• A Month In Review: The August Edition

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    I can not believe that Labor Day is just 5 short days away.  I am heading back to work in just 6 short days.  I feel like summer just started.

    Steve Lombardi expected the Yankees to have am 18-11 record for the month of August.

    August Record: 16-13 (@ TB, 0-1; vs. TOR, 1-2; vs. BOS, 2-1; @ TEX, 1-1; @ KC, 2-2; vs. DET, 3-1; vs. SEA, 2-1; @ TOR, 1-2; @ CWS, 2-1; vs. OAK, 2-0)

    Season Standings: New York (82-50),  Tampa Bay (81-51),  Boston (74-58),  Toronto (69-63),  Baltimore (49-83)

    Team Offense: .794 OPS

    The Good:

    • Mark Teixeira-After having an abysmal April, and an awful May, Teixeira has bounced back with a vengeance.  His July was spectacular, and for the month of August, he has posted an OPS of .983.  A lot of that coming from his .629 slugging percentage that stems from 15 extra base hits including 9 home runs.  Part of me wants to argue that Teixeira has been the Yankees MVP for the 2010 season, but I’m not sure if one can realistically make that case if he didn’t perform for the first 8-10 weeks of the season.
    • Marcus Thames-Arod’s loss is Thames’ gain.  He has been an absolute beast this August.  He has a .344 batting average and seems to be homering every day.  Okay, so a ball he has hit only cleared the fence 7 times this month, but he has homered at least once in 5 of his last 7 games.

    The Bad:

    • Derek Jeter-This is easily Jeter’s worst year of his career.  I doubt very much it’ll effect his payday coming this offseason (my guess, Jeter never sees free agency and gets 4 years $80M), but it is certainly hurting the 2010 offense…at least the top of the offense.  With the way Teixeira and Cano have been hitting, I wonder how many RBIs they would have right now if Jeter was getting on base at a clip close to his career norms.  For August, he is batting .239/.318/.333.  At least his slugging is higher than his OBP?
    • Brett Gardner-For the month of August, Gardner only has a .677 OPS.  He also has 25 strikeouts in 29 games.  I will say, however, that he seems to have come around as the month came to a close.  Since August 25, Gardner has a .400 batting average and an OPS of 1.021.

    The Injured

    • Lance Berkman was hanging out on the DL after spraining his ankle while tripping over first base.  I suppose this has been a rather disappointing trade so far.

    The Call Ups

    • September 1 marks the time of year when rosters expand.  The offensive players who have been added to the roster for the remainder of the year are Greg Golson, a center fielder, and Chad Moeller, a catcher.

    Team Pitching: 3.98 ERA

    The Good:

    • CC Sabathia-For the month of August, Sabathia managed to go 5-1 with a 3.12 ERA.  He has also overtaken the league lead for wins and currently has 18 for the season.  Back in the July Edition I said that Sabathia would be vying for the Cy Young award this year if it wasn’t The Year of the Pitcher.  Well now for the month of August, I have decided that his numbers are damn good this year and he could possibly win it anyway.  For the year he has a 3.14 ERA.  According to ESPN’s Cy Predictor, Sabathia is the leader for the award by a good 20 points (though, I readily admit I don’t know how accurate this predictor has been in the past, but it is still fun to look at).
    • Joba Chamberlain-Joba had a very good August, though my Joba standards may be down based on how he has pitched for the first half of the 2010 season.  For August, however, Chamberlain’s ERA is 2.25.  He only had one bad outing on August 28 where he went .1 innings and gave up 2 earned runs.
    • Kerry Wood-Unlike Lance Berkman, this was an excellent upgrade at the July trade deadline.  For the Yankees, Wood has appeared in 11 games and only allowed a run in one of them.  Overall, his ERA is 0.71.  And in actuality, I think the bullpen has finally stabilized itself and is once again a strength for the Yankees.  I believe that Kerry Wood has a lot to do with that stabilization.
    • David Robertson-He did have an atrocious outing on August 28 when he couldn’t record even 1 out, but other than that he had a spectacular August posting a 2.70 ERA.  He has also taken hold of the set up man role, though Joba may have taken it back, I’m not too positive.

    The Bad:

    • AJ Burnett-Burnett’s bounce back July may have been an optical illusion.  He wasn’t June bad, but he was bad enough.  Burnett posted a 7.80 ERA and had an 0-4 record.  The Yankees lost all 5 games he started for the month.  Teams are batting well over .300 against him.  Hopefully a new month will mean a new Burnett?
    • Javier Vazquez-Vazquez had an ERA of 5.96 this month.  He also lost his starting job in favor of Nova (who has been good, but I chose not to include him because it was only for 2 starts).  I do feel the need to point out however, that Vazquez’s last 2 appearances have been in the long relief variety and he performed admirably in both.  He is getting his starting spot back on Saturday.

    The Injured

    • Andy Pettitte through a bullpen session today where he threw 55 pitches.  He is expected back in the middle of September.  Hopefully when he returns he will be just as good as when he left.

    The Call Ups

    • Jonathan Albaladejo is the sole Yankee pitcher who was called up when rosters expanded today.  He has had an excellent year as the closer in Scranton.  Hopefully his time with the Yankees this stint will be better than his previous ones.


    Highlight-August 4, 2010. After what seemed like forever, Alex Rodriguez hits his 600th home run.

    Lowlight-August 20, 2010. I can’t remember a game that was particularly heartbreaking, but losing 6-0 against the Mariners was not fun.

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    Comments on A Month In Review: The August Edition

    1. INAC
      September 1st, 2010 | 10:21 pm

      This may not be the best place to say it, but I’ll patiently await Steve’s impending post where he talks about how the Yankees are loading up on the A’s, and uses that against the Yankees record, in conjunction with citing the Yankees’ record against Baltimore, KC, Cleveland, and Seattle. Probably Houston and Arizona too.

    2. September 1st, 2010 | 11:00 pm

      @ INAC: Why do I have to say it if you already know it?

      BTW, kudos to Allie for these monthly recaps. They rock!

    3. Evan3457
      September 2nd, 2010 | 12:47 am

      A’s are two games under.

      They’re five games over when not playing the Yankees.

    4. INAC
      September 2nd, 2010 | 3:48 pm

      @ Steve Lombardi:

      It was in jest, though for any instance where you do put up posts like that in the future, remember the run the Cardinals just had.

      Hanging on by a thread in the NL Central, and they had a 10 game trip of Pittsburgh, Washington, and Houston coming up. Three terrible ballclubs.

      And St. Louis mustered up a lousy 2-8 record, effectively ending their divisional chances.

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