• The Matheny Letter

    Posted by on June 3rd, 2012 · Comments (1)

    Great story in case you missed it.

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    1. sicilianlou
      June 4th, 2012 | 10:56 am

      What a great philosophical approach to take! Not only should this be a guideline for baseball but for all youth sports in my opinion.. As a single Dad of a college division 1 golfer, I always felt the best way my son has at achieving his dreams of playing professional golf is give him the right lessons about Life, Give him the encouragement they need when they are nothing playing well and dont push them to practice if they feel they dont want to.. The decision has to he theirs not the parents.. Too often, pushing them to play more or practice has a reverse effect and eventually the Parent is the reason most kids give up playing. If the talent is there, GREAT it will be noticed, if not, then we as parents have to recognize this and prepare them that their dreams might not be obtainable.. Sooner or later, kids recognize what skill level they have and what are their realistic chances of playing professional sports will be, but the lesson of LIFE they will carry with them forever… parents can learn allot from this letter.. I will take it one step further

      Mathery should write a book about this!. Thanks Steve for reminding me again why I did what I did!!..

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