• September 4th Vs. The Blue Jays

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    Clearly, someone didn’t hide Thames’ glove well enough. Good thing it didn’t cost them this game.

    As much as I preach against Thames patrolling any portion of the outfield, I preach for his name to be consistently in the line up until this hot streak is over. That’s now 7 homers in his last 9 game started. That’s good for a slugging % of .943 in his last 35 at bats. Insane.

    As far as the Javy Vazquez early yanking goes, I think Girardi was half right. The reason I say half right is, at the moment it looked like Javy was about to lose it on the mound after a tough day on the hill overall. So while I agree  with the pitching change, I don’t agree with who was selected to relieve Vazquez. I’m sorry, Mosely while not killing us overall, is just not the pitcher Vazquez is. If he was, he’d have been starting the game in the first place. You want to go to David Robertson for the strikeout? Sign me up. Want to see what Joba can do in a non-8th innings high leverage situation? Go for it. But when it comes to Mosely, I’d rather have seen Javy try to wiggle out of it.

    With 26 to go, the Yankees have a 2.5 team game lead on Tampa and a 10 game lead on Boston. The Yankees have 86 wins and, aside from Tampa, there isn’t a single team with 80 wins. All of this without a typical A-Rod breakout month all year. He could return today, hopefully he can catch fire the rest of the way.

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