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    During this, the prime holiday shopping season, consumers are constantly bombarded with special offers, markdowns and deals meant to induce the consumer to part with his or her money.  The Hot Stove League is no different.  For example:

    Player ASS
    156 G, 636 AB, 15 HR, 71 R, 71 RBI, 2 SB (0 CS), .269/.312/.381/.692 (90 OPS+), 1.8 WAR (1.2 oWAR/0.6 dWAR)

    Player BSS
    157 G, 663 AB, 10 HR, 111 R, 67 RBI, 18 SB (5 CS), .270/.340/.370/.710 (95 OPS+), 1.3 WAR (2.4 oWAR/-1.1 dWAR)

    Player CSS
    148 G, 521 AB, 24 HR, 64 R, 85 RBI, 1 SB (2 CS), .248/.310/.440/.749 (99 OPS+), 2.0 WAR (1.8 oWAR/0.2 dWAR)

    Player A is feeble offensively but is an average defensive player.  Player B, by contrast, offers much more on offense but his overall value is eroded somewhat by below-average defense.  Player C provided the most overall value to his team by being an average defensive player and providing value at the plate as well.

    Player A just signed a one-year, $6.5M contract and Player C just signed a three-year, $21M contract.  Player A and Player B are the same age and Player C is five years younger than the other two.

    We all know who these three players are (A=Miguel Tejada/B=Derek Jeter/C=Juan Uribe).  If $6.5M and $21M, respectively, get deals done for two comparable players, what makes Derek Jeter think he’s entitled to more than 3Y/$45M?  Legacy, history, captaincy and any other word ending in “y” aside, the market has been set.

    Jeter would be generously overpaid at $15M per season so he just needs to sign on the dotted line and move on with his life.  More years and more money shouldn’t happen.  Period.

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    1. butchie22
      December 1st, 2010 | 11:08 am

      As much as I deride Jeter the comparisons to players who have been on multiple teams like Uribe and Tejada are simply not apt with regards to their stature. In addition, Jeter is not being paid for his performance BUT also for being the face of the Yankees. Who gave the speech at the closing of the old stadium, Jeter did. Who is the most admired Yankee of his generation? Jeter is by far and he has a fervent female contingent as well. As loathe as I am to admit this, he’s the Yankee most men want to be and most women want to have! And this comes from someone who has repeatedly said in the past that Jeter AKA The Golden Boy is overrated. BUT at the same time, when has Jeter embarrassed the organization like Arod or Pettitte has with their performance enhancing ways? Or even worse Arod with his famewhorishness?

      What is shocking in this mess is the way the Yankee hierachy has treated their Golden Boy. It’s almost as if he’s just another player…he’s simply not, whether his performance has diminished or not. Hal’s comments about it getting messy wwere ill advised, as well as Hank’s comments about the players being richer than the bosses and Cashman imploring Jeter to shop around his talents. For a player who is so beloved by the fan base , Yankees Inc has acted very stupidly. They have no problem throwing away good money after bad when it comes to some piece of garbage like Kei Igawa BUT nickel and dime the most admired and beloved Yankee of this era? Sheer insanity I tell you. Yankees Inc can be spendthrift when it comes to Pavano , Igawa and Wright but not when it comes to their franchise player? It’s funny that they are making money left and right YET that have to play hardball with Jeter.

      BTW, I understand the performance based analysis of Jeter versus other shortstops BUT Jeter is simply in a different position in terms of prestige for the franchise he plays for. As much as I have derided Jeter at times, when Arod makes 27 mill a year(isn’t it 33 million with incentives?) with a tainted past and a bad hip,it’s bizarre how the Golden Boy who can do no wrong is chewed down salary wise. I’ve arguments from Yankee shills like Mikey Kay about making another mistake with Jeter a la arod BUT Jeter’s contract is mutually exclusive from Arod’s mess of an opt out.

      BTW, I can’t believe that I’m defending St Derek to this degree BUT I really don’t like the way how the various people from Yankees INC have acted in this situation. What ahve we heard from Jeter? Nichts, niente, nada,nothing! However , the Yankee people can’t stop flapping their gums. If they were smart all of their words about/for Jeter would have been said in private,not for public consumption. That has been Yankee Inc’s greatest faux pas.

      I must admit that it would be fun to see Jeter in a competing uniform like The Red Sox or The Mets,though. The reaction from the fanbase would be pricless. I wonder if Cashman would cook another steaming crock of bullshit like that line about Pettitte wanting to go home when he left The Yanks in 04? The Red Sox after buying Liverpoool FC really don’t have that much money to spend(and they are gunning after one big guy like a Werth or a Crawford) and The Mets are well…The Mess! It would be a great coup for The Mess to steal Jeter away from The Yanks but the ownership has their own financial problems and new GM Alderson is limited in what he could do. Even still can one even imagine seeing St Derek in another uniform?

    2. MJ Recanati
      December 1st, 2010 | 11:20 am

      @ butchie22:
      First, Butchie, great seeing you after all this time.

      Second, Butchie, “face of the franchise” and all that is what’s driving the $15M/season contract offer. As these other contracts have clearly demonstrated, Jeter is worth roughly $7-$10M on the open market. The extra $5M the Yankees are adding per season cover all the gratuity and extra stuff you’re talking about.

      The market has clearly been set on the low side at between $6.5-7M per season. That’s what older, itinerant, slightly above-average shortstops are making this winter. On the high side of the market, Colorado extended their 26 year old phenom to a deal worth roughly $20M per season starting in 2014. In the middle lies Jeter, a player whose skills more closely resemeble the low side of the market but whose standing in the community and on the team should approximate the higher side of the market. $15M/season appropriately captures that balance.

    3. BOHAN
      December 1st, 2010 | 11:24 am

      @ butchie22:
      Very well said. 100% agree with all of that. They shouldve kept the whole negotiations private and just said “no comment” to every question that was asked. Only reason the Yankees have said anything in the media is so they can make Jeter look like that bad guy and not them. And i like the use of “famewhorishness.”

    4. Raf
      December 1st, 2010 | 11:31 am

      MJ Recanati wrote:

      On the high side of the market, Colorado extended their 26 year old phenom to a deal worth roughly $20M per season starting in 2014.

      I’m still trying to figure that one out. I understand if they tore up his current contract, or signed the extension in 2013, but to sign an extension when the current contract runs for another 3 years seems weird to me.

    5. MJ Recanati
      December 1st, 2010 | 11:37 am

      BOHAN wrote:

      Only reason the Yankees have said anything in the media is so they can make Jeter look like that bad guy and not them.

      I wouldn’t go that far. Yes, both the Yankees and Derek Jeter have an incentive to negotiate in public but I don’t think either side is trying to make the other side look like the bad guy or give the impression of acrimony. What we’re seeing is par for the course for any free agent negotiation and I think any impression that the Yankees or Derek Jeter are trying to screw the other side is misguided.

      The Yankees want Jeter at X price. Jeter wants to return at Y price. Both sides are using all the tactics at their disposal to get the price they want. No hard feelings.

    6. MJ Recanati
      December 1st, 2010 | 11:39 am

      Raf wrote:

      I’m still trying to figure that one out. I understand if they tore up his current contract, or signed the extension in 2013, but to sign an extension when the current contract runs for another 3 years seems weird to me.

      I dunno what to make of it either. But, either way, it helps the Yankees in that it clearly defines what an elite SS should be making while in his prime years.

    7. nettles
      December 1st, 2010 | 12:10 pm

      Well, in defense of the Yankees, I think they’ve realized how stupid they’ve been with the above-referenced contracts (A-Rod, Igawa, etc.). The line between fiscal sanity and insanity has to be drawn somewhere. The Yankees need to put the best team they can on the field, but one that makes financial sense and is based on the market for players.

      The SS market looks pretty well set. The Yankees offer to Jeter is fair, and he’ll not get a better one from any other team. I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for Derek. This is about his pride, not the money.

      Get over yourself, Jeter. You knew it wouldn’t last forever. Have some class and go out gracefully.

    8. December 1st, 2010 | 12:21 pm

      @ butchie22:
      I dunno. The Yanks gotta pay Jeter extra because he made a nice speech? He’s worth more money because some chicks dig him?

      Besides, isn’t the whole Face of the Franchise kind of the opposite of what Jeter is supposed to represent? I thought he was all about team; at least, that’s what his acolytes say.

    9. December 1st, 2010 | 8:31 pm

      MJ is right. This boils down to fact vs. fiction. Jeter’s value is in the 8-10 million range per year for two years. That’s it. Anything above that is the pay for the various bells and whistles. It get ridiculous to continue the debate. What would be foolish for Jeter would be to walk away from that offer because not only is it the highest he will receive but it’s the highest by about 20 million. The value to Jeter of his getting hit 3,000 in a Yankee uniform in the years after he retires will be worth millions.

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