• Ichiro’s Last 599 PA On The Road

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    Here is the total on these:

    599 565 163 19 5 4 35 28 43 .288 .319 .361
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    Generated 7/24/2012.

    This should be the baseline expectation, in terms of production rate, that the Yankees should have for their newly acquired outfielder.

    Hey, it’s an upgrade on DeWayne Wise…

    The Marlins White Flag Sale

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    Ken Rosenthal has more on this one.

    Nice to see Jeffrey Loria and David Samson get what they deserve.

    But, why anyone would want Hanley Ramirez is beyond me?

    There’s Hope Yet For The American Public

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    Via Doug Reardon:

    Fans of the New York Mets apparently aren’t fans of reality television. How do we know? Well for one, they booed Nicole Polizzi, better known as “Snooki” from the cast of Jersey Shore, when she attended a game at Citi Field on Monday night. Jersey Shore may be the most popular reality television series in recent history, or ever, for that matter. And Snooki might very well be the show’s brightest star — using the term “brightest” with extreme caution. According to a tweet by Keith Olberman, the boos directed at the native New Yorker were so incredibly loud, they drowned out Snooki when she tried to lead a “Let’s go Mets” cheer on the stadium scoreboard.

    Reminds me of the old joke: What do you call one booed out Snooki at Citi Field?
    Answer: A good start.

    Yankees Trade For Ichiro Suzuki

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    Per Jack Curry

    The Yankees have acquired Ichiro Suzuki for RHPs DJ Mitchell and Danny Fahrquar, a source said. Yanks also get undisclosed cash in deal.

    Too bad it’s not 2009. Let’s see if the Yankees issue him # 51.

    ’12 Yanks Same As The Ones That Lost The LDS Last Year?

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    Via Kevin Kernan today –

    All of the Yankees’ flaws were exposed in this four-game series against the young, upstart, pitching-rich, living-right A’s.

    The Yankees couldn’t get the big hit when they needed it. They couldn’t get the big out, either. Their defense was sloppy while the youthful A’s made the most of their opportunities.

    The only plus was that this didn’t happen in October, but unless the Yankees fix their flaws, the pitfalls will again hurt the Yankees when it matters most.

    The A’s swept away the Yankees in a four-game series, winning again in walk-off fashion, 5-4 at O.co Coliseum on Coco Crisp’s two-out single in the bottom of the 12th.

    That marked the 11th walk-off win of the year for the A’s, who no longer fear the Yankees. And it came after the Yankees failed to take advantage of a gift in the top of the inning when right-fielder Josh Reddick dropped Mark Teixeira’s lead-off fly ball for a two-base error.

    “We just need to score more runs,’’ Teixeira said. “We’re just one or two hits away each day from being where we need to be, so you learn from it.’’

    The Yankees must learn from these four flawed games.

    If any of this sounds familiar, think back to last October when they Yankees were bounced in the first round by the Tigers. Those three losses came by the scores of 5-3, 5-4 and 3-2. It doesn’t matter that the Yankees won two games in that series by a combined score of 19-4.

    Good pitching has a way of shutting down these Yankees and after three rookie starters throttled the Yankees in the first three games, the Yankees had a chance to crush veteran Bartolo Colon, but could not add to their 4-0 lead.

    With Nick Swisher down, too, the outfield looks mighty thin. Andruw Jones, who came on as a pinch-hitter in the 11th, struck out again — the sixth straight time he’s whiffed.

    Alex Rodriguez ripped a two-run double in the three-run third, but struck out three times and lined to left to end the seventh with runners on first and second. “I thought it was another double,’’ Rodriguez said.

    In that fateful 12th, Robinson Cano flied to center, A-Rod was intentionally walked and Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez both popped up as the Yankees finished 1-for-6 with runners in scoring position.

    When opportunity knocked, the A’s answered in the bottom of the 12th with Crisp lining an RBI single off loser Cody Eppley, giving the A’s only their second four-game sweep over the Yankees in the last 98 years.

    O.K., I’ll just hang up now and listen to your reaction.

    Baseball’s Best In 2012, To Date: 1 And 2 Run Margin of Victory

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    Here are the stats.  First, one-run games:

    Rk Tm G W L W-L%
    1 BAL 25 19 6 .760
    2 CLE 20 14 6 .700
    3 ATL 21 14 7 .667
    4 SFG 36 21 15 .583
    5 OAK 28 16 12 .571
    6 CHW 25 14 11 .560
    7 PIT 36 20 16 .556
    8 LAD 37 20 17 .541
    9 DET 26 14 12 .538
    10 SDP 28 15 13 .536
    11 TBR 32 17 15 .531
    12 WSN 34 18 16 .529
    13 TEX 23 12 11 .522
    14 KCR 27 14 13 .519
    15 CIN 33 17 16 .515
    16 MIA 34 17 17 .500
    17 MIN 34 17 17 .500
    18 NYY 26 13 13 .500
    19 COL 22 11 11 .500
    20 MIL 36 17 19 .472
    21 NYM 27 12 15 .444
    22 BOS 21 9 12 .429
    23 SEA 30 12 18 .400
    24 PHI 30 12 18 .400
    25 STL 28 11 17 .393
    26 CHC 27 10 17 .370
    27 HOU 27 10 17 .370
    28 LAA 19 7 12 .368
    29 ARI 22 8 14 .364
    30 TOR 18 5 13 .278
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 7/23/2012.

    And, the two run games:

    Rk Tm G W L W-L%
    1 PIT 14 10 4 .714
    2 NYY 16 11 5 .688
    3 MIN 9 6 3 .667
    4 BAL 23 15 8 .652
    5 SFG 17 11 6 .647
    6 NYM 16 10 6 .625
    7 CIN 16 10 6 .625
    8 LAA 22 13 9 .591
    9 PHI 12 7 5 .583
    10 OAK 19 11 8 .579
    11 ATL 21 12 9 .571
    12 MIA 16 9 7 .563
    13 ARI 19 10 9 .526
    14 DET 26 13 13 .500
    15 TOR 14 7 7 .500
    16 LAD 14 7 7 .500
    17 CHC 14 7 7 .500
    18 TEX 14 7 7 .500
    19 CLE 23 11 12 .478
    20 BOS 21 10 11 .476
    21 HOU 18 8 10 .444
    22 WSN 19 8 11 .421
    23 TBR 17 7 10 .412
    24 KCR 21 8 13 .381
    25 SEA 19 7 12 .368
    26 CHW 22 8 14 .364
    27 COL 15 5 10 .333
    28 STL 13 4 9 .308
    29 MIL 13 4 9 .308
    30 SDP 23 7 16 .304
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 7/23/2012.

    The Orioles do a good job at winning close games this year, to date.  Is that Showalter at work?

    Slicing The Yankees Pie (This Season, To Date)

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    First 42 games: 21-21
    Next 24 games: 20-4
    Last 29 games:  16-13

    Thank goodness for that middle 24 games.

    The Last Time The Yankees Were Swept In A 4-Game Road Series

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    Before just getting swept by the A’s, the Yankees had not been swept in a four-game series since May 2003 against Toronto.  But, that was at Yankee Stadium.

    I think the last time the Yankees lost a four-game series on the road was in June of 1990 at Fenway Park.  But, I am still researching that one.

    Update: Yup, I am pretty sure this was it:

    Rk Date 5 Tm Opp Rslt
    1 1990-06-04 NYY BOS L 3-5
    2 1990-06-05 NYY BOS L 8-9
    3 1990-06-06 NYY BOS L 1-4
    4 1990-06-07 NYY BOS L 0-3
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 7/22/2012.


    Yankees & A’s In Their Last 14 Games

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    In their last 14 games, including last night, the Oakland A’s are 12-2.

    In their last 14 games, including last night, the New York Yankees are 9-5.

    It’s not a reach to say that the A’s are “hotter” than the Yankees right now.

    The next two games, including today, between these two teams should be fun.

    If Andrew McCutchen Keeps It Up This Season

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    He would be in some crazy, sick, company:

    Rk Player OPS+ PA Year Age Tm Lg G HR RBI SB BA OBP SLG
    1 Babe Ruth 255 616 1920 25 NYY AL 142 54 137 14 .376 .532 .847
    2 Babe Ruth 238 693 1921 26 NYY AL 152 59 171 17 .378 .512 .846
    3 Ted Williams 235 606 1941 22 BOS AL 143 37 120 2 .406 .553 .735
    4 Mickey Mantle 221 623 1957 25 NYY AL 144 34 94 16 .365 .512 .665
    5 Lou Gehrig 220 717 1927 24 NYY AL 155 47 175 10 .373 .474 .765
    6 Babe Ruth 217 543 1919 24 BOS AL 130 29 114 7 .322 .456 .657
    7 Ted Williams 216 671 1942 23 BOS AL 150 36 137 3 .356 .499 .648
    8 Jeff Bagwell 213 479 1994 26 HOU NL 110 39 116 15 .368 .451 .750
    9 Frank Thomas 212 517 1994 26 CHW AL 113 38 101 2 .353 .487 .729
    10 Mickey Mantle 210 652 1956 24 NYY AL 150 52 130 10 .353 .464 .705
    11 Jimmie Foxx 207 702 1932 24 PHA AL 154 58 169 3 .364 .469 .749
    12 Rogers Hornsby 207 704 1922 26 STL NL 154 42 152 17 .401 .459 .722
    13 Ty Cobb 206 590 1910 23 DET AL 140 8 91 65 .383 .456 .551
    14 Norm Cash 201 673 1961 26 DET AL 159 41 132 11 .361 .487 .662
    15 Jimmie Foxx 201 670 1933 25 PHA AL 149 48 163 2 .356 .449 .703
    16 Ty Cobb 200 609 1912 25 DET AL 140 7 83 61 .409 .456 .584
    17 Nap Lajoie 198 582 1901 26 PHA AL 131 14 125 27 .426 .463 .643
    18 Ty Cobb 196 654 1911 24 DET AL 146 8 127 83 .420 .467 .621
    19 Andrew McCutchen 194 371 2012 25 PIT NL 87 22 65 14 .369 .423 .649
    20 Babe Ruth 194 382 1918 23 BOS AL 95 11 66 6 .300 .411 .555
    21 Ty Cobb 194 501 1913 26 DET AL 122 4 67 51 .390 .467 .535
    22 Lou Gehrig 193 677 1928 25 NYY AL 154 27 142 4 .374 .467 .648
    23 Shoeless Joe Jackson 193 641 1911 23 CLE AL 147 7 83 41 .408 .468 .590
    24 Ty Cobb 193 651 1909 22 DET AL 156 9 107 76 .377 .431 .517
    25 Shoeless Joe Jackson 192 623 1913 25 CLE AL 148 7 71 26 .373 .460 .551
    26 Shoeless Joe Jackson 192 653 1912 24 CLE AL 154 3 90 35 .395 .458 .579
    27 Rogers Hornsby 191 674 1921 25 STL NL 154 21 126 13 .397 .458 .639
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 7/20/2012.


    Jays-‘Stros Deal

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    First trade of many more to come this season?

    Healy’s Hall Marathon On MSG+

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    I just got this information via a press release. Looks like it could be fun.

    MSG+ will celebrate the 2012 National Baseball Hall of Fame inductions, which will take place Sunday in Cooperstown, NY, with a “Halls of Fame Classics” marathon – featuring one-on-one interviews with Hall of Fame baseball legends – on Saturday, July 21 starting at 10:00 a.m.

    The special day of programming, which includes 18 back-to-back 30-minute episodes of the Emmy Award-winning MSG Original series hosted by veteran broadcaster Fran Healy, will begin with a tribute to 13-time All-Star Harmon Killebrew and wrap-up with an episode dedicated to 2012 inductee Ron Santo. Additional Hall of Famers that will be featured in the marathon include: Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, George Brett, Duke Snider, Al Kaline, Nolan Ryan, Catfish Hunter, Phil Rizzuto, Carlton Fisk, Richie Ashburn, Steve Carlton, Roberto Alomar and Ozzie Smith.


    What In The Name Of Arquimedez Pozo Is This?

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    Actually, it’s a great idea.

    No Bay Area Love For The Lish

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    Via CSN Bay Area

    It’s amazing what pinstripes will do to a player.

    Nick Swisher, beloved for his Type-A personality in four years with the A’s, was booed every time he stepped to the plate in Thursday’s 4-3 win over the Yankees.

    “I’ve never been booed this much in my life,” Swisher said, visibly bothered. “That’s all I really got to say about that.”

    But it wasn’t.

    “You boo Chavvy. You boo me. For what?” he added.

    So, would he admit he was upset with A’s fans after their performance Thursday?

    “No,” Swisher said. “I just don’t care,” his tone and demeanor belying the words coming out of his mouth.

    Swisher’s outburst seemed unprecedented in the quiet Yankees dugout, as if he wanted to send a message. “Don’t forget.”

    I seem to recall Jason Giambi getting the same treatment. In defense of Swisher – and I cannot believe that I just typed those words – he was traded away from the team with years left on his contract. It’s not his fault that he left the franchise. But, I guess the fans don’t care how and why he left…and just see him as being a Yankee now.

    The Great Wall of Trahan!

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    Holy Cow!

    Eric Duncan Hangs Them Up

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    I missed this one last week –

    Eric Duncan announced his retirement from professional baseball on Tuesday.

    An infielder with the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, Duncan has been in the minors since graduating from Seton Hall Prep in 2003.

    “I love the game too much to keep playing if I’m not fully committed to it and fully invested in it,’’ he said via cell phone from Springdale, Ark. “I’m not going to play the game just to play it, or just for a paycheck. That’s not why I’ve ever played the game. … For the past 10 years, this is all I’ve known. All I ever wanted to do was play baseball. Now I’m moving on.’’

    Duncan hit .267 with four home runs and 24 RBI for the Naturals, Kansas City’s Class-AA affiliate. He had torn a quadriceps muscle during spring training and spent six weeks recuperating, joining the team on May 5.

    Duncan said the injury had nothing to do with his decision, but Naturals manager Brian Poldberg could see its impact on Duncan’s fielding and overall movement. Poldberg had recommended signing Duncan as a free agent, after watching him play against Northwest Arkansas last season.

    Duncan hit a career-high 22 home runs for Springfield last year, and hit for the cycle against the Naturals on Aug. 28. Duncan was named one of MILB.com’s Organization All-Stars.

    “After all these years coaching, there’s people you remember, guys you hope your son’s going to be like, and he’s one of those guys,’’ Poldberg said. “I’m going to miss him. … I’m sad to say it didn’t work out, because he’s a guy you root for.’’

    A former first-round draft pick (27th overall) of the New York Yankees, Duncan had been named the organization’s top prospect by Baseball America following the 2004 season. He spent three seasons with the Yankees’ Class-AAA affiliate in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, helping to win the International League title in ’08. Former teammate Shelley Duncan, now playing in the majors with Cleveland, was one of the first people Duncan called after making his decision.

    Duncan hit .249 in his career, which spanned 1,006 minor-league games. He planned to drive back to Florham Park in a few days, but has no long-term plans.

    “This is the first time I’ll ever have a summer not playing baseball in as long as I can remember,’’ Duncan said. “I’ll get away from the game for a while, start sorting things out, and seeing where I want to go. I can’t imagine not being around baseball, because I love the game so much, and it’s been a part of me for so long.’’

    He’s just 27-years old. And, he has his whole life in front of him now. Since he loves baseball, I suspect he will end up coaching, in some capacity…

    The M’s Home/Road Scoring Split

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    Via Geoff Baker yesterday –

    Last night’s latest nine-run road outburst by the Mariners has thrust them into a very unusual position this late in the season.

    As of right now, the Mariners own the distinction of having scored the most road runs of any team in baseball while having scored the fewest at home. Has that ever happened over a complete season? I truly doubt it. It hasn’t happened over the past decade and it’s not even close.

    Now, let’s say this up top: the Mariners have played a few more road games than many teams, so yes, we would expect them to have scored more runs away from home than most clubs. But when you look at the “runs per game” average for the Mariners, it’s actually still third-best in all of baseball on the road. Only the New York Mets at 5.07 runs per game and the Yankees at 5.05 are higher than Seattle’s 4.96.

    So, another blowout or two of the Class AAA level Kansas City Royals pitching we’ve seen the last two nights and the M’s could legitimately be right at the top — regardless of the number of games played.

    At home, the M’s are the very worst in baseball at a 2.86 runs per game average. San Diego is the next closest at 3.02 and the worst American League team in home offense is the Oakland Athletics, who sit way, way up there at 3.68.

    Going back over the past decade, I can’t find any examples of a home/road split where a team is scoring more than two runs per game less at its own ballpark than on the road. That’s just crazy. But the Mariners are somehow pulling it off.

    Usually, when you see such extreme splits, it’s the home numbers that are far out in front of the road stats.

    The biggest case of this was the pre-humidor Colorado Rockies, who now keep their gameday baseballs in a humidor to reduce the effects of altitude on how balls travel. Prior to the humidor being implemented, the Rockies in 2000 averaged 7.81 runs per game at home versus 4.14 on the road.

    In fact, the Rockies routinely had a differential of two or more runs between their altitude-impacted ballpark and everywhere else they played.

    Maybe it’s time to move in the fences at Safeco?

    So, You Want Your Son To Be A Major League Ball Player?

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    Then, make him study the career choices of Lenny Dykstra and the marriage of Kris and Anna Benson.

    File this under: Screw ups.

    Bad To The Bone

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    Jay Buhner lets loose on the Mariners

    Former Mariners outfielder Jay Buhner is one of the most beloved players in the history of the franchise where fan opinion is concerned. And Buhner has long been a staunch supporter of the organization and its moves, almost morphing into a goodwill ambassador of sorts.

    That’s why, the interview he gave earlier today on ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brock and Salk show was, well, kind of stunning in its frankness.

    When the radio hosts were talking about an Ichiro extension, Salk asked Buhner what his reaction would be if Ichiro was brought back for three years, $35 million or $40 million — which works out to just over half (well, OK, more like 60 percent on the low end and 73 percent on high end) of the salary he’s now earning.

    “I’d vomit,” Buhner said. “I mean, really, no offense. No offense, we’ve got to get this organization turned around. You can’t be spending all the money on one guy.”

    Buhner went on to say that he doesn’t necessarily blame Ichiro for all the team’s problems. He said he’d understand if the Mariners wanted to bring him back “as part of the equation” and have a fit on a rebuilding squad.

    “But at the same time, they need help desperately,” Buhner said. “They need some veteran leadership in the clubhouse. Wedgie (manager Eric Wedge) can’t keep growing the beard, growing the mustache, shaving it off, that’s not the answer.”

    Buhner went on to say he’s a big Wedge fan, but that “quite frankly, he’s exposed” and needs help from within the organization. There are too many nights, he said, when the player matchups at Wedge’s disposal and the inconsistency of younger hitters just isn’t working out for him.

    “He’s trying to change the culture of the clubhouse,” Buhner said. “He’s trying to change the mentality and how basicly the organization is looked upon. But the last 10 years, it’s been tough.

    “Look at the revolving door that’s been going on around there,” Buhner said. “What, seven managers in the last 10 years? GMs, what are you supposed to buy into?”

    Buhner was asked about how the Mariners would view his comments. He joked that he expected a call from folks wonderng about the “chip” he’s carrying on his shoulder towards the team.

    “That’s what you need,” Buhner said. “You need some people in there with a chip on their shoulder. Some people in there that are proud to wear the Seattle Mariners uniform. And I’m not seeing that as much anymore. Guys that are going in, heart breaking up. I mean, just play with an attitude, man, that’s what I want to see. Guys that are enjoying what they’re doing, playing with an attitude and getting better. Just get better. Show me some signs.”

    All I can say to this is…


    Jack Cust

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    Once fallen:

    He’s now trying to get back up.

    Cust lives in Bridgewater. If Jesse Hoorelbeke ever decides to go full time on snapping pictures, I am sure the Pats would allow Jack to D.H. for them…

    When Was The Last Time The Yankees Had A Lead This Fat After Their Game On July 18th?

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    Here’s where the Yankees were in the A.L. East, after their game on July 18th, from 1996 to 2012:

    Year Place Games +/-
    2012 1st  +  10.0
    2011 2nd  – 1.5
    2010 1st + 3.0
    2009 2nd – 2.0
    2008 3rd – 5.5
    2007 2nd – 6.5
    2006 2nd – 0.5
    2005 1st  + 0.5
    2004 1st  + 7.0
    2003 1st  + 4.0
    2002 1st  + 3.0
    2001 1st  + 1.0
    2000 1st  + 1.0
    1999 1st  + 4.0
    1998 1st  +  14.0
    1997 2nd  – 3.5
    1996 1st  + 8.0

    As you can see, the last time the Yankees had a cushion, like they do today, was back in 1998.

    Of course, the Yankees 1998 season was one of the best in baseball history.

    Where will New York’s 2012 season rank when it’s said and done? We have to wait and see on that one.

    The Harper-Ozzie Pine Tar Incident

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    Looks like this one has a funny ending.

    For what it’s worth, I agree that the pine tar was too high on the bat.

    Competitive Balance Lottery Today

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    Via MLB.com

    Now that Major League Baseball has gone through its first Draft and signing period under the new rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it’s time to move on to the next phase of the new system: the Competitive Balance Lottery.

    The lottery, scheduled to take place Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. ET in New York, is a mechanism designed to help teams perceived to need the most assistance by awarding extra Draft picks to some of them. The 10 smallest-market teams and 10 lowest-revenue teams will have the chance to win one of six extra selections in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft.

    Those half-dozen picks will be made at the conclusion of the first round, following the compensation selections. Because there is obvious crossover between those two groups, there are 13 teams entered into the first-round lottery: the D-backs, Orioles, Indians, Royals, A’s, Pirates, Padres, Rays, Reds, Rockies, Marlins, Brewers and Cardinals. The odds of winning a Draft pick will be based on each team’s winning percentage in the previous season.

    There will be a second group of six picks, to be made after the conclusion of the second round. The teams from the first group that did not get one of the early picks will be re-entered, along with any other Major League team that receives revenue sharing. This year, only one team — the Tigers — will be added to the second lottery. The Competitive Balance Lottery winners and the order of their picks will be unveiled on MLB Network’s “The Rundown” at 2:45 p.m. ET.

    “[We just finished] off the first Draft with the new CBA,” Pirates assistant general manager Greg Smith said. “No club, no scouting director, no scout had gone through that landscape [before]. The Competitive Balance picks will be the same thing. Clubs value Draft picks and the ability to have them, to add to them, even to trade them. As you try to acquire talent through the Draft or if you’re trying to improve the big league club, then the picks become a part of that process.”

    Smith brought up one of the more intriguing aspects of this new process — the picks that come out of it are commodities. For the first time in Major League history, Draft picks can be dealt. But there are a series of conditions and limitations regarding such transactions.

    Only a team that wins a pick in the lottery can trade it, meaning that selection can be traded just once. It can’t be sold for cash, and it may only be dealt during the season. Trading can commence the day after the lottery is held and is allowed until the end of that regular season. So seeing a lottery pick or two involved in some July 31 Trade Deadline deals is a possibility. They cannot be included in any Winter Meetings deals, however, with trading of picks again permitted at the beginning of the following regular season.

    So the Pirates, or any team that might be involved in Deadline deals this month, can use a pick they receive in this lottery in their trade negotiations. How the picks are valued might vary from team to team, and trying to get a sense of their worth in an open market definitely falls under the “to be determined” category, but it does add something to the trading landscape.

    It will be interesting to see if any of these picks do get traded.

    The Pete Rose & Kiana Kim Family Project

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    Via EW with a H/T to BBTF

    Major League Baseball’s all-time hit leader is hoping for one more — in the form of a TV show. EW has learned that TLC has begun production on a reality series starring Pete Rose, the polarizing 17-time All-Star who was banned from his beloved sport for gambling on games while he was a manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

    With a working title of Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project, the show will follow the 71-year-old Rose and his thirtysomething model fiancée Kiana Kim (who has posed for Playboy) through their daily lives as they try to blend their families. There are some challenges along the way. A few family members are apprehensive about the relationship. And while Rose is based in Las Vegas (where he signs baseball memorabilia) or is on the road making public appearances, Kim and her two children live in Los Angeles. “She’s got younger kids and I’ve got [four adult] kids, and we go through the same things everybody else does: taking the braces off, making sure they get their education and they go to basketball practice or acting class,” Rose tells EW, adding: “It’s not going to be classless — like it seems like a lot of reality shows aren’t really reality, but our reality show is going to be funny, entertaining, and real.”

    The cameras will trail them through such events as Rose taking the family to visit the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, to Kim getting a breast reduction. “We’re not a traditional family,” says Kim. “We are a total modern-day family, mixing the cultures, the ages, the different backgrounds together. I didn’t even know who Pete Rose was when I first met him. It’s kind of a crazy story, but at the core of every family is love and it’s what TLC wants to show.” Quips Rose: “We’re just a normal family with 4,200 hits.”

    Rose says that the show will afford him the opportunity to clear up misconceptions that he believes the public has about him. “People will get a chance to see what kind of personality I have — and she has,” he says. ” I think the majority of people who don’t know me look at me as a very aggressive person. I see that in the autograph world all the time. People come in and they’re scared to say hi. I’m not going to do anything unless you try to strike me out or make a double play. When I took the cleats off, I was a down-to-earth nice guy. I don’t talk down to nobody or up to anybody. I talk to them.”

    My first thought when I read this was “Oh, my, god!”

    But, then again, if Ozzie and Sharon could pull it off, why not Pete?

    It’s not going to be classless.”

    Every time I read that line, it makes me chuckle.

    The Yankees Are 35-13 In Their Last 48 Games

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    6-Alarm Fire Near Yankee Stadium

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    Via the Daily News

    A spectacular six-alarm fire in a Bronx apartment building left 28 firefighters and two civilians with minor injuries early Wednesday.

    The blaze broke out at in the attic of a six-story building at 975 Walton Ave. in the Fleetwood neighborhood about 12:15 a.m., authorities said.

    More than 200 firefighters battled the blaze, which caused a portion of the roof to collapse, as temperatures outside reached into the low 80s.

    The blaze was brought under control just before 4 a.m. Emergency workers were able to evacuate all the tenants.

    The cause of the fire is under investigation.

    The Red Cross is at the scene assisting residents who might need emergency shelter or food.

    Seeing this sad news makes me wonder: When was the last time a sports stadium caught fire? It’s probably been a good while. But, once upon a time, when the parks were made with a lot of wood, it used to happen. I think it happened to the Polo Grounds and one of the ballparks in Philly, if I recall correctly.

    Yankees/Reggie = Bosox/Bill James?

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    Remember the old days when front office types were seen and not heard?

    Anthony Gose

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    I see that the Blue Jays have called up Anthony Gose.

    Gose was drafted in the second round by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft.

    On July 29, 2010, Gose, along with J. A. Happ and Jonathan Villar, were sent to the Houston Astros in exchange for Roy Oswalt cash.

    As soon as that deal was made, Gose was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for first baseman Brett Wallace.

    I wonder how that works in terms of his resume? He never played a game in the Astros’ system. So, does that mean, for the record, he was never part of that franchise?

    Derek Jeter’s Last 44 Games

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    In his last 44 games, Jeter’s BA/OBA/SLG line is .266/.316/.333 (in 208 PA).

    But, the Yankees are in first place and have the best record in baseball. So, Jeter’s stats don’t matter – just like Russell Martin’s batting average and Alex Rodriguez’ slugging percentage.

    Stalking Theo

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    Chicago police have arrested a Massachusetts woman accused of stalking Theo Epstein.

    There’s no word if the woman had a pair of the G.M.’s pajamas.

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