• A Month In Review: June 2011 Edition

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    Apparently the only team we can’t beat is Boston.

    June Record: 18-8 (@ OAK, 1-0; @ LAA, 2-1; vs BOS, 0-3; vs CLE, 3-1; vs TEX, 3-0; @ CHC, 2-1; @ CIN, 2-1; vs COL, 2-1; vs MIL, 3-0)

    Season Standings: New York, Boston (-2.5), Tampa Bay (-4), Toronto (-9.5), Baltimore (12.5)

    Team Offense: .810 OPS

    The Good:

    • Jorge Posada–Posada closed out the month of May with a .169 batting average.  Well finally, Posada is showing what he did for much of his career.  His June numbers are .382/.419/.588.  Overall his season numbers aren’t that spectacular (.240/.328/.422), but he is clearly trending in the correct direction.  In fact, his OPS+ is showing that he is officially a better than average (better than replacement?) with a 102.  Yes, 102 ain’t exactly sparkling, but again, it is trending in the correct direction.
    • Nick Swisher–Swisher, like Posada, made tremendous strides this month to get his numbers closer to what Yankee fans were hoping for.  He didn’t have as spectacular as a month as Posada, but he also didn’t have as far to go.  For June, Swisher posted a 1.097 OPS which includes 7 doubles and 7 home runs.
    • Alex Rodriguez–Arod bounced back from May.  His home runs are still down from what I would generally want, but I’ll take a .326/.416/.570 line every time.
    • Brett Gardner–Gardner’s stolen base rate is still pretty bad considering his speed, but his June numbers are good.  He is getting on base more than 40% of the time.  I also like that Gardner has 11 walks and 11 strikeouts.  I like the idea of a player walking just as much if not more than he strikes out.

    The Bad:

    • Russell Martin–Martin wasn’t able to play a whole bunch of games due to a cranky back of sorts, but even when he did play, he wasn’t all that spectacular…better than Cervelli to be sure, but not all that spectacular.  .185/.274/.241 are his numbers.  Yeah, his slugging is lower than his OBP, I did not invert those numbers.

    The Watch:

    • And the Derek Jeter DL stint has caused this watch to continue on to the month of July.  I knew that Jeter’s numbers were going to be down this year, but I did not expect to have to wait until July to see him get his 3000th hit.  Jeter’s OPS+ is only 8 points higher than Eduardo Nunez’s, and he is the currently the only player in the standard line up with an OPS+ under 100.

    Team Pitching: 3.42 ERA

    The Good:

    • Ivan Nova–I thought for a while that Nova’s magic dust has disappeared, but he really did have an excellent June.  He posted a 3.58 ERA.  I will, however, readily admit that my standards for Nova are considerably lower than my standards for, say, CC Sabathia.  Only 3 of his 5 starts were considered quality starts.
    • Freddy Garcia–Garcia is another pitcher for whom I thought the magic dust was evaporating or about to evaporate, and here he is in the month of June with a 3.18 ERA and a 3.28 overall ERA for the season.
    • Mariano Rivera–Rivera is a pitcher that I’m pretty sure has an unlimited supply of magic dust.  Well, calling it magic dust clearly isn’t fair to him, but still, this man could probably pitch until he is 65.  For June, he had a .90 ERA and recorded 8 saves.
    • David Robertson–Robertson might be my favorite player for the 2011 season.  He is just really fun to watch pitch.  He uses a lot of pitches, but somehow, that’s okay when he is also striking out 14.5 batters per 9 innings pitched.  For the month of June, his ERA was .82.  He gave up 1 run for the entire month.

    The Bad:

    • Umm….

    I’m not even sure there are relievers who have bad numbers this month.  Boone Logan, I guess, came into a game twice without recording an out, but even his numbers aren’t bad.

    Pitching Odds and Ends:

    • Sabathia and Burnett could have gone into my Good section, but I already had so many players there.  I figured I would give the “honor” to players whose month of June was better than their season numbers.
    • Bartolo Colon, the most pleasant surprise of the season, went on the DL following his June 11 start when he pulled his hamstring covering first base.  He is apparently ready to pitch and will get the start against the Mets tomorrow.  Hopefully he really is ready to pitch.
    • Phil Hughes went on the DL on April 15 with “tired arm” or “dead arm.”  At the time, I felt like it was a bogus “injury” and the Yankees were just trying to get him out of the rotation to figure out what the hell was wrong with him.  Well, apparently he really did have some sort of dead arm because in his rehab starts, he has been able to get his velocity back up to what it should be.  He was sitting at 91-92 and I believe he touched on 94.
    • As a result of the above two bullets, the Yankees may consider a 6-man rotation, but I have a feeling that things like this usually shake themselves out.

    Tonight, interleague continues as the Yankees take on the New York Mets.  I will be at the game in awful, awful seats that I paid entirely too much money for to watch the game with my Met fan friend.  I’m excited about it. Yay.

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    1. clintfsu813
      July 1st, 2011 | 1:46 pm

      Love the reviews. Thanks!

    2. satchel
      July 1st, 2011 | 4:57 pm

      What a great post. Of course it helps that you had great material to work with! It was a super month for the Yankees. For now, I will trade 0-3 against the Sox for 18-5 against everyone else.

      In October … well, in October I hope they don’t have to face the Sox, because those games just give me ulcers.

    3. July 2nd, 2011 | 9:20 am

      clintfsu813 wrote:

      Love the reviews.

      satchel wrote:

      What a great post.

      Double dittos from me!

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