• The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011

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    For the past few days, I’ve been going through The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011.

    As usual, it’s full of good stuff.

    This edition contains all the advanced metrics and performance data that a sabermetric fan wants to see in an annual. And, this includes all the granular stuff which is the latest craze. But, it also has some very entertaining essays that any baseball fan can enjoy – such as Anna McDonald’s “A Perfect Summer Dream” and Craig Wright’s “A Gentleman Remembered.”

    Oh, and, if you’re into fielding stats, it has an entire section on “The Future of Fielding” with everything that you need to know about FIELDf/x.

    Heck, you can even get little morsels of information within the essays that jump out at you. For example, in Chris Jaffe’s “The Best and Worst Benches of All Time,” we see that the Yankees bench in 2005 was the 5th worst in baseball history. And, in “The Leaders of 2011,” we see that “Oliver” (which is The Hardball Times projection system) predicts that Alex Rodriguez will not hit 29 homeruns in 2011.

    There are essays in The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011 by a lot of the names that you know from around the internet. These include, but are not limited to, Geoff Young, John Beamer, Steve Treder, Craig Calcaterra, Dave Studenmund, Richard Barbieri, Brian Borawski, Vince Gennaro, Dave Cameron, John Dewan, Rob Neyer, Jon Daly, Sean Smith, John Walsh, Tom Tango, Greg Rybarczyk and the aforementioned Jaffe and Wright.

    On sale now, The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011 is a great hot stove companion for baseball fans of all levels. It gets your attention, makes you think, and teaches you a thing or two in the process.

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