• Tex’s Batting Average Per Season Since 2008

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    Here are the BA/OBA/SLG numbers for Mark Teixeira since 2008 through yesterday, per season:

    Year Age Tm Lg G PA AB BA OBP SLG
    2008 28 TOT MLB 157 685 574 .308 .410 .552
    2009 29 NYY AL 156 707 609 .292 .383 .565
    2010 30 NYY AL 158 712 601 .256 .365 .481
    2011 31 NYY AL 92 407 347 .239 .344 .496
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    Generated 7/19/2011.

    Two-thirty-nine on July 19th? Really? At what point does Yankeeland start to turn nasty on Tex?

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    1. Evan3457
      July 20th, 2011 | 12:39 pm

      It’s already happening in the comments sections of various Yankees-related websites. I would think a few more failures in key spots in home games would do it, if he doesn’t get going.

    2. nwyank
      July 20th, 2011 | 1:27 pm

      I’ve had a hard time warming to Big Tex. Dude’s getting paid like a league superstar and bats in the prime spot in the order. Don’t like his pull everything/uppercut approach. He gets hot for 2 weeks then disappears for a month and a half. I keep thinking….Dave Kingman.

    3. BOHAN
      July 21st, 2011 | 10:25 pm

      He gets paid to produce runs and I think he’s done that driving in 67 and scoring 53. If it wasn’t for that stupid shift everyone does his avg. would be a lot higher. Its easy to sit here and say he should try to poke the ball to the left side when hes hitting but that’s not who he is and its not easy to change who you are when you’ve been doing the same thing your whole career.

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