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    Posted by on June 21st, 2012 · Comments (3)

    Via Peter Kafka:

    Bleacher Report and Turner, which have been circling each other for months, are edging closer to a deal. People familiar with both companies say they haven’t agreed on final terms, but are now negotiating exclusively and have agreed on a price: If the transaction goes through, Time Warner’s cable network unit is set to pay more than $200 million for the sports site.

    The logic for the deal is that Turner has a small presence in online sports — it manages sites like PGA.com and NBA.com, but doesn’t own them — and Bleacher Report’s nine-million-plus visitors will help fix that.

    But it’s worth nothing that, up until this spring, Turner used to have a much bigger presence in online sports, via an arranged marriage that didn’t seem to make either participant very happy: For the last couple years, Turner managed Sports Illustrated’s Web site on behalf of Time Warner’s Time Inc.

    Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes is famously uninterested in corporate synergy, so I’m not quite sure why he thought having the cable guys sell ads for the print guys would work. And from what I could tell, no one on either side liked the deal. The guys who made the content for the site thought the ad guys didn’t do a bang-up job, and vice versa*.

    But that pairing ended in divorce this quarter, and Turner’s sports group has said it was going to create its own “branded digital destination.”

    Perhaps they’ve decided that buying is easier than building. As it turns out, Bleacher Report’s traffic matches up almost precisely with SI.com’s, according to comScore.

    Hey, Turner, if you’re interested, you can have this site for…well…make me an offer.

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    1. Corey
      June 21st, 2012 | 1:11 pm

      If you didn’t have posts about how you’re hanging it up every few months, perhaps this site would generate the kind of viewership that could catch eyes like that.

      Not that I know how many hits this site gets, just speculating.

    2. June 21st, 2012 | 1:29 pm


      For the past 8 months, this site has half the traffic, per month, that it used to see before that time. And, the numbers from the second half of 2011 are way down from when the site was at its peak, in terms of readership.

      But, I don’t care. I’m not doing this to have the most read site. And, for sure, I am not doing this to make money! I made zero off this site before the SNY deal and I have made zero off it since I ended the relationship with SNY. (No one clicks the ads, I guess.)

      In any event, even at its best times, the site didn’t have the traffic that would make someone want to buy it.

      But, again, I don’t care. I launched it in 2005 to have a place to vent and have fun. And, that’s what I’m doing with it now.

      It meets my needs, just fine.

    3. Corey
      June 21st, 2012 | 6:19 pm

      Just sayin’

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