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    I was listening to a bit of Mike Francesa this afternoon the topic at the time, Jerry Manuel, Joe Girardi, and last but not least Joe Torre.

    As we know Joe will no longer be the Dodger manager and at the age of 70 wants to continue to manage!   We can reasonably assume Jerry Manuel will be fired at the end of next week (if not sooner) by the Mets.  Joe Girardi (according to the Francesa speculation) might want to go home and manage the Cubs, leaving two New York teams potentially looking for a manager.  Starting to get the picture.

    Question One,  If  Girardi were to leave should the Yankees consider Torre?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t hire a 70 year old Torre to manage the Yankees.  I don’t think Cashman wants any part of  Torre,  so I see no real chance of Torre returning.

    Question Two,  Should the Mets consider Torre and should Torre consider the Mets?

    The Mets need to make something happen but I doubt the Met fans will buy into the Torre  routine for very long if the team doesn’t make the playoffs, and to do that they need talent.  The Mets would be better off spending on free agents (Lee for example).  I think Torre would take the job if offered  but I have a feeling the Mets won’t  offer (just a hunch).  I see Wally Backman getting the job.

    Question Three,  Will Girardi leave the Yankees?

    I think he might especially if he wins the World Series again, Girardi might be able to  get a five year deal out of the Cubs and I don’t think the Yankees will match the offer.  I think there is certainly a chance of Girardi winding up with the Cubs, and Girardi might see a day in the not to distant future where the Yanks  have to do some rebuilding lasting over several seasons.  I hope Girardi returns, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.  I wouldn’t have said that a month ago.

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