• Major League Dads: Baseball’s Best Players Reflect On The Fathers Who Inspired Them To Love The Game

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    With Father’s Day right around the corner, this is a perfect time to share some information on the new book “Major League Dads: Baseball’s Best Players Reflect on the Fathers Who Inspired Them to Love the Game.”

    First, some background on it via the Publisher

    Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and one of the best ways for fathers and sons to bond. Major League Dads is an inspirational look at such connections through a collection of heartfelt essays from interviews with [137] of the top players in Major League Baseball, such as David Wright, Carlos Pena, Brad Lidge, and Derek Jeter. Through personal recollections, you can read firsthand what their dads meant to them growing up and how they coached them to success both on and off the field.

    And, here’s some more via a Press Release on the book:

    It’s a long road from Wiffle ball in the backyard to the bright lights of Major League Baseball.

    A ballplayer’s journey begins with pitch and catch; he gets organized in T-ball, machine-pitch leagues, coach-pitch leagues, Little League; he escalates his talents with travel teams, pony league, Babe Ruth League; he becomes a ballplayer in high school and college. And maybe, just maybe, there is a career thereafter. But behind every ballplayer’s journey is a father who loves his son and shares with him a passion for the game as he coaches and mentors him down this long road.

    Throughout the journey, he shares his baseball knowledge. He helps keep things in perspective while he stokes the passion. He preaches discipline, hustle, work ethic, determination, patience, sportsmanship, the fundamentals, and the Golden Rule. On the bench, in the stands or in the backyard, these dads teach their sons more about life than how to hone their swings.

    This spring, Kevin Neary and Leigh Tobin offer an amazing collection of heartwarming and humorous stories, vivid memories, and great advice, shared by players who each declare that they made it to the majors because of their fathers. MAJOR LEAGUE DADS: Baseball’s Best Players Reflect on the Fathers Who Inspired Them to Love the Game, Foreword by Terry Francona (Running Press, May 2012), is a special gift to every man who’s ever thrown a baseball to his father or son, as these talented sons pay tribute to the men who showed their love through a batted ball, a session of pitch and catch and a lifetime of loving guidance.

    Each story in MAJOR LEAGUE DADS describes the influence the players’ fathers had on their baseball careers. Some had the major league dreams at a young age and some didn’t, but they all had their fathers as their coaches in some capacity. Players like Derek Jeter, Roy Halladay, Justin Verlander, Greg Maddux, Joe Mauer, Jimmy Rollins, Mariano Rivera, David Wright, Mark Teixeira, Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Evan Longoria, all three Molina brothers, and a handful of second- and third-generation stars reveal personal stories and warmest memories. These are men who love the game and who love to talk about their fathers—a perfect combination for this book.

    Some dads were more supportive than baseball wise. Instead of talking baseball or teaching how to throw the perfect knuckleball, they were motivators, cheerleaders, always standing by with helpful words of encouragement, lessons, or guiding principles that they return to even today: “You are only as good as you next at-bat”; “Never give up”; “Never get too high or too low”; “Learn from your mistakes”; “Be humble”; “Respect the game and their teammates”; “Think for yourself”; “Play the game right”. This is key information in the game and in life.

    Filled with insight and amazing anecdotes from some of the biggest icons in the game, MAJOR LEAGUE DADS is less about baseball and more about the relationships between fathers and their sons. It’s about seeing your son in a major league uniform for the first time. It’s about seeing the only man who really matters in the stands watching you with a big smile on his face. These men have put in the hours with their sons, made many sacrifices, and helped them love baseball, because they love their kids. And the result is a strong father-son bond with each other and the game.

    I’ve read “Major League Dads” and enjoyed the book. I believe that any parent or child would be touched by some of the stories shared with this work. Best yet, this is a clean and wholesome book that you can share with your loved ones without any fears regarding its content. And, I would bet, after reading it, you’re going to want to find your parent and/or child and go have a catch. The stories of these big leaguers and the relationships that they have with their fathers are wonderful.

    Personally, I have always said that, just as baseball and apple pie are staples of America, statistics and fathers are the hemoglobin of baseball. And, “Major League Dads” backs that up. I highly recommend this book.

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