• PHOTO ESSAY: Cooperstown, N.Y. – 2010 [Part 1]

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    My family (meaning my wife, 8-year old daughter, 6-year old son and I) decided to visit Cooperstown, New York, this past Saturday and Sunday. It’s becoming a somewhat ritual thing for us – as this was our fourth visit there in the last seven years. And, this is almost to the day – since our first visit there, as a family, was on September 14, 2003.  (While my son was not born then, yet, we like to joke and say that he made that trip – as my wife was expecting with him at that time.)

    Besides being the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown – the place – is beautiful. It’s small town, quaint and tranquil. Many of the homes and buildings there date back to the 1800’s. To say it’s easy on the eyes is an understatement. In fact, it’s easy on the soul, period.

    I’ve decided to share some pictures of our trip – and I am going to break them down in installments. We’ll start with pictures of the town, move on to some scenes from Doubleday Field, then things to be seen in the museum, followed by some shots of Otsego Lake, and, will close with some plaque snapshots from the Hall.


    Here are some of the sights around Main Street in Cooperstown.
    Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

    Residence on Fair Street, Cooperstown, NY

    Side view of residence on Fair Street, Cooperstown NY

    Home on the corner of Fair & Main Streets, Cooperstown NY

    Corner of Pioneer Street, north of Main St., Cooperstown NY

    North side of Main Street, west of Pioneer Street, Cooperstown NY

    Building on north side of Main Street of Cooperstown, NY - Built in 1862

    Shops on the north side of Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    Tavern and shops on Pioneer Street, south of Main St., Cooperstown NY

    South side of Main Street, west of Pioneer St., Cooperstown NY

    South side of Main Street, between Pioneer Street & Doubleday Court, Cooperstown NY

    Top of former First National Bank, now Baseball Wax Museum, Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    Sign on Main Street, by Doubleday Court, Cooperstown NY

    South side of Main Street, west of Doubleday Ct., Cooperstown NY

    Converted Smalley's Theatre Main Street, between Doubleday Ct. and Chestnut St., Cooperstown NY

    Trolley heads down Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    View heading east on Main Street, Cooperstown NY, via Trolley ride.

    Building from 1876 on the corner of Main Street & Hoffman Lane, Cooperstown NY

    Post Office, Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    Wilber National Bank Building, Est. 1874, Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    Cooperstown Village Library, Est. 1797, Main St., Cooperstown NY

    Clark Building, Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    Baseball Hall of Fame Offices, Main Street - Built 1889 & Rebuilt 1929, Cooperstown NY

    View of Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum from front side, Main Street, Cooperstown NY

    Front of Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, Main St., Cooperstown NY

    Entrance of Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, Cooperstown NY

    James Fenimore Cooper Statue, Cooper Park, Cooperstown NY

    Johnny Podres Statue in courtyard next to Hall of Fame & Cooper Park, Cooperstown NY

    Roy Campanella Statue in courtyard next to Hall of Fame & Cooper Park, Cooperstown NY

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