• September 24th Vs. The Red Sox

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    With one or two different decisions by Girardi, this game could have been won.

    Girardi left Pettitte in way too long (which was done on purpose so that he could get somewhat close to 90 pitches). I wonder if Andy had a fever, because he was sweating a lot. I don’t recall ever seeing him dripping like that. Then when Girardi couldn’t let Pettitte get hit anymore, he went to the very back of the bullpen (Albaladejo is just terrible, and they’re lucky that Mitre didn’t give up any runs).

    At 10-1 with Mitre coming in, I thought the Yankees would just roll over. This just wasn’t the case as they homered their way to make it really close at the end. That’s pretty encouraging. I can’t lie, party of me thought they’d do it…especially after the Tex message to  Papelbon. But, 9 runs ended up being too big of a lead and I found myself cursing Girardi for putting Albaladejo in and leaving Andy in way too long. Just gotta remind yourself that these games don’t matter and that they’re being managed as such.

    Weeks ago, it looked like A-Rod had a very slim chance at finishing the year with 30 homers. Now with a week left and 3 homers to go, he has a very legitimate shot at doing it. Especially with the way he’s swinging the bat lately: .333/.405/.651 in September with 6 homers in 74 plate appearances.

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