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    Frank Messer, Phil Rizzuto and Jerry Coleman made up the Yankee play by play team in 1969.  Why do I bring this up? Well, Bill White was discussed earlier in the day in a post done by Steve.   Bill of course joined the broadcast team of Messer and Rizzuto in 1971, so we have a slight continuity problem, who was the third man in 1970?  Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you the sad tale of a man named Bob Gamere.

    Bob was barely 30 years of age when he signed on for the 1970 season as the third man in the booth.  Before “burn baby burn”, before “AROD has just hit an ABOMB”, there was “see you later Danny Cater” the home run call for the Yankees first baseman at the time.  It was a Gamere creation (and not exactly overused, Cater only hit 6 homers all year).  Gamere had another one used from time to time, when a Yankee reliever started warming up he would give his name (let’s say it was Jack Aker),  he’d say “Aker is throwing up in the bullpen”.  With material like that it should come as no surprise he was let go after the 1970 season. 

    Gamere did not go gently into that good night emerging in 1973 as the host of a local show in the Boston area known as “Candlepins for Cash”.  Candlepin Bowling is a variation of 10 pin, these type shows were popular in the 1970’s, Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy hosted a show of this type on Channel 9.  Gamere’s show had a very nice 7 year run (1973-1980) which he then parlayed into a sports anchor position on a local TV station in Massachusetts.  Bob was let go after he ran into some legal trouble (sorted to say the least) and reinvented himself again hosting a radio sports talk show. 

    The name “Great Gamere” followed in the 90’s as Bob became a football betting expert.  His ad’s ran in the Post and News (I own Monday Night Football  1 (900) etc kind of stuff).  As that business concluded in the early years of the 21st Century, Bob found himself in more serious trouble this time with the Feds.  Bob was charged in October 2008 with using his home computer to send emails with child pornography videos attached!   I’ll save you the rest of the very sorted details.  Bob pleaded out in September 2009 and was sentenced at the beginning of 2010 to 5 years in prison, plus after his prison term ends, a lifetime term of supervised release. 

    It might interest fans to know it was none other than Howard Cosell who recommended Bill White to Mike Burke (Yankee President at the time) when Gamere was thankfully let go at the end of the 1970 baseball season.

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    1. elmer fudd
      July 25th, 2010 | 8:23 am

      The word is “sordid”, as in: Gamere sorted his SORDID

    2. elmer fudd
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    3. Raf
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    4. July 25th, 2010 | 11:47 am

      You got me, it was late when I wrote the story. Now I know how Pete Golenbock feels.

    5. bbtandn
      March 13th, 2018 | 3:45 pm

      “There’s a long fly ball to right field. If it’s fair, it’s gone. It’s right down the line…It’s a fair ball, it hit the foul pole. Bobby Murcer has hit his fourth homerun in a row, and third in this ballgame.” Gamere’s radio call of Murcer’s fourth consecutive homerun in a 1970 doubleheader against Cleveland.

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