• Ozzie’s School Of Management: Lessons From The Dugout, The Clubhouse, And The Doghouse

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    I’ve recently read Rick Morrissey’s “Ozzie’s School of Management: Lessons from the Dugout, the Clubhouse, and the Doghouse.”

    It’s sort of a mix between a book on Ozzie Guillen’s strategy on running a ballclub and a biography on the fiery manager.

    It was interesting to see how Guillen does all the things that you hear successful managers do – protecting his players, putting family first, getting the clutter out of his players’ heads, etc. But, it was even more interesting – as someone not from/in the Chicago area – to read about all the antics that went on while he was managing the White Sox. Also, you really get an appreciation for how much of a “baseball rat” Ozzie was as a player and still is as a manager.

    Guillen is a throwback…like Billy Martin and Whitey Herzog. And, that’s clear when you read “Ozzie’s School of Management.”

    Just one warning with this one: This is not a book for the kids. It’s unfiltered and uncensored. But, since it’s Ozzie Guillen, that makes sense.

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