• A-Rod Out 4-6 Weeks

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    Via ESPN

    New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has elected to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a slight meniscus tear in his right knee, a team spokesman confirmed Sunday.

    He is expected to miss four to six weeks.

    Rodriguez met with Dr. Lee Kaplan in Miami on Sunday, and Kaplan recommended that Rodriguez go under the knife. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Kaplan at the University of Miami on Monday.

    An MRI on Friday first revealed the tear.

    Yankees manager Joe Girardi said on Sunday that, if Rodriguez opted for surgery, undergoing the procedure now would be ideal given the Yankees will have four days off during the All-Star break.

    “There’s no doubt we’re going to miss him, but we need to find a way. As I’ve said several times already this year, some people are going to have to step up,” Girardi said. “Up to this point, this team has. We certainly look forward to getting a healthy Alex back into our lineup, because we know what he adds to this team.”

    If he hadn’t opted for surgery, Rodriguez could have tried to play through it and have the procedure in the offseason.

    But Girardi expressed concern that Rodriguez would be forced to play eight consecutive games on turf after the All-Star break if he decided to forgo surgery. The Yankees open the second half with a four-game series in Toronto and then head to Tampa Bay for a four-game set.

    Rodriguez originally suffered the injury on June 19 in Chicago. He thought about scoring on a passed ball, but ultimately decided against it. And in the process of turning back toward third base, Rodriguez tweaked his knee.

    “It’s hard to get into missing 20, 30, 40 games when you don’t know, but at the same time you don’t want to limp toward the finish line,” Rodriguez said after not playing in the Yankees’ 5-4 win over the Rays on Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. “The most important games are played at the end.”

    So, this will be the 4th year in a row, since he opted out and then resigned, where A-Rod has failed to play in 140 games in a season. And, this is all at age 35 or under. What’s Alex going to be good for in his late 30’s, maybe a 100 games a year?

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    1. July 10th, 2011 | 9:44 pm

      This is an example of the chickens coming home to roost. The Yankees have major age problems on the left side of the infield and those problems are not going away. The team invested years and dollars and there is nothing this side of the steroid era to suggest the trips to the DL, the decline in play won’t become more and more a part of the AROD, Jeter experience.

    2. LMJ229
      July 10th, 2011 | 11:06 pm

      @ Joseph Maloney:
      Agreed. We all know that age is a real problem for this team going forward. We can only hope that Mo holds up for one more year, Jeter holds up for at least two more and A-Rod takes to the DH role like a fish takes to water. Letting Jorge go (much as I love the guy) and obtaining a good young third baseman could go a long way towards getting us a bit younger.

    3. Raf
      July 10th, 2011 | 11:09 pm

      I suspect Rodriguez’ll be good for 100-130 games

    4. Raf
      July 10th, 2011 | 11:11 pm

      I wouldn’t sweat the age issue too much. If Rodriguez and Jeter cannot handle the position they play, they will be replaced. That’s the way it always has been.

    5. LMJ229
      July 10th, 2011 | 11:22 pm

      I’m curious to see how Nunez plays in his absence.

    6. EHawk
      July 11th, 2011 | 11:02 am

      I think the Yanks will be fine with Nunez in there for Arod…Yeah he doesn’t have the HR power but Arod hasn’t been hitting any HR’s lately anyway and they’ve been doing just fine. I would like to see them give Laird a shot instead of Pena though…Pena couldn’t hit his was outta a wet paper bag!

    7. LMJ229
      July 11th, 2011 | 11:19 am

      I was impressed with the way Nunez swung the bat against a tough Shields. I think he can hit some, but his defense worries me a little. I’m hoping teams don’t try to exploit him with the bunt.

    8. Evan3457
      July 11th, 2011 | 2:26 pm

      The probable loss to the Yanks is about one win above replacement, IF A-Rod is back in 4-6 weeks.

    9. redbug
      July 11th, 2011 | 5:55 pm

      Jeter hasn’t been on the DL since ’03 before this incident, while Arod has been for the last 4 yrs.

      But, I agree, age is an issue for the Yanks, and next up will be CC demanding more yrs. And, no doubt the Yanks will make every attempt to give them to him.

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