• Yankees Winning Streaks This Season

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    Here they are:

    Strk Start End Games Opp
    2010-07-03 2010-07-09 7 TOR,OAK,SEA
    2010-05-02 2010-05-08 6 CHW,BAL,BOS
    2010-04-15 2010-04-21 6 LAA,TEX,OAK
    2010-05-30 2010-06-03 5 CLE,BAL
    2010-06-11 2010-06-15 4 HOU,PHI
    2010-06-22 2010-06-25 3 ARI,LAD
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    Generated 7/10/2010.


    So, in games outside these winning streaks, New York is 24-31 this season, to date.

    Oakland and Baltimore are parts of two of these streaks. And, we see Cleveland, Arizona and Houston in parts of others. Thank goodness for these bad teams, eh?

    Comments on Yankees Winning Streaks This Season

    1. MJ Recanati
      July 10th, 2010 | 4:45 pm

      So what you’re saying is that the Yanks are a sub-.500 team when they’re not peeling off winning streaks. Yep, gotta hate those winning streaks; they’re just a smokescreen for how bad a team is.

    2. Scout
      July 10th, 2010 | 5:02 pm

      Readibng this post was a deja vu experience. Steve, I am sure you wrote somethign very much like this last year.

    3. Scout
      July 10th, 2010 | 5:04 pm

      @ Scout:

      Sorry for hitting the submit key before proofing. Should be:

      Reading this post was a deja vu experience. Steve, I am sure you wrote something very much like this last year.

    4. July 10th, 2010 | 7:06 pm

      FWIW, my point here is that sans 4 short streaks where the Yankees beat up against some really crappy teams, New York has just about been a .500 team this season…that’s all. And, related, don’t let the illusion of their overall record, which is inflated because of these streaks, fool you. They haven’t played well against good teams this year and they haven’t played consistently well at all.

      Yes, they’re in first and have one of the best records in the game. But, that’s more a product of Boston’s injuries, Tampa’s slump, and several soft spots in the Yankees schedule where they made hay.

      Don’t agree? That’s fine. Show me the stats that say the Yankees have played consistently well and have done well when playing teams who are very good this year.

    5. Evan3457
      July 10th, 2010 | 9:55 pm

      Steve Lombardi wrote:

      Show me the stats that say the Yankees have played consistently well and have done well when playing teams who are very good this year.

      Riddled with the same logical flaws as when you made the same arguments at the same point (and other points) last season.

      1) First of all, 1/3 of the games won in these 6 streaks (and the term “streaks” is very loose here, when talking about streaks of 3 and 4 games) were won against the “good” teams.

      2) Second of all, the Yankees are 23-18 against good teams, 91-71 pace (good teams being defined as a team with a WPCT over .500).

      3) Third of all, you define Tampa as a good team for the purposes of citing the Yanks 2-3 record against them, but then you discount Tampa as being the victim of a slump, whereas any Yankee slumps are considered evidence that they’re not as good as their record. On the other hand, you cite Boston as a good team, discounting their recent poor play as due to being riddled with injuries, but ignore that the Yanks were 5-3 against Boston before most of the injuries set in. Ahh, but the Red Sox were slumping then, so those eight games still don’t count.

      4) Fourth of all, as has been pointed out many, many times to you (by me alone), that’s what good teams do. They play .500 or a little better against the good teams, and crush the bad ones. That IS the mark of the good team. They don’t play .600 ball against all comers. They play .500-.550 ball against the good teams, and .650-.700 ball against the bad ones.

      Take the Rays. The Rays are a GOOD team, right? Well, they’re 23-17 against teams over .500. That’s all of 1/2 game better than the Yanks record against the good teams. And if you’re discounting the Red Sox because of their injuries, shouldn’t the Rays sweep of the Sox this past week also get discounted?

      Take the Red Sox. The Red Sox are 27-23 against the good teams.
      Take the White Sox. The White Sox are 20-17 against the good teams.
      Take the Rangers. The Rangers are 13-19 against the good teams.
      Take the Tigers. The Tigers are 19-19 against the good teams.
      Take the Braves. The Braves are 23-25 against the good teams.
      Take the Mets. 26-21.
      Take the Reds. 17-21.
      Take the Cards. 18-23.
      Take the Padres. 23-22.
      Take the Rockies. 25-18. Best record of the bunch, complied mostly against the Padres and Giants, their divisional rivals; 13-7 against them, 12-11 against all other good teams. And still only 2 games better than the Yankees record against the good teams.

      Show me the team that’s proved it’s a good team by dominating other good teams. There isn’t one.

      Steve Lombardi wrote:

      Show me the stats that say the Yankees have played consistently well and have done well when playing teams who are very good this year.

      I can’t. Not because the Yankees aren’t a good team, but because by this standard, there’s not a single good team in all of Major League Baseball.

      Let’s back off this and run at it from another direction…

      Who IS a good team this season?

      Is it the Twins? Nope; they’re only 4 games over, and the Yanks ALWAYS beat the Twins, and the Twins have played poorly for quite awhile now since their hot start.

      Is is the Angels? Well, they’re 5 games over and about 5 games out, but they have a good record vs. the Yanks and they’re always in the race. OK, we’ll count the Angels. Yanks are 3-3 against the Angels.

      Is it the Phillies? Well, they’re only 5 games over and 6 games out, but they’re two-time NL Champs, and besides, they came into the Stadium and beat the Yanks 2 out of 3. Besides, they’re only 5 games over because they’ve had big-time injuries the whole season. OK, we’ll count the Phillies.

      Is it the Mets? No, not really. Mets were lousy last year, and they’re waiting to collapse. Mets are 8 games over, but you can’t take them seriously, they have R.A. Dickey in their rotation. The Mets don’t count.

      Is it the Dodgers? On the surface, it would seem so, they’re 10 games over and only 2 games out in the NL West. But they have a weak rotation, and Broxton, their closer, is obviously overrated. Torre is doing miracles holding them together. The Dodgers don’t count.

      Is it the White Sox? The Yanks played them earlier in the year, but the Yanks caught them before they came together as a team. They’re playing so much better now…no, we can’t count that series. We’ll count the series the Yanks play in Chicago in late August.

      Is it the Tigers? Sure it is. They’re in first place, and their pitching shut the Yankees down cold in Detroit. THAT’S the mark of the good team.

      Is it the Red Sox? It would be, but they’re so banged up by injuries now, they’ll likely be out of the race by the end of the month, before they get everyone back. We can’t count the Red Sox.

      Is it the Rays? Of course it is. They got off to that juggernaut start, survived the big slump, and are coming back strong. They’re for real. The Yanks are 2-3 against them.

      Is it the Rangers? Well…no, and yes. When the Yanks played them in April, they were staggering, not really sure of who they are. But they’ve been playing brilliantly for the last month. In addition, now that they’ve added Lee, so they’re going to be tough down the stretch. Therefore, we won’t count the series against them April at the Stadium, but we WILL count the 5 games the Yanks play in Arlington in August and September.

      Well, there you have it. When you distill the first 86 games of this season down the MOST ESSENTIAL GAMES against the REALLY REALLY BESTEST TEAMS, the Yanks’ record is a lousy 7-11, a brutal 63-99 pace. When it really counts, the Yanks are a 100-loss team. They’re lucky they’re not fighting the Orioles for 5th.

      Oh, one last thing:

      Yes, they’re in first and have one of the best records in the game.

      No, Steve. THE best record in the game; 3 games better than anyone else, and an AVERAGE 5.5 games better than the leaders of the other 5 divisions in baseball.

      They have the best run differential in the game.

      The have the highest DER.

      They have the highest 3rd-order WPCT (Winning Pct adjusted for luck in distribution of runs and runs allowed, adjusted for luck in stranding runners both on offense and defense, and adjusted for quality of opponents.).

      In spite of playing mostly weak teams for a month now, they have the highest ELO (strength of team based on head to head games with all opponents) rating.

      Wanna make the cutoff at .525? They’re 22-19.
      Make it at .550? They’re 15-11.
      Make it at .575? They’re 10-6.
      Make it at .600?

      Ah, well there you have me. They’re only 2-3 against teams playing .600 ball or better. That is, they’re 2-3 against the Rays.

      Now, if you want to make that the standard of measure as to whether the Yanks are good enough, then you’re saying the Yanks aren’t a good team because they dropped 2 games to the Rays at the Stadium back in May. When the Yankees were without Posada. And Granderson. And Swisher.

      How irrationally simplistic is that?

    6. jay
      July 10th, 2010 | 10:03 pm

      Come on guys, this is simple: If you don’t count all the games that the Yankees won, their record is terrible.

      This is a weekly post by Steve. This site never ceases to amuse and entertain. Keep ’em coming!

    7. 77yankees
      July 10th, 2010 | 10:15 pm

      Seriously, this is not college football, where Florida can schedule home games against North Dakota State & Central Iowa A&M. The Yankees do not decide who/when/where they play on their schedule.

      And why should the Yankees have a guilt complex. If Brad Pitt, i.e. walked into a singles place and was swarmed by women, would he care about the guy at the bar who had drinks thrown in his face by three of those women? No!!!

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