• Yankees Raise Ticket Prices

    Posted by on November 16th, 2010 · Comments (3)

    Via the AP

    The Yankees raised the prices of some of their most expensive tickets for next season after making big cuts in 2010, and they are increasing the cost of bleacher seats for the third time in 13 years. The price of the best field-level seats will rise to $260 as part of season-ticket plans, the team said. Those seats will cost $250 next season, down from $325 when the new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009. Seats that had been slashed to $235 from $325 will remain unchanged, as will many other seats in the field level. Toward the outfield, tickets that had been $100 will rise to $110, and tickets that had been $75 will go up to $80. Upper-deck ticket prices remain unchanged. Bleacher seats that had been $12 increase to $15, and $5 bleacher seats with obstructed views remain the same.

    I could make a joke here. And, I want to make one. But, seriously, how much extra revenue is this move going to generate for the Yankees and how much will that improve their overall revenue picture? Probably not a lot. It’s not as if this increase means they can sign Cliff Lee and without it they’d have to sell off some players. So, why bother with the increase at all? At this point, all it buys is bad P.R. – and do the Yankees really need that? Talk about being penny hungry and pound stupid.

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    1. Sayid J
      November 16th, 2010 | 12:28 am

      Come on, as if 100% of the Yankees revenues go to the players. What a silly thing to say. And that’s really what it is – silly. You can’t honestly believe that making more money is bad for the Yankees, whatever that might be? You can’t really think that because a few people wrote “OMG ticket price increase!!” articles today that this will still be a PR issue in a week?

      It’s almost as if the Yankees might have to pay employees that don’t include the players. Sure, this price increase won’t get them Cliff Lee, but it might pay for Kevin Long’s contract raise. It might pay for raises to the grounds crew. Maybe the pitching coach.

      Maybe you are just writing that to get people like me to post comments and get you some more page views, because I really hope the way you write doesn’t reflect the real thought process of anyone rational person.

    2. satchel
      November 16th, 2010 | 1:17 pm

      The Yankees, like every other for-profit business in the known universe, set their prices according to what they think the market will bear – no more, no less. The fact that some fans will squeal about it on their blogs is hardly bad P.R. at the level that will make any kind of difference one way or the other.

    3. 77yankees
      November 16th, 2010 | 10:13 pm

      It’s simple – if people are still willing to pay it, they’ll keep raising prices.

      I’ve only been to two games the last ten years, and really only to take in one last game at the old Stadium and one to see the new place. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the price when I could stay home and watch it in HD.

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