• Yankees/Reggie = Bosox/Bill James?

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    Remember the old days when front office types were seen and not heard?

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    1. July 17th, 2012 | 6:54 pm

      James is as wrong about this as he was about Pete Rose betting on baseball. After what happened in the Boston Archdiocese, the Bosox want nothing to do with this mess. There are victims here, scars that will never heal, and a high powered coach who turned his back. His legacy deserves to take whatever beating it gets and still it will not be enough. James needs to understand how sensitive an issue this might be in this particular maketplace. The disgrace that is the Carholic Church with respect to covering up the brutual and vicious attacks on young people is eerily similiar to Paterno’s actions in this case.

      With respect to Jackson, he has a simple enough job, collect several hundred thousand dollars to walk around and be a Yankee legend. That’s all he has to do. What happened to his 160 IQ? They should fire him during the offseason and be done with it. He won’t be missed.

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