• A Month In Review: The June Edition

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    Steve’s win expectancy this month was 15-11.

    June Record: 16-10 (vs. BAL, 3-0; @ TOR, 1-2; @ BAL, 2-1; vs. HOU, 3-0; vs PHI, 1-2; vs, NYM, 2-1; @ ARI, 2-1; @ LAD, 2-1; vs. SEA, 0-2)

    Season Standings: New York (47-30), Boston (47-32), Tampa Bay (45-32), Toronto (40-39), Baltimore (24-53)

    Team Offense: .734 OPS

    The Good

    • Robinson Cano-If I am measuring Cano by his April standards, then Cano did not have a “good” month.  If I am measuring Cano, by any other standards, Cano did have a “good” month.  Since June 1, Cano’s line is .333/.398/.510.  This means that his overall season average went down to .353.

    The very short list here, explains why the Yankee offense as a whole was slumping so terribly.  The team OPS is nearly 100 points less than it was for the month of May.  It is amazing the Yankees were able to win so many games this month, with the lack of production.

    The Bad

    • Francisco Cervelli-We were enjoying Cervelli for a while there, but he has really come down to Earth.  With injuries to Jorge Posada, Cervelli has been forced to play more than he realistically should, which means the holes in his game have been exposed.  His OPS for the month of June, 21 games, is .521.
    • Alex Rodriguez-He hasn’t been atrocious, but he certainly hasn’t been Alex Rodriguez.  Really, I don’t remember him being Arod at any point this season.  His line for the month is .244/.308/.463.  It’s not all bad news for Rodriguez though.  Over his last 8 games, going back to the Arizona series, Arod has an OPS of 1.115.  Hopefully this means he is coming back.
    • Derek Jeter-Like Arod, Derek Jeter is not having a Derek Jeter-like season.  I was expecting big things from him after having a spectacular season last year, and after a very convincing April, but he hasn’t really been good since.  A .718 OPS just won’t cut it coming from him.  I also know that batting average really doesn’t mean much as compared to other stats, but if he could get it out of the .280s and back above .300, I would be happy.

    Team Pitching: 4.11 ERA

    The Good

    • CC Sabathia-I can finally look at a game’s matchup, see that CC is pitching, and expect the Yankees to win.  For much of the season, I just prayed that the offense would pick him up.  In 5 June starts, Sabathia has 5 wins and an ERA of 2.19.  He has lowered his season ERA down to 3.49.
    • Mariano Rivera-Mo has appeared in 11 games during June.  Over this time, he has collected 7 saves and 2 wins.  He did not give up a single run, and he held batters to an average of .093.  He has also struck out 16 batters in the 13 innings pitched.  Business as usual.
    • Andy Pettitte-His ERA climbed about two tenths this month, but he still posted a 3.18 ERA.  There was only one game this month where he didn’t pitch well, and that was against the Dodgers when he went 5 innings and gave up 5 runs–4 earned.  Luckily, Pettitte was let off the hook when the offense decided it wanted to win in the 9th inning.  Unfortunately, Pettitte, did get the loss against the Phillies, when he pitched 7, gave up 3, two of which were earned.  It is hard to win games when the offense only scores one run.
    • Javier Vazquez-Wanted to put Javy on this list for May, but he had a poor outing on the first of the month, and then another poor outing during his last start of the month, and both of those affected his numbers.  Well, despite yesterday’s start (which was still a quality start), Vazquez pitched well enough this month to get the nod.  He was 3-2 this month with a 3.23 ERA.  Bad luck follows, as in two of his games, the Yankees were shut out.  And actually, in 8 of his 14 starts, the Yankees only managed to score 3 or fewer runs in support.

    The Bad

    • A.J. Burnett-Was there any surprise Burnett’s name would appear on this list?  Burnett’s ERA right now, 5.25, is higher than Vazquez’s, 5.11.  Unfortunately, unlike Vazquez, Burnett’s ERA is trending in the wrong direction.  For the month of June, A.J. has an 0-5 record with an 11.35 ERA.
    • Phil Hughes-Yes, Hughes has a 4-1 record for this month, but his ERA is 5.17 over this time.  Looking at the numbers, he has pitched in 5 games, during 3 he provided at least a quality start, and during the other two he really sucked.  It’s hard to get too mad about an 11-3 record and a 3.58 ERA from a pitcher who is younger than me…and I ain’t that old.

    Odds and Ends

    • The draft took place this month.  Analysts were stunned with the Yankees choice of  Cito Culver, a high school shortstop.  I can’t pretend I know enough about any of the players to really comment.  He has been assigned to play for the Gulf Coast Yankees.
    • Most of the transactions for the month were with regards to the players drafted, signed, and assigned teams to play for.
    • Jorge Posada was activated, but he seems to only be playing catcher about half the time.  Chad Moeller was designated for assignment, and then accepted assignment to Scranton.
    • Dave Eiland was gone for much of the month for personal reasons.  He is back now, so hopefully that means all is well with him.  Hopefully that means he can right the ship with Mr. Burnett


    Highlight-June 27, 2010. It was a pretty mediocre month as far as wins and losses go.  It wasn’t until the end of the month when something really jumped out at me.  Other than having Broxton on my fantasy team, it was really nice to see the Yankees win by 2 when the entered the 9th inning down by 4.

    Lowlight-June 30, 2010. Nothing really, truly terrible about this loss, but I hate being shut out, and I hate it when the Yankees only manage 2 hits.  It isn’t fun.

    The May Edition

    The April Edition

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    1. Raf
      July 1st, 2010 | 12:45 pm

      Nice recap, thanks!

    2. MJ Recanati
      July 1st, 2010 | 1:13 pm

      Jeteupthemiddle Allie wrote:

      The draft took place this month. Analysts were stunned with the Yankees choice of Cito Culver, a high school shortstop. I can’t pretend I know enough about any of the players to really comment. He has been assigned to play for the Gulf Coast Yankees.

      Cito Culver is at .333/.350/.683 through his first five games as a pro ballplayer. It doesn’t mean much but it’s nice to see him start off hot, anyways.

      As for the rest of the class of 2010 draftees, some have signed and are in the system, some are playing in the Cape Cod League trying to increase their bonus leverage with strong performances and some are just out there waiting to be signed.

      I assume very little will happen between now and the week before the signing deadline but that once we get into the 2nd week of August, several of our draftees will be signed and brought into the mix.

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