s just been dreadful. So bad in fact, that I can’t even bare to talk about him until his next start.

    How much longer is Chan Ho Park going to be on this team? I’d much rather see Melancon go out there in no pressure situations than him. Heck I’d rather see anyone out there than him, right now. Mo aside, this bullpen is in pitching terribly as a whole right now. Something has to give. Heck, Robertson has only had 3 clean outings this entire season (26 games).

    And it’s not like the Yankees didn’t have oppurtunities in this game. They had men on base in every inning except for the 2nd and 7th. They just couldn’t do anything with it. It was unbearable.

    One good thing aside from our middle of the order hitters extending their hitting streaks, was the Swisher double off of Weaver. I hate Jeff Weaver.

    2010 Yankees To Date, Sabermetrically Speaking

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    Some Yankees stats through yesterday’s game, via the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia:

    First, New York’s batters:

                                    RCAA      OWP      PA     
    1    Robinson Cano                32     .768      320   
    T2   Nick Swisher                 15     .666      297   
    T2   Brett Gardner                15     .674      274   
    T4   Jorge Posada                 12     .707      181   
    T4   Alex Rodriguez               12     .629      297   
    T6   Curtis Granderson             4     .567      195   
    T6   Marcus Thames                 4     .650       94   
    8    Colin Curtis                  2     .959        5   
    9    Derek Jeter                   1     .514      344   
    10   Juan Miranda                  0     .465       51   
    T11  Francisco Cervelli           -1     .489      183   
    T11  Mark Teixeira                -1     .493      338   
    T11  Greg Golson                  -1     .000        5   
    T11  Nick Johnson                 -1     .456       98   
    T11  Chad Moeller                 -1     .301       12   
    T11  Chad Huffman                 -1     .000       10   
    17   Randy Winn                   -3     .325       71   
    18   Kevin Russo                  -4     .189       51   
    19   Ramiro Pena                  -7     .094       72   

    Next, New York’s pitchers:

                                    RSAA    BR/9 IP     BFP    
    1    Andy Pettitte                18    10.21      374   
    2    Mariano Rivera               10     6.26       99   
    3    Phil Hughes                   9    10.17      331   
    4    C.C. Sabathia                 8    10.72      438   
    5    Sergio Mitre                  4     9.36       97   
    T6   Alfredo Aceves                2    11.25       53   
    T6   Romulo Sanchez                2     4.91       13   
    8    Ivan Nova                     1    12.00       12   
    T9   Boone Logan                   0    15.88       76   
    T9   Damaso Marte                  0    13.50       61   
    11   Chad Gaudin                  -1    14.79       61   
    12   Mark Melancon                -2    15.75       19   
    T13  David Robertson              -3    16.27      113   
    T13  Joba Chamberlain             -3    12.64      136   
    15   Chan Ho Park                 -7    14.48      104   
    16   Javier Vazquez               -8    12.00      312   
    17   A.J. Burnett                -11    14.69      425  

    Some thoughts on these numbers…

    It’s pretty safe to say that the Yankees team offense this season would not look as good as it does if not for Robbie Cano. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the teams in the A.L., to date, in terms of RCAA:

    1    Yankees                      77   
    2    Red Sox                      56   
    3    Tigers                       32   
    4    Rangers                      27   
    5    Rays                         20   
    6    Twins                        19   
    7    Blue Jays                     1   
    8    Royals                      -12   
    9    Angels                      -16   
    10   A's                         -18   
    11   Indians                     -22   
    12   Mariners                    -53   
    13   White Sox                   -56   
    14   Orioles                     -75   

    Take Cano’s numbers out of the Yankees total and then they’re no longer the best in the league. And, it gets even worse on the pitching side if the Yankees didn’t have Andy Pettitte. Take a look at the teams in the A.L., to date, in terms of RSAA:

    1    Rays                         47   
    2    Rangers                      40   
    3    White Sox                    28   
    4    Twins                        25   
    5    Yankees                      19   
    6    Red Sox                      14   
    7    Mariners                     11   
    8    A's                           6   
    9    Blue Jays                    -3   
    10   Tigers                       -8   
    11   Angels                      -24   
    12   Royals                      -36   
    13   Orioles                     -45   
    14   Indians                     -57   

    Take Pettitte’s numbers out of the Yankees total and then they’re just a league average pitching staff.

    So, this all leads to the question: Can Pettitte and Cano perform over the next three months as well as they have over the past three months? Let’s hope so….

    Yanks Would Be Nearly Perfect In June If Not For Burnett

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    So far, the Yankees are 15-8 in the month of June.

    Five of those eight losses have come in games started by A.J. Burnett.

    Burnett is 0-5 this month and has an ERA of 11.35 in June (in 23 IP).

    Amazing how one guy can be the key to just about everything bad that’s happened in one month, eh?

    S.I. Yankees Photos 6/26/10

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    Some photos from this evening’s Staten Island Yankees game…for those into this kind of stuff…

    Game notes follow the pix. Click on the photos to enlarge.


    June 25th @ The Dodgers

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    Yesterday when A-Rod said that this game would be business as usual, he never spoke truer words.

    You see, this was a game that had a very business as usual feel to it. The Yankees won. Cano extended a hitting streak, and continued his hot hitting. Tex extended his hitting streak and continued his hot hitting since the 8th of June. A-Rod continued his hot hitting of the past few games by belting a no doubter homer to go with a double. Sabathia continued to look great this month with another dominating outing. Mo was Mo, and Manny was Manny. Add to that the fact the Sabathia drilled Padilla in the leg with a fastball, and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable game.

    The most important part of this game, however, is the fact that it looks like A-Rod and Tex are starting to heat up at the same time. If they can put a solid run together, this team is going to be unstoppable with the pitching performances they’ve been getting.

    One thing that was interesting, I couldn’t believe how mad Torre and Mattingly got with the umpires borderline calls (the high strike was high though) when Rivera was toeing the rubber. They both received them when they were coaching the Yankees, so I’m not quite sure why they would get so angry. Only guess I could have is that they really do harbor ill will toward the Yankees and really wanted to beat them.

    A-Rod Homers Off Vicente Padilla

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    Alex Rodriguez homered off Vicente Padilla in the Yankees game Friday night – which is still being played as I post this item. (It’s the top of the 8th and Cano just reached on Manny’s error.)

    When A-Rod went yard it was in the 6th inning with the score tied, one-up. Since Alex has hit so few, for him, homeruns this season, I thought it would be interesting to look at the nine that came before this one:

    Yr# Date Opp Pitcher Score Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) RBI
    1 2010-04-17 TEX Doug Mathis ahead 6-0 b 4 1 4 (2-1) 1
    2 2010-04-20 @OAK Craig Breslow ahead 3-0 t 5 12- 1 4 (2-1) 3
    3 2010-05-09 @BOS Jon Lester down 1-6 t 4 1 3 (2-0) 1
    4 2010-05-14 MIN Matt Guerrier down 3-4 b 7 123 1 2 (0-1) 4
    5 2010-05-17 BOS Jonathan Papelbo down 7-9 b 9 –3 1 1 (0-0) 2
    6 2010-05-19 TBR Wade Davis down 1-6 b 6 0 10 (3-2) 1
    7 2010-05-31 CLE Chris Perez ahead 2-1 b 7 123 1 5 (3-1) 4
    8 2010-06-03 BAL Kevin Millwood ahead 2-1 b 3 -2- 1 8 (3-2) 2
    9 2010-06-22 @ARI Dan Haren tied 0-0 t 1 1– 2 3 (1-1) 2
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 6/26/2010.


    In the game against the Dodgers, Michael Kay said that A-Rod guessed fastball and got it. (For the record, he hit it on the first pitch and “Gameday” says it was a fastball.)

    Looking at the counts on his other 9 long balls this season, it looks like he also may have homered on some fastball situations. Six of the nine, the pitcher was behind in the count. And, in two of the other three, the count was even. Could A-Rod have guessed fastball in these spots too? Dunno…but, it does make me wonder if many of Rodriguez’ taters this year came where he was looking for a fastball and got it.

    June 24, 1970

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    The date might not ring any bells, but it seems to stand out in the minds of a lot of fans of  a certain age.  I am one of them.  It was a Wednesday, the Yanks had returned from a road trip and were off to their best start in years.    The club entered that Wednesday afternoon with a record of 40-26, on tap two against the Indians, an afternoon doubleheader.  I’ve heard Mike Francesa talk about that doubleheader, he was there that day, and so was I.  Michael Kay spoke about it several times this week and a new book, titled “Big Hair and Plastic Grass” mentions it.   School had just ended, the taste of sweet anticipation of the summer ahead was in the air.

    In the first game, Mel Stottlemyre was pitching well but he got hurt and had to be removed from the game, he had pitched four innings.  Now, maybe this is just me, but something changed about him after that day.  He never seemed to be the same pitcher again.  I checked his record, after that date he was 59-62 for the remainder of his career.  Before that date, he was 105-77. 

    A big moment in the game came when Steve Hamilton threw his “folly floater” to Tony Horton.  Horton, at the time 25 years old and full of talent, played first base for the Indians.  Horton  swung  almost helplessly at the floater, fouling to rookie catcher Thurman Munson.  Horton crawled back to the dugout.  It was some scene.  Very funny.  Two months later this 25 year old star would attempt suicide, he never played in another major league game after August of 1970. 

    Ray Fosse was the Cleveland catcher that day and another star on the rise, Fosse and Munson both 23, looked like the elite catchers of the future in the American League.  Less that a month later,  Pete Rose plowed into Fosse on a bang bang play at the plate at the All Star Game effective ending Fosse’s day at the top.  He went on to have a representative career for sure, but never came close to being star.

    Of course that day belonged to Bobby Murcer who blasted a homer in the first game and three in the second (four consecutive at bats).  He carried that streak into the next night, but after a first inning walk, he failed to hit a homer his next at bat.  The attendance was about 32,000, a great crowd for the Yankees of that era, but the stadium was still half empty.  My friend and I upgraded (at no cost) our seats between games of the doubleheader and found ourselves in box seats in a nest of Indian fans.  How great it was to watch the smiles wiped off their faces with each Murcer blast, the last one pulled the Yankees out of a 4-3 hole, giving  them the lead at 5-4, a lead which they would never relinquish.

    The Yankees split the doubleheader losing the first game 7-2 and winning the nightcap 5-4.  The Orioles (the eventual World Champs) lost to Boston that evening putting the Yanks 2.5 out of first.  Let me tell you, this was a big deal for Yankee fans.

    I mentioned the fact that Mike Francesa was at the game, I also mentioned that I was at the game.  I heard an interview on Kay’s radio show with someone else who claimed to be in the dugout that afternoon as Bobby had the game of his life.   The man’s name, Ron Blomberg.   Ron played for the Yankees, in fact,  he was a first round draft pick.  He was a piece of work (I’m going to do a post on him soon) .  I find no record of him being on the Yankees  in 1970.  He was on the roster of the Syracuse Chiefs all year so his memory may be like many other things with Ron, a little off.

    Joe Torre’s Last Game As Yankees Manager

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    October 8, 2007.

    Amazingly, there are only 5 Yankees still with the team, now, who played in that game…three years ago.

    Stick’s Post-Halloween Work In ’92

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    November 3, 1992: Paul O’Neill was traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Joe DeBerry to the New York Yankees for Roberto Kelly.

    December 10, 1992: Jimmy Key signed as a Free Agent with the New York Yankees.

    Mike Francesa, on his radio show, just said that getting O’Neill and Key before the 1993 season were two of the biggest reasons why things turned about for the Yankees…getting them away from what the team had become from 1989 to 1992.

    Would you agree with that? It’s an interesting claim, if you ask me.

    Yanks Looking For OF Bat

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    Via RotoWorld

    Buster Olney of ESPN.com hears that the Yankees remain focused on “trade pieces besides Cliff Lee.”

    Consistent with what we’ve heard for a few weeks now, the Yankees believe their pitching is strong and will pursue other needs. Things could obviously change in the next month, but the the team’s biggest need is someone who can play all three outfield positions and/or DH a few times a week.

    Sounds like the Yankees still don’t feel great about having Granderson face left-handed pitching or having Marcus Thames play defense…

    Back To The ’80’s

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    Steve Treder takes us there today. Buckle up!

    Manny Being…Caliente

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    In his last 18 games, the Dodgers Manny Ramirez has a BA/OBA/SLG line of .361/.418/.639 (in 67 PA). Anyone else in Yankeeland worried about having to face a red hot Man-Ram in this series? After all, he always kills the Yankees, as it is, anyway, right?

    Jeter Turns 36 Tomorrow

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    Ian O’connor writes about it.

    I think Joe Girardi should make Jeter carry the line-up card to the umps before the game this Saturday and then Joe Torre can meet him there at home plate with a cupcake that has a candle in it…

    Either that, or, maybe they can do a video for Derek with Robinson Cano, Alfonso Soriano, Chuck Knoblauch, Miguel Cairo, Mariano Duncan, Luis Sojo and Enrique Wilson singing “¡Feliz Cumpleaños!” to the Captain?

    Granderson Now Has 109 HR & 57 Have Come With No Outs & No One On Base

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    Granderson’s homerun on Wednesday against Carlos Rosa made me think back to this stat that I shared back in April.

    There are 24 “base/outs” situations that a batter can be in…like no one on, no outs; runner on first, one out; bases loaded, two outs; etc. Yet, more than half of Curtis Granderson’s career homeruns have come when he’s leading off an inning.

    You think teams/pitchers would be more careful with him in this situation, huh?

    Brackman Now Rolling With Thunder

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    Via The Trentonian

    Three years after the Yankees chose him with the 30th selection in the 2007 draft, Andrew Brackman is ready to test his mettle at the upper levels. The massive right-hander will make his Double-A debut Friday when the Thunder face the New Hampshire Fisher Cats at Waterfront Park.

    Yankees Vice President of Player Development Mark Newman confirmed the move with The Trentonian earlier this evening.

    For Brackman, the promotion is a reward for finally turning around a career that last year looked as if it were heading nowhere fast. Shortly after being selected, he had Tommy John surgery that delayed his pro debut until 2009.

    After recovering, he put together a dreadful opening campaign. As if his 2-12 record and 5.91 ERA weren’t bad enough, Brackman issued an astonishing 76 walks in 106 2/3 innings with Low-A Charleston.

    Yankees pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras discussed Brackman while at Waterfront Park earlier this season, saying that his control was the key thing he needed to work on to advance.

    “What he is doing is throwing strikes. He’s learning now, because last year he didn’t throw many strikes. He’s throwing strikes now, and he’s learning how to command. He needs to know how to command,” Contreras said back in May, also noting that Brackman was working on refining his curveball as well as learning a slider and a change-up.

    Whatever the coaching staff was teaching him down in Tampa, it seems to have worked.

    Brackman has walked just nine hitters in 60 innings this season, and has been dominant after an early-season stretch that looked a lot like 2009. Over eight starts since May 12, he’s allowed more than three earned runs just twice and has compiled a 5-1 record and a 2.84 ERA in that span.

    Not a bad move, given his age. Brackman needs to be tested at the next level. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

    Maybe You Can Go Back?

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    Now, click here to listen to the original “Can’t Go Back” by The Sorrows (recorded in 1980}.

    Galea Mule Pleads GAC

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    Via the Buffalo News

    A key witness in the investigation into a Toronto doctor and his treatment of famous athletes took a guilty plea this afternoon in Buffalo’s federal courthouse.

    Mary Anne Catalano, 32, of Toronto, admitted that she made false statements to officers at the Peace Bridge when she tried to enter Buffalo from Canada last Sept. 14.

    She is the former personal assistant to Dr. Anthony Galea, who faces criminal charges in Buffalo and Toronto. He is known for his treatment of injured athletes, including golf superstar Tiger Woods and New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

    In a plea agreement filed with District Judge Richard J. Arcara, Catalano admitted that — at Galea’s direction — she lied to border officers who asked her why she was bringing drugs, syringes and other medical items into the United States.

    Catalano told the officers she was going to meet Galea at a medical conference in Washington, D.C., where the items would be put on display. But in fact, Catalano admitted later, she was going to meet Galea in Washington to provide treatment to a professional athlete.

    “Why did you do this?” Arcara asked.

    “It’s just … it was a lapse of judgment on my part, but [Galea] was my employer and someone I’ve known since I was 15 years old,” said Catalano, fighting back sobs. “I didn’t think he would put me in this position.”

    For making false statements, Catalano could face up to five years in prison, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul J. Campana said the government may ask Arcara for a much shorter sentence — possibly probation — because of her cooperation with investigators.

    Federal agents said Catalano was trying to smuggle “misbranded drugs,” including Nutropin, a human growth hormone sometimes used by athletes to increase their potential for muscle-building.

    For the record, the Yankees were not near Washington when she was coming into the country. And, soon after that time, the Yankees hit the west coast for a string of games. So, it seems very unlikely that this visit was tied to a delivery of anything to A-Rod.

    A-Rod On Torre: “I Am Not Going To Get Into That”

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    Via George King

    With the Yankees opening a three-game series against Joe Torre’s Dodgers tomorrow night in Los Angeles, Alex Rodriguez was asked yesterday about his former manager.

    Though several teammates acknowledged it would be different playing against Torre for the first time and gushed what he meant to their careers, Rodriguez made the highly anticipated meeting with his former manager as if it was Yankees-Pirates in spring training.

    “Business as usual,” Rodriguez said in a flat voice while seated at his locker inside Chase Field.

    Rodriguez then praised Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly and third base coach Larry Bowa, both of whom were on Torre’s Yankee staff.

    When the questions circled back to Torre and what Rodriguez remembered about playing for Torre, Rodriguez cut the question off by saying, “I am not going to get into that.”

    Asked by The Post at the indoor batting cage why he answered the questions the way he did, Rodriguez refused to elaborate.

    Too bad A-Rod’s homer pace is off this year. Imagine if he had hit #600 against Joe Torre and the Dodgers? Now, that would have been interesting…to see everyone’s reaction to that.

    Holy Ruben Rivera Batman! Another ’09 Yanks Ring Stolen

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    Remember the story about the stolen ring three weeks ago? Here’s another via the New Haven Register:

    A New York Yankees World Series Ring worth at least $10,000 has been stolen from the Waterfront Park office desk of the Trenton Thunder’s clubhouse manager.

    The manager, 51-year-old Tom “Tonto” Kackley, received the ring sometime on last Thursday, and by 1 a.m. last Friday, he had discovered it missing.

    The apparent theft is under investigation by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, who released information about the heist today.

    The ring is described as blue and silver in color with diamonds depicting the insignia of the Yankees.

    The rings were given to all full-time employees of the Yankees to commemorate their championship win over the Philadelphia Phillies last year.

    Depsite serving as the clubhouse manager for the Thunder in Trenton, The Yankee’s AA minor league affiliate, Kackley is considered a direct employee of the professional ball club in New York, according to Thunder spokesperson Bill Cook.

    Cook said yesterday afternoon he had no knowledge of the theft, and Kackley was currently on the road with the team and couldn’t be reached.

    Shame. Tonto seems like a nice guy. Hopefully the ring turns up soon and gets back to him.

    Blog, Blah, Blah…

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    Here’s a topic to take your mind off the Yankees sloppy play last night…What are you thoughts on the Yankees Blogosphere as it stands today?

    What are your favorite Yankees blogs and why? Which Yankees blogs are the “up-and-comers” in your mind and why? Which Yankees blogs have slipped in your “favorites” standings lately and why? Which Yankees blog deserves more attention? Which Yankees blog does “nobody go to any more because it’s too crowded”? What do you not find in the Yankees Blogosphere that you wish there was more of? Is there something that you find too often in the Yankees Blogosphere? Which Yankees blog has the best reader commentators and why? Which Yankees blog has the worst reader commentators and why? Which Yankees blog has the best format and why? Which Yankees blog has the worst format and why? If you could get one of your favorite Yankees blogs to do more or less of just one thing, what blog is it and what’s that thing – and why?

    Basically, this is an open thread to discuss any and all things pertaining to Yankees blogs. Feel free to use the questions above for discussion and/or post some others that could to mind.

    You can just discuss WasWatching.com, if you want, and all opinions are welcomed. But, if you want to discuss other Yankees blogs here too, that’s fine and encouraged. So, what do you say?

    A-Rod On Yanks: “We’ve Just Got To Get Better At All Facets Of The Game”

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    Via Marc Carig

    “Obviously, we’re not happy about the way we played today,” said [Alex] Rodriguez, who made a baserunning gaffe. We know we have to do a lot of things better. “We’ve just got to get better at all facets of the game. It’s just not acceptable. We all know that. Twenty-five guys, we’ve got to get better.”

    Said Rodriguez: “You let a team off the hook, you just kick yourself and you’re frustrated, because you know in order for us to be the team we need to be later in October and for the rest for the rest of the year, a game like today is not going to do it.”

    And, yet, the Yankees have the best record in baseball. Go figure…

    June 23rd @ The Diamondbacks

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    Work is just too busy now for me to stay up past 10 pm and watch these West Coast games.  The Yanks won 6-5 in 10 innings and, from what I gather, A-Rod, Granderson and Rivera all did their fair share to bring home the “W”.  The box score says the Yanks went 3-14 w/RISP which tells me that their offense is still as rotten as ever.

    A win is a win but this .500-caliber baseball and NL-level offensive ineptitude just ain’t cuttin’ it in my book.  I don’t feel too great about the 2010 Yanks right now.

    Baltimore Buck Coming Soon?

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    Via Jeff Zrebiec:

    ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian is reporting today that former Texas Rangers and New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Orioles’ managerial job.

    “I am honored and flattered that the Orioles reached out with this potential opportunity, but at this time in my career, I feel I should direct my energies in another direction,” said Valentine in the story.

    Valentine, who is currently an analyst for ESPN, is one of three candidates to interview with Orioles’ officials. Former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge interviewed once and is expected to get a second interview. Former New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks manager Buck Showalter is meeting with team officials today.

    It’s expected that Valentine could immediately become a candidate for the Florida Marlins’ managerial job, which opened today when Fredi Gonzalez was fired.

    It will be interesting to see if Buck gets the job and what he does with it.

    He took a bad Yankees team in 1992 and had them playing well in 1993 and 1994.

    He took a bad Diamondbacks team in 1998 and had them get 100 wins in 1999.

    And, he took a bad Rangers team in 2003 and had them play well in 2004 – although they were just about a .500 ballclub in the seasons that followed.

    Can Showalter get the O’s playing better in a division that has the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays? Hey, if he does, it ain’t gonna hurt his resume, that’s for sure.

    I’m Thinking Randy Winn…

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    …is #550.

    What do you think?

    Colin Curtis Gets His Knock

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    Via Bryan Hoch

    Colin Curtis played his college ball just up the street from Chase Field, having been drafted by the Yankees in 2007 from Arizona State University, so it was a surreal experience for him to get his call to the Major Leagues and report to a familiar area.

    The timing could not have worked out better for the outfielder, who now has a big league hit and two RBIs to call his own. Curtis came in as a pinch-hitter in the Yankees’ six-run eighth inning on Tuesday and notched perhaps the most memorable blow of their 9-3 victory over the D-backs.

    “It was an amazing feeling getting out there,” Curtis said. “We put together a big inning, and to cap it off with the first big league hit, I knew I hit it good and I started running.

    “I just took a deep breath and exhaled, standing on second base. I saw all of the guys and let a big smile go across my face. You’re playing all your life and you get that first one. It’s a really good feeling.”

    Curtis said that he has a lot of friends in the Phoenix area, and his parents and brother flew into town from Seattle when he was called up on Monday. Curtis said he didn’t bother to try to play it cool while standing on second base, allowing a huge smile to cross his face.

    Yankees manager Joe Girardi called the scene “a thrill” to watch, and Alex Rodriguez gave Curtis a hug in the dugout, saying, “That kid can hit.”

    By my count – and I’m serious on this number – Curtis is the 1,514th player to get a hit for the Yankees. It’s a nice club, if you can get yourself into it…

    Jeter & Swisher Tinkle For Bud

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    Via George King

    Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher were selected by MLB’s drug testers yesterday hours before the Yankees faced the Diamondbacks at Chase Field.

    Jeter was seen walking in the hallway outside the clubhouse with a member of the drug-testing unit. Later the same person prepared to take Swisher out of the clubhouse for a urine test.

    Players are selected at random for drug testing.

    Jeter and Swisher were in the lineup against right-hander Dan Haren and going in two different directions.

    Oh, well, so much for the theory that Nick Swisher is so dumb that he would have to study for three days just to take a urine test….

    June 22nd @ The Diamondbacks

    Posted by on June 23rd, 2010 · Comments (5)

    Still too busy right now to do a proper recap.  This is your thread if you want to discuss the Yankees 9-3 victory over the Snakes last night.  Have at it.

    The Chan Ho Park Mistake

    Posted by on June 22nd, 2010 · Comments (10)

    I was listening to Sweeny Murti on Mike Francesa today and he shared something interesting.

    Murti said that he talked to a scout who said the Phillies used Chan Ho Park in low leverage situations last year and that’s why his numbers were good. And, during the World Series, Park was throwing harder than usual and it was the combination of the good (but empty) regular season stats and seeing him in the World Series that duped the Yankees into signing Park.

    In any event, if you look at the worst RP to date in the AL (see chart below) you’ll see a lot of Yankees on the list – and Park is the worst of that group. Isn’t it time for Brian Cashman to admit he made a mistake on Chan Ho Park and just send him packing?

    Rk Player ERA+ G Year Age Tm IP ERA
    1 Sean White 55 20 2010 29 SEA 16.2 7.56
    2 Tony Sipp 57 30 2010 26 CLE 23.0 7.04
    3 Chan Ho Park 60 18 2010 37 NYY 21.0 6.86
    4 Chad Gaudin 61 20 2010 27 TOT 31.1 6.89
    5 Brian Fuentes 70 18 2010 34 LAA 17.1 6.23
    6 Aaron Laffey 72 20 2010 25 CLE 25.2 5.61
    7 Jamey Wright 74 18 2010 35 CLE 21.1 5.48
    8 Joba Chamberlain 74 31 2010 24 NYY 29.1 5.52
    9 Randy Choate 75 34 2010 34 TBR 17.0 5.82
    10 David Robertson 75 23 2010 25 NYY 21.1 5.48
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 6/22/2010.


    Torre & Mattingly Looking Forward To Seeing Yankees

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    Via Ed Price

    As far as we can tell, this weekend will mark the first time ever a man whose number has been retired by the Yankees will be in uniform, in the opposing dugout, for a game against the Yankees that counts.

    Oh yeah, Joe Torre will also be going against the Yankees when they visit the Dodgers.

    For Torre and Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly — whose pinstriped No. 23 was retired in 1997 — the series will be “busy,” as Torre put it, but not wistful or vengeful.

    “It’s like playing,” Mattingly told FanHouse last Sunday in Boston in looking forward to this weekend. “You always turn the page.”

    Mattingly said when he first saw the Dodgers’ June schedule, he thought, “This doesn’t look real good.”

    Not because he’d have to go against the Yankees for the first time in his life, but because the Dodgers would be tested by playing the Cardinals, the Angels twice, the Red Sox and the Yankees in a span of six series.

    Share “You’re caught in your own thing, you know?” Mattingly said.

    “It’ll be different, I’m sure. But in a sense I’m looking forward to it, getting to see those guys.”

    Said Torre: “It’s obviously going to be busy, but it’s also going to be fun seeing a lot of people.”

    That bit about the retired number is spot on…good find there by Price.

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