• A Month In Review: The July Edition

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    I haven’t really been around much this summer, but I did want to get this post out there.

    Steve’s win expectancy this month was 16-10.

    July Record: 19-7  (vs. SEA, 1-o; vs. TOR, 2-1; @ OAK, 3-0; @ SEA, 3-1; vs. TB, 2-1; vs. LAA, 1-1; vs. KC, 3-1; @ CLE, 3-1; @ TB, 1-1)

    Season Standings: New York (66-37),  Tampa Bay (64-39), Boston (59-45), Toronto (54-50),  Baltimore (32-72)

    Team Offense: .810 OPS

    The Good:

    • Mark Teixeira-I have been waiting all year to be able to put Mark Teixeira on this list.  He has had an excellent July.  His OPS for the month is 1.160.  He has a line of .344/.462/.698 which is something much closer to what everyone expects from Teixeira.  His OPS+ for the season is 132.  The only Yankee regulars with a higher OPS+ are Robinson Cano (162) and Nick Swisher (147).  I’m not sure if this says more about Teixeira or the Yankee offense in general, but there you go.
    • Nick Swisher-You know, trading for Nick Swisher has to be one of the more lopsided trades for the Yankees in recent memory.  He is having yet another excellent season for the Yankees.  In July, he hit 7 home runs (though, considering the HR total, a shockingly low 16 RBIs), and had an OPS of 1.011.

    The Bad:

    • Derek Jeter-Le Sigh.  Another month of Derek Jeter on “The Bad” list.  His OPS for the month is .622.  Sadly, this is nearly 100 points lower than it was in his bad month of June.  For the first time since his 1995 season when he only played in 15 games, Jeter’s OPS+ is below 100 (98).  This is pretty much the opposite of how a contract year is supposed to go.  Still, considering Teixeira managed to turn his horrendous start into a good season, it is possible (probable?) for Jeter to turn his horrendous middle (and it wasn’t even as horrendous as Teixeira’s beginning) into a good season.
    • Brett Gardner-I don’t know about anyone else, but I am pleasantly surprised about Gardner’s season as a Yankee.  I was hoping for a .350ish OBP, and I figured him to be playing about 5 days a week.  Well, at the moment he is hanging onto a .396 OBP which is the fifth best mark in the American League.  That being said, he did have a difficult month of July.  Though he did get on base at a .375 clip, his batting average was .221 and his slugging was .338.

    The Stalled:

    • Alex Rodriguez-Mr. Rodriguez has been stalled at 599 home runs since July 22.  Interesting sidebar, I happened to notice yesterday that mlb.com streams every Arod at bat as we wait for 600.  Even more interesting, the online feed was ahead of my TV.

    Team Pitching: 3.46 ERA

    Seriously, it is no wonder the Yankees had such a terrific month of July.  Their team OPS was up nearly 100 points and their team ERA was down more than half a run.

    The Good:

    • A.J. Burnett-Burnett bounced back with a vengeance from his horrid month of June to post a 2.00 ERA for the month of July.  He is 3-1 during his five starts this month.  In three of the five starts, Burnett didn’t give up any runs.   His one hiccup coming from his July 17 start when he gave up 4 runs, but had to leave the game after 2 innings because he cut his hand throwing a temper tantrum.
    • Mariano Rivera-Rivera showed us that he is GASP human on July 4 when he allowed a single run and was credited with a blown save for the game.  On second thought, I don’t think it proves he is human after all.  It was the only run he gave up for the entire month.  He had the same number of strikeouts as hits given up.  He once again didn’t walk anyone.  His ERA in July was .96.  His ERA for the season is .93.  Mariano Rivera is having his best season ever.  His ERA+ is 438!
    • CC Sabathia-If it wasn’t The Year of the Pitcher, Sabathia would probably be vying for the Cy Young this year.  Sabathia’s 3.15 ERA is just the 23rd best ERA in baseball.  It is the ninth best in the American League.  For July, Sabathia went 5-1 in his six starts and posted a 2.30 ERA.
    • David Robertson-Robertson seemed to have turned his season around.  He entered July with a 6.15 ERA, and he left it with a 4.42 ERA.  It certainly seems that he is Girardi’s current go to pitcher in high leverage situations that aren’t Mariano Rivera situations.

    The Bad:

    • Joba Chamberlain-Joba is having a very bad season.  So bad, that his set-up spot has basically been taken away from him…well maybe not completely taken from him, but Girardi seems to be more hesitant to go to him in a big spot.  In July, batters have an OPS of .834 against Chamberlain.  This has added up to an ERA of 6.39.
    • Phil Hughes-Hughes has really been struggling for the past 2 months.  This month, his ERA was 5.52.  Only 2 of his starts would be labeled as a quality start.  This does not include the runs he gave up during the All Star Game where he was the losing pitcher for the American League.

    The Injured:

    • Andy Pettitte-Pettitte’s excellent 2010 campaign is currently paused after he strained his groin.  Chad Jennings is reporting that Pettitte is about a week ahead of schedule for his return, so that’s good.
    • Sergio Mitre-Mitre was activated on July 24.  He did not have a good start for Andy Pettitte on that day, but I think he can help the bullpen, but maybe I am just being extra optimistic.

    The Trade Deadline:

    Maybe I am wrong, but it certainly seems to me that more moves have been made this year involving big time players than in previous years.  This year, the Yankees made 3 trades to upgrade the team.  The upgrades are minor, but I think they are still upgrades.

    • Lance Berkman-Heading to the Astros for Berkman was Jimmy Paredes and Mark Melancon.  The Astros also apparently sent money to the Yankees.
    • Austin Kearns-Cleveland is receiving a player to be named for Kearns.  With the Yankees, Kearns is a right handed option when the Yankees face lefties.
    • Kerry Wood-The Indians also traded Kerry Wood to the Yankees for a player to be named or cash.  To me this a low risk potential high reward type of trade.  It also meant Chan Ho Park was designated for assignment.


    Highlight-July 31, 2010. The Yankees won 19 games this month, but none of them seemed to be exceedingly exciting, so  I will go with last night’s win.  Robinson Cano is clearly the MVP of the Yankees this season.  He showed again why last night when he hit the go-ahead home run in the 9th inning.  This win was extra fun because if the Yankees lost, they would have been tied in the AL East with the Rays for first place.  Now the Yankees have their 2 game lead back and are guaranteed to leave Tampa in first place.

    Lowlight- July 2, 2010. On this day, A.J. Burnett was finally pitching well.  He shut out the Mariners and was clinging to a 1-0 lead when he left the game.  He was in line for the win when Joba came in and blew the save.  David Robertson came in and made it worse.  The Yankees lost this game 6-1.

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