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    Anyone who’s played baseball has had an injury like Teixeira’s, and you know how truly painful it can be. I’m hoping that all he needs is a handful of days of ice and rest. That leaves quite the hole in the lineup with the team’s 3 and 4 hole hitters out. At this point, it almost forces this Yankee fan to root for the Rays tonight. Anything to drive down that magic number.

    The other story in this game was obviously the offense. Eduardo Nunez had the best game of his young career. His night included 3 hits featuring his first career homer and his first career stolen base. Cano added 3 hits, Posada was on base 4 times, Swisher added his second homer in as many at bats and Marcus Thames continued to tattoo the ball.

    Marcus Thames hit 2 blasts, one off of a lefty and the other off a righty. In his last 3 GS, Thames has hit 4 homers. With Teixeira and A-Rod out, you have to keep Thames in the lineup against Floyd today. I know day game after night game, Posada should get the half day off and DH, but you need to put as many hot bats in the lineup as you can. You’re just giving games away, otherwise.

    I know Singleton and Kay kept talking about the ball jumping out of the park to LF, and they were right, but the Yankee pitching was pretty bad last night (sans MO). Sabathia gave up 5 runs in the first 4 innings including homers to both Konerko and Andruw Jones. Man, Jones ALWAYS hits Yankee pitching.

    Joba came in and was throwing gas, but Jones tagged him for a double with Carlos Quintin on first. That double I put blame on Posada. Posada, over the course of 9 pitches and 3 hitters, did not go inside once. Nothing but outside sliders and fastballs. Jones was looking for the fast ball out over the plate and it doesn’t matter that it’s 99 MPH when you know it’s coming and it’s straight.

    Robertson also had nothing out there, giving up a homer to Alexei Ramirez and allowing Rios to score after a gift triple. In a game that Mo had no business entering, he came in and relieved Robertson earning his 26th save of the year. At least it wasn’t a total waste of Mo, as he needed to get some work in having not pitched in a week. I know I say it every time Mo pitches, but it amazes me that he’s having his finest season at the age of 40.

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    1. Corey Italiano
      August 29th, 2010 | 11:40 am

      Thinking about Teixeira’s injury really makes me go back to my catching days. There was a great deal of pain in having a pitcher pop your thumb and then continue to catch and hit. The best course of action is to rest him, and I hope they don’t get him back in there before he’s ready.

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