• A Month In Review–April 2011 Edition

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    Home Games and Rain Outs

    I meant to do this on Sunday, but then I went to the game instead, so better late than never with the Month in Review.

    April (and March) Record: 15-9–(vs DET, 2-1; vs MIN, 2-1; @ BOS, 1-2; vs BAL, 2-0; vs TEX, 2-1; @ TOR, 1-1; @ BAL, 2-0; vs CHW, 2-2; vs TOR, 1-1)

    Season Standings: New York, Tampa Bay (-1.5), Toronto (-3.5), Baltimore (-3.5), Boston (-5.0)

    Team Offense: .812 OPS

    The Good:

    • Russell Martin–He has been my favorite acquisition this off season.  I’m not sure (don’t think?) he will be able to keep this up all season, but I will gladly take is April .963 OPS all year long.  I would take that from any player on the team, let alone a player who is going to play just about every game squatting and generally playing good defense behind the plate.  Also of note, is Martin’s 6 home runs (Muscle From Russell!) for the 2011 season.  He hit 5 in all of 2010 and 7 in all of 2009.
    • Mark Teixeira–Teixeira didn’t quite have the April of Russell Martin, but he basically did.  Back on Opening Day, I said I would be psyched for a mediocre April from Teixeira, well he did better than that.  He did have stretches where I was afraid he would revert, but overall, he played to a .256/.392/.549 line.
    • Curtis Granderson–I think this is the Curtis Granderson that Cashman thought he was trading for when he sent Austin Jackson to Detroit last year.  And if that is the case, then I approve the trade.  He hit 7 home runs in the month of April, and overall had a .934 OPS

    The Bad:

    • Derek Jeter–.582. Five Eighty-Two.  Five Hundred Eighty-Two.  Yep, Jeter’s OPS for the month of April.  His slugging was .272.  He had exactly two extra base hits.  And I’m not sure of the exact amount, but I’m pretty sure he grounded out to second base 119 times.  Oh Jeter, this could be a very long contract.  Please don’t make me remember you like this.
    • Jorge Posada–As bad as Jeter’s been, Posada may have been worse.  Ok, well maybe not.  He did hit 6 home runs which helped boost his OPS to .607, but he really needs to get that OBP higher than .232.  Really.  A lot.

    The Bench–I Like It

    • So there really isn’t much to add here, but I do like the additions of Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones this off season.  Both have performed admirably when called upon.  It doesn’t make me super nervous when an important guy needs a day or three off.

    Team Pitching: 3.79 ERA

    The Good:

    • A.J. Burnett–He probably wasn’t the best pitcher so far this season, but considering what he went through (and put us through) in 2010, I am giving him the top spot for his 4-1 record with a 3.93 ERA.  He has allowed too may home runs (5), but I will take this current pitching performance from Burnett every time.
    • CC Sabathia–Sabathia has a 183 ERA+.  Unfortunately for him, despite having a 2.55 ERA, he only has a 2-1 record.  He should be at least 4-1, or even 5-0.  His loss to Beckett and the Red Sox may have hurt the most.
    • David Robertson–I enjoy watching Robertson succeed.  It wasn’t until his last appearance in April that he even allowed a run.  Just based on memory (and yes, this can be skewed, I admit) he even came into some of the games in hairy situations and stopped the bleeding or didn’t even allow the bleeding to begin.  Overall, he has a 1.93 ERA, and he recorded 12 strike outs in only 9.1 innings pitched.
    • Bartolo Colon–Colon started the year in the bullpen, and became a starter when Phil Hughes A. needed to be repeatedly bailed out by Colon and B. continued to experience “dead arm.”  For the month of April, Colon has a 2.77 ERA.  In the two games he started, it was 1.84.  Another good acquisition for Cashman.

    The Bad:

    • Rafael Soriano–Soriano, you are not endearing yourself to Yankee fans.  I also don’t need to hear excuses about “getting used to” setting up instead of closing.  I can’t stand pitchers who say that–especially in the direction he is going, MAYBE I’ll buy it going from set-up man to closer.  Soriano posted a 7.11 ERA for the month of April.  He has allowed multiple runs in 3 of his appearances, and makes me nervous every time he comes out of the bullpen.  I want to give him more time, but part of me wants to move Joba to the 8th inning for the time being.
    • Phil Hughes–I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a while since there is apparently something wrong with him, but he has pitched truly terribly–when he’s pitched–this season.

    The See What Sticks Strategy–I Like It

    • Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia are two from the throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks strategy.  So far, both are working out quite well.  I am sure that as soon as one of them doesn’t work out, something else will be thrown at the wall.

    Highlight: April 14, 2011–Perhaps there’s a better game to choose from, but I have a soft spot for a game tying home run in the bottom of the 9th and a walk off win in the 10th if I am there to enjoy it.  And I was there to enjoy it.

    Lowlight: April 26, 2011–Again, there might be a better one to choose from, but I think this game has summed up Rafael Soriano’s season to date.

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