• Giant Oddities & Ryan Hopes

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    The Giants have  appeared in the fall classic only four times since their arrival on the West Coast in 1958.   Each appearance has been a first or  last of  one sort or another.

    In 1962 the Giants took on the Yankees in what you might consider to be  a farewell to a golden era series.  The teams, long time subway series rivals, were meeting for the first time since the Giants moved away.   The Yankee victory in a thrilling series marked the final championship  in a run that started for the Yankees forty years earlier with a victory against the Giants.

    The San Francisco Giants made their second series appearance in 1989, with BART  (Bay Area Rapid Transit) replacing the subway as  the two Bay Area teams squared off for the first time.  The series, which became known as the earthquake series, saw the Giants swept away by the A’s in four straight.

    2002 marked the third San Francisco Giant World Series appearance,  the opponent, and World Series winner,  the Anaheim Angels, in their first World Series appearance.  The Angels were one of the original expansion teams, and the second of that group to win a World Series.

    2010 the Giants find themselves once again battling a first time World Series team, the Texas Rangers, another of the original expansion teams.  And speaking of expansion teams…..

    Nolan Ryan has some rather odd points of interest on his resume.  In addition to being the last active player from the 1960’s to appear in a major league game, Ryan has spent his entire baseball life working for one of the four original expansion teams.  He played for the 1969 Mets(the Mets first championship team) , he was on the 79 Angels (the Angels first Western Division Championship), the 1980 Astros (the Astros first division championship) and now he is the President and co-owner of the first Ranger pennant winner).  I think it’s amazing that Nolan’s long and storied baseball career has been spent with these four clubs.

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