• September 11th @ The Rangers

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    Mets fans couldn’t have written a better ending to this game. The Yankees lose, Frenchy gets hit by a pitch. So rather than focus on this miserably long game and it’s results, let’s try to look at some positives. This game didn’t matter much, after all.

    – This might have been the least amount of command I’ve ever seen Mo have. He didn’t really have an idea where his 2 seamer was going, and in the end that’s what got him. Perhaps it was fatigue, having thrown 2 innings on Friday night. If Mo is on the top of his game, the Yankees win.

    – Berkman has been hitting like his former self since his DL stint. He’s hitting .500 (11-22) over his last 26 plate appearances. This is exactly what you want going into the playoffs.

    – Speaking of hitter’s last 26 plate appearances since coming off the DL, A-Rod his hitting .429 (9-22) with 3 XBH. We’ve seen what a hot A-Rod can do in the playoffs, and hopefully he can carry this team to number 28.

    – As little faith as I have in Cervelli’s bat, he’s actually been quite hot as of late. In his last 28 PA, Cervelli is hitting .500/.667/.667. He’s getting hot at the right time, knowing that he might have to catch a couple of games in the playoffs.

    – To round out the lineup, Granderson is hitting .294/.385/.618 in his last 11 games (39 plate appearances) with 5 XBH. Teixeira in his last 12 games (54 PA) is hitting .333/.481/.548 with 5 XBH which actually includes an 0 for 7 Friday night. With 4 hot regulars streaking their way into October, I feel good about the Yankees chances.

    – Kerry Wood has emerged as the bridge to Mariano with his .48 ERA since coming to the Yanks (18.2 innings, 20 K’s)

    – Chad Gaudin shouldn’t pitch much, if at all, in the playoffs.

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    1. redbug
      September 12th, 2010 | 11:49 am

      Can’t say a thing on the rare occassion Mo blows a game.

      My only question is why Girardi used Mo for 2 innings on Fri night. It was not a must win. Last night wasn’t either. I know he only threw 23 pitches on Fri but it was 2 innings.

    2. Corey Italiano
      September 12th, 2010 | 11:53 am

      redbug wrote:

      My only question is why Girardi used Mo for 2 innings on Fri night.

      My only guess would be to get his arm used to doing such things in the playoffs. He hasn’t had that kind of work load all year.

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