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    Since “Raf” asked, I figured I would do a post on my trip to Monument Park at the new Yankee Stadium on Friday, April 29th.

    In the two years and handful of months of the new Stadium, this was my first trip to “Monument Cave.”   I had been to Monument Park at the old Stadium a few times – the last one being during a Stadium tour in 2008.

    I was surprised how quick and easy we got into the Cave.   We were there about 80 minutes before the first pitch and walked right in – no waiting in line, whatsoever. 

    Going in, you do feel like you’re entering the basement of the Stadium.  But, once you come out into the Cave…er, I mean, Park.. it’s pretty cool.   For sure, it’s nice to peek over the wall and get the view of the field that you would have if you were playing center field. 

    Monument Park seemed a lot smaller in the new Stadium compared to the old Stadium.  Perhaps that’s because the retired numbers are right in front of the monuments and plaques now and they used to be on the walk into the old one?  And, it seemed like the plaques in the new Park were too high up on the wall.  Maybe they want all that space below them for future plaques?  Interestingly, the monster plaque for Big Stein didn’t seem as big/gross in person as it does on TV.

    But, even with all that, Monument Cave didn’t seem as bad as I expected.  Once you were inside it, you forget, sort of, that you’re in “the Cave” and you can enjoy walking around, checking it out, doing pictures, etc. 

    My son, who just turned seven, enjoyed the trip.  It was his first time in “the Cave” too.   I hope to get my nine-year old daughter out there later this season.

    I still wish that Monument Park wasn’t hidden out behind the center field wall and not visable within the sight-lines of the Stadium when watching the game from the stands or on TV (like you could see it at the last Stadium).   But, again, one you’re out there, checking it out, it’s not that bad. 

    A little small.  Plaques could have better placement.  But, not terrible. 

    I would not go out there every time I go to the Stadium.  Heck, I may not go out there again after I get my daughter out there.  But, I’m glad I got in there for the first time last Friday.

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    1. Raf
      May 2nd, 2011 | 3:36 pm

      Thanks Steve! I’ll have to check it out one of these days. The few times I’ve been there, it was too crowded to wait.

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