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    This was a strange game for me because I was in the car driving home from Boston.  Although I was able to pick up AM 880 all the way up in the so-called Red Sox Nation, the reception was fuzzy enough that I opted for the Boston feed of the game.  Then, somewhere just south of Hartford, CT, I switched stations so I could get the more familiar sounds of Sterling and Suzyn.

    There’s really not much to talk about in terms of the game.  The Yanks lost 8-4 and thus conceded the division title to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Making the playoffs and having a chance to repeat as champions is great but a part of me definitely feels like it’s “only” the Wild Card.  While I understand the whole “losing the battle to win the war” line that Girardi was feeding to anyone that would listen, I’ll never stop wondering if things could’ve been handled differently.

    Anyway, that’s 162 games in the books, folks.  The Yanks are back in the playoffs and open in Minneapolis on Wednesday night.

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      October 4th, 2010 | 12:53 pm

      In my mind there were easily 10 games that the Yankees could have won in the second half of the year where they had two or three chances (in each of these games) to come up with just one clutch hit. A disproportionate number of those seemed to fall on DJ’s shoulders. Too many ended up as DP’s or nubbers to short. If only half of those 20-30 chances click, we win ~ 100 games and have homefield for the AL series. That would have happened despite AJ falling apart, despite Javy channeling Javy from the second half of 2004, despite shaky D behind the plate, Mo not being perfect, assorted nicks and injuries, Andy missing 2 months, and the normal ups and downs, bad calls, bad bounces, etc… that occur in each game and each series. So I distill it down to this, in the toughest division in baseball, we came within one game of having the best record… If Jeter plays something like the post-season Jeter of the past (call it a .300BA, a homer or two, a stolen base or two and an OBP arund .380) and CC, Hughes and Andy can keep us in games, we can play with any of the 8 teams left in the discussion.

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