• Yankees G.M. Testifies Before Grand Jury

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    Via the Daily News

    Yankees GM Brian Cashman spent time in Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday morning, but didn’t stick around to field any questions from the media.

    By lunchtime, the baseball bigwig — who has been noticeably absent this week from his team’s spring training in Tampa — had ducked out a back door of the courthouse, according to several sources.

    Cashman’s lawyer declined to say why his client was there, but his appearance raised speculation that he was testifying before a grand jury against his accused stalker, Louise Neathway.

    “I was told he was in the building. Since he hasn’t been seen in Florida, there is a very good chance he’s testifying in front of a grand jury,” said Rory Bellantoni, the lawyer for Neathway, who plans to tell her side of the story to the grand jury panel next week.

    Neathway also made a brief appearance in the same courthouse Wednesday.

    During her hearing, Bellantoni tried to bat down accusations against his client and to have her $200,000 bail lowered.

    Neathway, who also uses the last name Meanwell and has a history of stalking her ex’s, is accused of cyber-stalking and extorting $6,000 from the married Cashman.

    She also allegedly tried to shake the Yankees exec down for another $15,000 by threatening to go public with their affair.

    The busty British blond, wearing a pink button-down shirt and gray pantsuit, looked pouty during the hearing, which her mother also attended.

    She has been held at Rikers Island since her Feb. 1 arrest.

    Bellantoni blasted prosecutors, claiming they brought phony charges to help protect Cashman, whose wife filed for divorce after news of her husband’s alleged affair hit the newspapers.

    “She’s being held on false charges,” Bellantoni said, adding that Cashman wants Neathway indicted to “discredit her” claims the cash was a gift made while they were an item.

    I wonder if Cashman sweared to tell the truth and nothing but…

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