• Queens Quitters

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    Via ESPN

    After what Terry Collins agreed was an “embarrassing” 16-1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies, the manager lectured his players postgame and did not refute inquiries about whether the Mets had quit.

    Asked directly if the team had quit, Collins succinctly said: “You have to ask them.”

    Pressed about his own thoughts, the manager repeated: “You’ll have to ask them. I have my own opinion. I’m not going to express it publicly.”

    Asked what he could say to his team after such a loss, Collins said: “You’ve still got to play. You’ve still got to play the game right, play like Juan Pierre plays. He hit a chopper down the first-base line in a game [while] meaningless and beats it out for a hit. That’s how you play.

    “Obviously the way the first inning started and the way things have gone, certainly we were behind the eight ball from the start. And that doesn’t add to a very positive start to the game, or very positive attitude on the bench. But I saw some things tonight that were unacceptable.”

    What was most troubling?

    “I’m not going to talk about it,” Collins said.

    Is his team embarrassed like him?

    “You have to ask them,” the manager replied. “I’m not inside their heads.”

    I touched on this earlier today. The Mets, the Red Sox, the Blue Jays…

    …I have watched them all recently on TV. And, the players have mailed it in. What an embarrassment. If I was an owner or a fan of these teams, I would be going nuts right now.

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