• Clubhouse Confidential: A Yankee Bat Boy’s Insider Tale Of Wild Nights, Gambling, And Good Times With Modern Baseball’s Greatest Team

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    I loved this book

    Don’t let the title fool you.  There’s little in here that is scandalous. If anything, it’s more like someone from the inside paying homage to his heroes.

    Granted, there’s some stories in there which are not new and have told before in other places. And, at times, I wondered how much of the book was written by Squeegee Castillo (the Yankees bat boy/clubhouse attendant) and how much was done by the co-author, William Cane.

    Nonetheless, this book is one that I think any Yankees fan would enjoy.

    It pretty much confirmed everything I ever thought about Pettitte, Jeter, A-Rod, Boomer Wells, Torre, Bernie Williams, Posada, O’Neill, El Duque, Matsui, Girardi, Mariano Rivera, Giambi and Big Stein. And, it told me some things that I didn’t know about Clemens, Cone, Ramiro Mendoza, Ruben Sierra and Alfonso Soriano.

    It was well worth reading and I recommend this book.

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