• August 7th Vs. The Red Sox

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    CC Sabathia was fantastic in this one. Aside from the 2nd inning where the heart of Boston’s order tagged CC for 3 straight extra base hits, the Red Sox couldn’t do much  to support their cause against the big man. It was Sabathia’s 150th win of his career. Does he have a legitimate shot at 300? If he maintains the same pace of wins over the next 10 years (which would make him 39 years old), he’d have it. I wouldn’t bet on it, but I certainly think it’s possible. And they said that nobody would even approach 300 wins after Johnson got it.

    I’m not sure if Posada’s body is barking or if he’s just in the midst of a slump. Ribbie single in this game aside, he’s not getting it done at the plate lately. In his last 36 plate appearances, spanning 10 games, Posada is hitting only .176/.222/.206 with 1 extra base hit. Unfortunately, the guy who could take Posada’s spot, Berkman, is also in the midst of a tough transition to the AL East. Luckily, Cano doesn’t seem to need the protection as he’s had his second multi-hit game in a row (6 for his last 12 overall).

    Speaking of Berkman, save the hot shots for the game, OK? That had to have been the hardest he’s hit the ball in pinstripes and it happens to find A-Rod. At least it appears that A-Rod is fine.

    Boston’s prize offseason pitching acquisition is having a season much like Cashman’s offseason pitching acquisition, huh? Cashman is the teflon GM, but Epstein is the model for what GM’s should try to be. Not sure how that works (especially considering the contract Lackey is signed to vs. what we’re on the hook for with Vazquez).

    I wonder if the current PED testing SOP was around for Rivera’s entire career, if his numbers would look like this year in and year out. He can’t be getting better, it just goes against nature. Regardless, Rivera tossed another perfect inning bringing his season ERA down to 0.89(!!) and his WHIP down to 0.615(!!!!). He’s so good that when he retires, mlb should retire the song “Enter Sandman”. Noone puts ’em to sleep like Mo.

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    1. YankCrank
      August 8th, 2010 | 11:12 am

      If you weren’t paying attention, or if you were blinking too fast, you may have missed Curtis Granderson actually doing something.

      Two hits, two runs…i’ll take it.

    2. Corey Italiano
      August 8th, 2010 | 11:37 am

      @ YankCrank:
      You almost forget how fast the dude is since he’s having a bad year.

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