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    An old quote

    “Hank couldn’t quite catch up to the ball (hit by Harvey Kuenn in a game at Yankee Stadium). But somehow, God only knows how, he got close enough to tip it with his bare hand —and flip it right into Mickey Mantle’s glove. Hank crashed into the Scoreboard, bounced off and trotted back to right-field.” – Pitcher Bob Turley

    O.K. can you find this play?

    This says it was 6/16/58. But, I can’t find that game.

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    1. Jim TreshFan
      March 19th, 2012 | 10:21 am

      I did some researching. The Yankees and Tigers did not play on June 16th, 1958—at Yankee Stadium or any other venue. They did meet in a doubleheader the prevoius day, Sunday, June 15th, 1958 at Yankee Stadium (Bob Turley pitched that day). Kuenn went 2 for 8, but was not retired on any flyout to right- or center field. Five days later (June 20th, 1958) the teams met again at Briggs Stadium in Detroit. Turley again was on the mound. Mantle is credited with making a circus catch in the first inning off the bat of Ozzie Virgil—with Harvey Kuenn on deck—but no putouts from Kuenn at all. I checked the other games in both series as well (just to be sure) and the closest I can come to any play remotely resembling the one indicated was a double Kuenn ripped to Right Field on the 15th. Sorry.

    2. March 19th, 2012 | 10:44 am

      It is wacky that the DN had a bad date.

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