• Putting A Number On Ivan Nova

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    I was thinking this AM that Ivan Nova is doing pretty good this season for a pitcher his age.  So, I decided to look at pitchers age 25 or younger this year in the majors.  Here’s that list:

    Rk Player WAR IP Year Age Tm G ERA+
    1 Clayton Kershaw 3.2 107.2 2011 23 LAD 16 120
    2 Jair Jurrjens 3.0 89.2 2011 25 ATL 13 182
    3 Jhoulys Chacin 2.8 93.0 2011 23 COL 14 161
    4 Michael Pineda 2.7 88.2 2011 22 SEA 14 140
    5 Trevor Cahill 2.6 100.0 2011 23 OAK 16 121
    6 Gio Gonzalez 2.4 87.0 2011 25 OAK 14 146
    7 Felix Hernandez 2.3 113.1 2011 25 SEA 16 111
    8 Zach Britton 2.2 87.0 2011 23 BAL 14 129
    9 Tommy Hanson 2.1 83.1 2011 24 ATL 14 154
    10 Aaron Crow 1.9 33.2 2011 24 KCR 29 291
    11 Johnny Cueto 1.9 53.2 2011 25 CIN 8 234
    12 Dillon Gee 1.7 66.0 2011 25 NYM 13 131
    13 Matt Harrison 1.7 77.0 2011 25 TEX 13 131
    14 Joshua Collmenter 1.6 60.1 2011 25 ARI 15 191
    15 Daniel Hudson 1.6 101.0 2011 24 ARI 15 112
    16 Madison Bumgarner 1.5 84.0 2011 21 SFG 14 116
    17 Jake Arrieta 1.5 88.0 2011 25 BAL 16 89
    18 Jaime Garcia 1.4 93.0 2011 24 STL 15 113
    19 Jeremy Hellickson 1.3 84.1 2011 24 TBR 13 116
    20 Brett Anderson 1.3 83.1 2011 23 OAK 13 98
    21 David Price 1.2 102.1 2011 25 TBR 15 99
    22 Jonathon Niese 1.2 92.1 2011 24 NYM 15 101
    23 Jordan Zimmermann 1.2 87.2 2011 25 WSN 14 124
    24 Jordan Walden 1.2 31.1 2011 23 LAA 32 144
    25 Tyson Ross 1.1 36.0 2011 24 OAK 9 144
    26 Mike Leake 1.0 71.1 2011 23 CIN 14 97
    27 Carlos Carrasco 1.0 79.0 2011 24 CLE 13 98
    28 Drew Storen 0.9 37.1 2011 23 WSN 35 160
    29 Derek Holland 0.9 94.0 2011 24 TEX 15 88
    30 Brandon Beachy 0.9 44.1 2011 24 ATL 8 112
    31 Craig Kimbrel 0.9 37.0 2011 23 ATL 38 132
    32 Yovani Gallardo 0.9 96.1 2011 25 MIL 16 95
    33 Blake Wood 0.8 31.2 2011 25 KCR 25 152
    34 Tyler Chatwood 0.7 82.0 2011 21 LAA 14 96
    35 Ivan Nova 0.7 80.2 2011 24 NYY 15 99
    36 Chris Tillman 0.6 48.0 2011 23 BAL 10 86
    37 Homer Bailey 0.6 30.0 2011 25 CIN 5 131
    38 Rick Porcello 0.5 75.1 2011 22 DET 13 90
    39 Ryan Webb 0.4 33.2 2011 25 FLA 34 106
    40 Tim Collins 0.4 37.0 2011 21 KCR 35 100
    41 Ernesto Frieri 0.3 35.2 2011 25 SDP 32 107
    42 Danny Duffy 0.3 34.0 2011 22 KCR 7 77
    43 Mat Latos 0.3 75.1 2011 23 SDP 13 86
    44 Travis Wood 0.3 93.1 2011 24 CIN 16 76
    45 Brad Bergesen 0.2 52.1 2011 25 BAL 11 78
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 6/21/2011.

    O.K, so, he’s not one of the best in his age group.  But, he’s still on the positive side – and that’s good.

    Is it just me, or, do more than a few teams have four pitchers on this list? How come the Yankees can’t do that?

    Dave LaPoint’s New Digs

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    Really, it’s true.

    Waiting On Three Triple-Oh

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    Chris Jaffe takes a look at the Jeter watch…er…I mean waitClick here to read it.

    Little Dreams, Big Nightmares

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    I “officially” coached my son’s Little League team this season. (Me and two other guys helped the manager with the practices and games.)

    Our last game was on Saturday. I loved this season. It was a pleasure to work with these seven and eight-year olds and see them get better as ballplayers.

    In fact, I was thinking about asking to manage a team next season. And, then, I saw this story.

    Maybe it’s better just to catch BP and give out high-fives on the base paths….and not be the one on the hook for dealing with this type of stuff?

    A-Rod’s Sore Shoulder

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    Via Wally Matthews

    New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has been battling a left shoulder injury of unknown severity for the past couple of weeks, an injury that may be the reason for his lower-than-average power production.

    “It’s just a small issue that only bothers him when he dives for a ball,” manager Joe Girardi told ESPNNewYork.com after having a conversation with Rodriguez shortly before Sunday’s game between the Yankees and Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

    But another clubhouse source, who asked that his identity not be revealed, acknowledged that Rodriguez has been suffering from what the source called “a strain” for several weeks.

    “He’s managing it as best as he can,” the source said.

    Girardi, however, said Rodriguez is playing with a sore shoulder, not a strain.

    “Guys are sore and a little beat up,” he said. “No doubt about it. … No, it’s not a strain.”

    Following the Yankees’ 10-4 win over the Cubs on Sunday, however, Rodriguez said his shoulder feels OK and he is getting treatment, calling it part of the normal wear and tear during a long season. He had three hits and scored three times during New York’s victory.

    “You go through regular bumps and bruises in a long season,” he said. “I think that’s just another small example of it. But for the most part, I feel pretty good.”

    He said he has been getting treatment on his shoulder for about 10 days, but called it “nothing out of the ordinary.”

    “It feels OK,” he said.

    Before Sunday’s game, he was seen with his left shoulder heavily wrapped in what appeared to be large ice packs. He also spent a long time in the trainer’s room and could be seen lifting 10 pound dumbbells under the supervision of Yankees conditioning coaches about two hours before the game.

    What a drag it is getting old.

    Weekend In Wrigleyville

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    • An inexplicable loss in Game 1 – being baffled by a human batting- tee.
    • A squeaker win in Game 2.
    • A late-inning laugher in Game 3.

    So, what did you think of the Yankees weekend in Chicago?

    The Way Of Baseball: Finding Stillness At 95 MPH

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    Shawn Green’s “The Way Of Baseball: Finding Stillness At 95 MPH” is an atypical jock biography, to say the least. 

    Why?  Basically because Green is a student of Zen and a deep thinker.  He’s also extremely open and honest with this book.

    The Way Of Baseball” is not voluminous. It’s a total of 208 pages of a 8.1″ x 5.1″ format book. But, it’s full of inside information that any baseball fan would enjoy. In sharing his thoughts, Green gives you a wonderful window of what it’s like to be a major league baseball player from the neck up.

    Yogi Berra reportedly once said that “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” If you read “The Way Of Baseball,” you truly get an appreciation on how much baseball really is between the ears.

    From fighting for playing time to reaching stardom, to dealing with the burden of contractual expectations, to switching teams and positions, to walking away from the game at an early age, Shawn Green covers many mental and emotional aspects of a pro-baseball players life. A baseball fan can learn a lot about a player’s life via reading “The Way Of Baseball.” I recommend checking this one out – as I enjoyed reading it.

    Happy Father’s Day

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    Just as baseball and apple pie are staples of America, statistics and fathers are the hemoglobin of baseball. So, since today is Father’s Day (really, it is, Hallmark says so!), I want to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!

    Cashman: Yanks Did Not Pitch Woo At Miller

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    No truth to the rumor that Yankees GM Brian Cashman was tweeting topless photos of himself to the Red Sox minor league hurler.  Via Chad Jennings

    During a weekly radio appearance today, Peter Gammons accused the Yankees of tampering with Red Sox starter Andrew Miller. Gammons said “a lot of teams” tried to get Miller to opt out of his minor league deal before the Red Sox had a chance to put him in their rotation.

    Brian Cashman responded with a two-word text message: “Not true,” he said.

    Here’s Gammons’ comment:

    “I know this: There were a lot of teams that tampered and tried to get him to do the opt-out, including the New York Yankees. A lot of teams wanted him to opt out on Wednesday. Because of his trust for the Red Sox and how much they’ve invested in him, not in terms of money but in terms of effort to just get his delivery back and be patient with him, he stayed. In some ways, their fortunate. Because I think he could have gotten twice as much money if he had left.”

    Click here if you don’t know how Miller ended up with the Red Sox in the first place.

    Doug Davis?

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    I’m watching the Yankees game now. It’s the bottom of the 4th inning. And, all I can say is…Doug Davis?

    Year Age W L W-L% ERA G IP H R BB SO ERA+ WHIP
    2011 35 0 5 .000 5.90 6 29.0 36 23 18 27 69 1.862
    13 Seasons 91 106 .462 4.41 303 1699.0 1790 906 775 1270 103 1.510
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 6/17/2011.

    Com’on Yankees, let’s get going.

    Welcome To My Kitchen

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    My seven-year old son likes to listen to the Yankees game on the radio as he falls asleep at night (during the season).  And, in the morning, I usually fill him in on what the final score was, etc.  Related, he’s bummed out when the Yankees have an off-day, weekday day game, or a West Coast late start – as that means no Yankees game on the radio at bed-time.

    So, yesterday, when I got home from work, and I saw him in the kitchen finishing dinner, I reminded him that the Yankees played a day game and that there would be no game on the radio for him. 

    After I told him that the Yankees won in extras, he didn’t seem too bothered by missing the game.   Instead, he wanted to know if the Mets were playing that night.

    When I asked him why he cared about the Mets, he said that they have a “baseball war” in his first grade classroom each day – Yankees fans and Mets fans.  And, since today was the last day of school, it would be his last chance to win the war…assuming the Mets lost.

    Just as we were discussing this, my nine-year old daughter (who had finished dinner earlier) walked in to the kitchen to remind my wife that she needed to wear a Yankees shirt to school today.

    I asked her why and she said that it was “Yankees Day” – on the last day of school – in her third grade class.  (Her teacher is a huge Yankees fan.)   And, everyone was asked to wear something “Yankees.”

    I thought this was interesting since not everyone is a Yankees fan, of course.  And, when I shared this with my daughter she said “Oh, yeah, some of the boys in the class have already said they’re wearing their Mets shirts tomorrow – no matter what.”

    This whole thing is an early Father’s Day present for me.  I think it’s so cool that my kids – and their classmates! – are into baseball.  It’s music to my ears.

    Speaking of things heard making you happy, you had to hear my son at 7 AM today when I told him that the Mets lost on a balk-off.  (Even my wife , who was in the kitchen when I told my son, said “Really?!?” when I explained how the runner came home to end the game.)

    I can’t wait to see the kids later on and see how their last day, and baseball fan fun, went today.

    The Brian Gordon Story

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    Great job on this one, as usual, from Bob Klap.

    June 2011 Survey Question #1

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    Please consider taking the following poll:


    Thanks in advance. And, please feel free to add comments on your opinion in the comments section.

    Yankees Invade Wrigley

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    Via USA Today Sports

    Forgive the Yankees if their second-ever visit to Wrigley Field — and first since 2003 — leaves them scratching their heads and maybe a little out of sorts.

    It’s not so much the cozy confines, antiquated facilities and padding-less outfield walls that may strike the visitors as odd when they play the Cubs this weekend. It’s the game times.

    The clubs play a day game Friday (2:20 p.m. ET) and a night game Sunday (8:05). In between, they meet at 4:10 p.m.

    Interleague play, with its quirks, strange matchups and geographical rivalries, returns in full force tomorrow for a 17-day run after a weekend cameo May 20-22.

    The Yankees probably won’t object, considering they have posted the best record (146-103) and most wins of all teams in interleague play. In addition, third baseman Alex Rodriguez is the all-time leader in interleague RBI (176), while closer Mariano Rivera is tops in saves with 63.

    Plus, the Yankees start this portion of their schedule against the fourth-place Cubs, who have gone 5-10 this month. The AL East-leading Red Sox, on the other hand, entertain the Brewers, who sit atop the NL Central and have a 9-6 record in June.

    The disparity in schedules and the AL teams’ disadvantage in losing the DH in games at NL venues are often cited by critics as flaws of interleague ball. However, since their inception in 1997, such games have drawn nearly 12% more fans than intraleague games.

    The Cubs suck. If the Yankees don’t score at least 6 runs in every game in this series, they should be dunked in Buckingham Fountain – especially since so many will be watching these games on national broadcasts.

    Moneyball Trailer

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    Sure, Beane gets Pitt. Just watch, when they make a movie about Brian Cashman, they’ll get Peter Jacobson or David Spade to play the Yankees General Manager…

    Cashman Looking To Swing Deals

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    Via Brian Heyman

    Brian Cashman has put out the word to his counterparts.

    “I’ve told everybody out there that I’m up for the incremental upgrades or the significant upgrades,” the GM said before the Yankees’ 3-2, 12-inning win over the Rangers Thursday at Yankee Stadium. “As you see by the moves we’re making, they’re the incremental upgrades right now.”

    The Yankees are down to 10 on the DL because reliever Amauri Sanit was released to make room on the 40-man roster for 32-year-old righty Brian Gordon, whom Cashman signed to start Thursday in place of Bartolo Colon, after Gordon opted out with the Phillies’ Triple-A Lehigh Valley team. Reliever Lance Pendleton was sent to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to make room on the 25-man roster.

    Cashman also signed 28-year-old former Dodgers righty reliever Cory Wade to a minor-league deal Monday after he was released at Triple-A with the Rays and brought him up Wednesday. Gordon pitched well for 5 1/3 and Wade earned the victory with two perfect innings.

    “We’ve got a good team,” Cashman said. “But we’re wounded in some aspects of it right now. It’s up to me and our staff to make it better, plug the holes and improve even when everybody is healthy.”

    Cashman made it clear he doesn’t want to rush his best prospects. He also made it clear he wants top catching prospect Jesus Montero playing at Triple-A and not sitting behind Russell Martin and getting occasional DH at-bats. That’s why Francisco Cervelli is second string.

    “Is Montero better than Cervelli? Yes he is,” Cashman said.

    Let me be the first one to predict a D. J. Mitchell for Jose Molina trade…

    Cito Culver To Finally Play This Season

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    Here’s the story.

    Why Culver was not playing in Charleston this season, I dunno. Seems like the Yankees are babying him.

    Yankees 75th Out Of 112 In ESPN The Mag “Ultimate Standings 2011”

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    Here are the standings.

    They are also 22nd out of 30 for all the big league baseball teams.

    “Wins during the past three years (regular season plus postseason) per revenues directly from fans, adjusted for league schedules” and “Price of tickets, parking and concessions” is where the Yankees really get dinged in these standings.

    A-Rod Has To Be Pinch Hitting Here, No?

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    Yanks Really Took It To Texas Last Night

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    Last night the Yankees became just the 8th team since 1919 to have five homers and five stolen bases in the same game.

    One Game

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    Today, the Yankees finish their 10-game homestand against “tough teams” (Boston, Cleveland and Texas). 

    With a win, it would give the Yankees an impressive 6-4 mark in these games.  With a loss, it gives them a 5-5 mark…just .500 baseball…and worse than that since they were beaten up badly by Boston.

    Interesting how one game can swing which way the brush paints the picture of this homestand…

    Stop Whining Boston

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    Look at all the “Boston” sports championhsips since 2002:

    • Patriots (2002)
    • Patriots (2004)
    • Red Sox (2004)
    • Patriots (2005)
    • Red Sox (2007)
    • Celtics (2008)
    • Bruins (2011)

    Does this mean that Boston is now the sports capital of our country? They have a claim to that, over the last decade or so, no?

    A-Rod Rings In On LeBron

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    Via FOX Sports

    New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez says fans should get off LeBron James’s back over his failure to lead the Miami Heat to the NBA title.

    “Winning a championship is not an easy thing to do regardless of talent,” Rodriguez said. “LeBron is a once in a lifetime player, especially the last year.”

    Rodriguez asked for patience in judging James. “We need to remember this kid is 26 years old, and celebrate his talent,” Rodriguez said.

    Rodriguez said the Heat not winning should not take anything away from Dallas.

    “Let’s not take the Mavericks as an afterthought,” said Rodriguez, who lives in Miami and played in Arlington, a suburb of Dallas. “They did everything they had to do to raise a championship.”

    Why A-Rod would want to inject himself into this LeBron James thing is beyond me…

    Would The Mets Give Jeter A Pass?

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    So many Mets fans calling into WFAN this AM saying, if it comes down to his last couple of At Bats at CitiField, that the Mets should walk Derek Jeter rather than allow a historic Yankees event occur on Mets turf. 

    O.K., now I hope that Jeter gets it at CitiField – just to annoy those who are so dead-set against it happening there…

    Booth Boys

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    Six years ago, I said that I would go with Ken Singleton, Jim Kaat and Paul O’Neill for every game in the YES booth.  But, you know what?  Michael Kay, Al Leiter and Paul O’Neill seem to really have fun in the booth together.  I actually don’t mind Kay in this set-up.  I could live with that too – and then use Ken Singleton and/or David Cone as a fill in when someone needed a day off.  What about John Flaherty?  Put him on the radio with Jack Curry…would that work?

    Yanks Sign Lehigh Valley Pitcher Brian Gordon

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    Via Michael LoRe

    Today, the New York Yankees signed Lehigh Valley pitcher Brian Gordon.

    The 32-year-old Gordon is 5-0 with an International League-leading 1.14 ERA. He has given up seven earned runs in 55.1 innings for Lehigh Valley.

    The veteran minor leaguer could opt out of his minor-league contract by Wednesday on the condition he is added to a major league roster by another team.

    Gordon, who converted from the outfield after the 2006 season, has registered 56 strikeouts this season compared to just seven walks.

    Let’s hope he was injected with Bartolo Colon’s stem cells before he was signed.

    Derek Jeter Disabled

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    Ramiro Pena has been recalled. It’s the 15-day D.L. for Jeter – but, he could be out for 18 to 19 days, if needed.

    Does this mean Jeter will do a rehab on Staten Island or at Trenton before he resumes his quest for #3,000? Won’t that be fun for the locals!

    Update: Seems that Jeter doesn’t want to be disabled. Working with Cashman and the doctors to see if there’s a way around it. Stay tuned.

    Posada Not Dead Yet?

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    Yes, it’s a very small sample size. But, over his last 35 PA, Jorge Posada’s BA/OBA/SLG line is .469/.486/.531 – and his BA is .302 over his last 111 PA.

    Enter Hall Man

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    How cool would it be, when Mo Rivera has his Cooperstown Hall of Fame induction ceremony – and you know he’s going in, that’s a given – just before he gives his speech, over the loud-speakers, they blast Enter Sandman? The crowd would go nuts, no?

    Still The “One Step Forward, One Step Back” Yankees

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    With their loss this evening, the Yankees are now:

    • 3-4 in their last 7 games
    • 9-7 in their last 15 games
    • 16-15 in their last 31 games
    • 19-19 in their last 38 games
    • 24-22 in their last 46 games

    No matter how you slice it – long, medium, or short – the Yankees are basically a “win one, lose one” team, no?  Pretty soon, they better start winning closer to 60% of their games rather than closer to 50% of their games.  This treading water thing is getting old in a hurry.

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